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  • First Aid for microwaved food - take it with you to eat out and travel!
  • Improve the Taste of Your Food and Beverages - Salads, Soups, Drinks
  • Superior Cellular Hydration to Relieve Pain and Promote Healing
ADR4 (In Stock)

Food & Beverage Energizer & Harmonizer

Taste food like your never did before.

Proprietary internationally recognized technology that turns ordinary food and drink into delicious feast! It only takes a couple of minutes!

Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia - improve the quality, taste & health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and all food containing water.

Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, improving or increasing vitality. Positive impacts will show in your immune system.

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I have used the ADR 4 to relieve muscle pain in so many different ways - slept with it to relieve hip pain, sat with it to release tense muscles in my back, and even help heal a pulled muscle that I caused by over-exertion. Please tell the old man to leave the snow shoveling to the young guys. I think the ADR restores energy flow to areas that have been blocked and supports healing as well as normal function. It is more effective than pain killers and it does not put toxins in your liver ...

Consists of a magnetic disc embedded in a ceramic casing covered with protective plastic. Inside, the main element creates resonance effects that change the structural arrangement of water molecules. The resulting restructured water molecules carry pure energies that are healthier for living organisms.

To improve and maintain good health, we recommend daily consumption of foods and beverages energized by ADR-4.

Simply place containers of food and beverages on top of the disk, to restructure the water within. With Regular Use, Also Effective For:

  • Faster restoration of normal energy after excessive physical exercise or strain,
  • Improving or restoring circulation and kidney function,
  • Improving the moisturizing properties of any facial cream or body lotion,
  • Relieving localized pain and promote healing (place disc design face down directly on a painful area).

Direction for Use: To restructure the water within, simply place container of food or beverage on top of the disk (design face up), for approximately 3 minutes. Liquid should be stirred and left for an additional 3 minutes. Longer exposure (1-24 hours) will not cause any further changes in energy or arrangement of water molecules. There is no risk of overdose. Mineral or spring water is recommended. Wash the disk in running water, but do not place in dishwasher.


Ceramic and magnetic components encased in a plastic disk, 5 inch diameter.

Directions for Use

Place on your body, embossed side towards you.

Set food or beverage on top of it, facing the embossed side, for 3 minutes.

Recommended Use

  • Written by Myamoto Dewey - Reiko
    Fascinating differences in structures of water from different sources & conditions: pristine water has beautifully formed geometric designs, polluted water has distorted structure.
  • Written by Peterson - Paula
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Cleanse and harmonize your space, food and beverages. Neutralize and harmonize the adverse effects of environmental energy forces, and electromagnetic pollutants. Improve water quality and the taste of all foods containing water, as well as balance energetic aspects in your body. Enhance your everyday existence.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Use the ADR 4 to improve the quality, taste & health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and food containing water. Regular consumption of products energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, improving or increasing your vitality. Positive impacts will show in your immune system.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Kidney health effects of ADR-4 Food & Beverage Energizer
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Improve quality, taste & health-giving properties of drinking water, beverages, and food containing water. Enhances proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, improving or increasing your vitality. Positive impacts will show in your immune system
  • Written by Nelson - Dan
    Performance enhancing water, greatly reduces recovery time. This incredible, energized water is for anyone to feel more vim & vigor, but especially for strenuous activity, to reduce training induced injury.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Muscles and other tissues that support joints weaken when they are not moved enough, causing joints to lose shape and function. Damage occurs on a cellular level every time you exercise (or use your muscles at work), as muscle tears down in order to rebuild.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    For quite some time readers have been asking if various curative or 'miracle' waters they've seen advertised can really have any benefits. I guess we've all seen these ads, over the years, advertising these types of waters; Willard Water, ionized water, Micro Water, Tachyon water, etc. If we first make the distinction that we're talking about water that has undergone some kind of structural change as opposed to water that has simply been combined with some type of liquid additive, then the answer is a definite 'yes'.
  • Written by Lean - Geoffrey
    Mobile phones and the new wireless technology could cause a "whole generation" of today's teenagers to go senile in the prime of their lives, new research suggests.
  • Written by Carter - Barry
    According to our observations the ORMUS materials are superconductors. When these superconductors are in the presence of a moving magnetic field, they will levitate on that magnetic field. These superconducting elements are abundantly present in some, perhaps all, water.
  • Written by Wernet - W. C.
    The special properties of water: it wasn't until the first half of the 18th century that water was even recognized or considered an element, but a compound. It was not until the first half of the 19th century that water was found to contain deuterium.
  • Written by Koop - William
    Microwave Appliances: Effects on Food and Humans by William Koop
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Effects of Microwave Cooking on Nutrition - it drastically diminishes nutrient content
  • Written by Cusson - Ronald
    From panel questions and answers at the Green Earth Expo Orlando Convention Center, May 16-18, 2008.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Transform your water into live, energetic water with superior hydration quality. Transform energy around you with our Cosmic Energy Transformers for your person, house and car.
  • Written by Last - Walter
    The road to better health can have some unpleasant side effects along the way, however "health" is much more than being free of disease by masking symptoms with toxic drugs.
  • Written by Dean - Martin
    Assimilation and elimination are the two key stones that make us tick. Edgar Cayce said that if we could control these aspects of the human form, we could extend life to whatever we chose, that's how important these two principles are.
  • Written by South - James
    Blood clotting is not something most people worry about. You get a cut, a clot forms, the bleeding stops, end of story. Yet excessive clotting can be deadly as in the event of a heart attack.
  • Written by Beatty - Pat
    I now take no medication of any kind; If I feel a cold or something coming on I just drink a glass of energized water and the symptoms go away.
  • Written by Andersen - Brian David
    The key to proper hydration is that all of the molecules made of hydrogen and oxygen in the water are absorbed and assimilated into the cells of the human, animal or plant.
  • Written by Sircus - Mark
    The quality of the water determines the quality of the life it gives.
  • Written by Fontaine - Maureen
    Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic debilitating disease that affects the spinal cord, brain and central nervous system. Sclerosis means scarring, which represents the scars that are formed on the delicate nerves throughout the body, thus the word 'multiple'. It is sometimes classified as an autoimmune disease as it responds as if the body were the enemy.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    You Need Never Buy Bottled Water Again
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Help for Chronic Dehydration... Energized Water
  • Written by Coats - Callum
    Viktor Schauberger's theories afford new insights into the naturally correct management of water. This encompasses its proper handling, storage, and conduction by means that promote its self-purification, the retention and enhancement of its natural energies and health.

ADR-4 Reviews 6 Write Review

I have given this product ADR-4, 2 tests. I usually do not eat microwaved food, as it tastes like cardboard to me. This time, I microwaved it and then placed it on the ADR-4 and it was the most delicious meal. It was wonderful. The next day, I was too lazy to go get the ADR-4, and so when I warmed up the left-overs in the MW, and started to eat it, it tasted like cardboard again, no flavor, nothing. The 2nd test that I gave this product was THE incredibly honest and truthful, CAT TEST. Hey, Cats never lie, sometimes I wish they would, but they don't. In fact, it got the 2 Cats Test. We have the new (only been here 6 months) older and smaller cat, Mattie-Pattie, vs. the (has lived here 3 years) younger and Bigger cat, Buddha-Guru. They are not friends and the is house is divided between them. I always put Buddha-Guru's water on the ADR-4 device and she loves the water, and so does the other cat, Mattie-Pattie. Mattie-Pattie comes into our part of the house, and drinks, Buddha-Gurus water. I have to keep filling the bowl, a lot. We may have to buy a 2nd ADR-4, so each part of the house can have it's own ADR-4, each cat will have its own. These things are important, (Mattie-Pattie) also cleans Buddha-Gurus plate of left-over food crumbs for her. Isn't that nice of her, of course, my cat (Buddha-Guru) is not around at the time this takes place. Thank goodness, all the hissing and feet thunking as one or the other runs for shelter to their side of the house. Well, you better not be standing, in the middle of the 'flight path' when one of them is leaving. My cat almost flattened me, one day. Myra
I forgot to mention in my Precious Prills review, the ADR-4 is always under one of my containers of water. Yes, I do have wonderful tasting water.
What I have noticed is a flavor enhancement using the ADR-4. With the improved flavor of water, I am drinking more. The health benefits are a bonus as well, but healing takes time.
I treat all my drink and food on the ADR 4 - it tastes better and lasts longer. It actually paid for itself in the vegetables and fruits I did not throw out because of spoilage.
I have used the ADR-4 to treat my hip pain - I actually sleep with it, and it helps me a lot: I wake up in the morning without the stiffness I used to get before. It was so bad that I used to wake in the middle of the night with pain. Now I sleep well and wake up pain free. Just remember to point the disk the right side up.
My favorite party trick is taking the ADR 4 and using it to charge half of the glasses of wine that have just been poured. People just can't believe that the wine came from the same bottle. The charged wine tastes smoother, well aged, as if it cost at least double of the other glass. Every wine connoisseur should have one of these. And it works on apple juice or any other drink equally well.
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