Energy Stone Water Filter

by Energy Stones
  • Physically and energetically clean drinking water.
  • Reduce water structure, providing water with enhanced hydration.
  • More than 20 trace minerals and highest quality negative hydrogen ions.
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Mountain Spring Quality Water... Naturally!

waterfall.jpgWithout electricity, chemicals, reverse osmosis or distilled, the Energy Stone Water Filter delivers a virus-level-clean, truly healthier and exquisite tasting water.

Rare, exotic volcanic minerals and bio energy ceramics combine to produce a vibrant "living" water that is imparted with the delicate structural, important energetic, and vital trace mineral qualities found in the most acclaimed mountain spring and deep well waters on the planet.

  • Blocks 99.9999% bacteria and 99.997% of viruses.
  • Reduces fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, THMs, VOCs pesticides, herbicides, radon, solvents, MTBE and more.
  • Removes endotoxins, drugs, endocrine disruptors, and environmental hormones from filtered water.
  • Eliminates heavy metals, radio-nuclides, ammonia.
  • Components and media are FDA and/or NSF approved.
  • Parts made and assembled in the United States in a Water Quality Association certified facility.
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Super Growth Energy Stone or SGE

SGE is a proprietary Japanese volcanic mineral, so named by researchers due to its unique energy and trace mineral properties. This stone and its water are found in southern Japan, on Kyushu Island, at the Mt. Sobo/Katamuki Yama Range, close to Takachiho Gorge.

Discovered in 1978, the SGE Stones have been valued as one of the most important geological discoveries of the last quarter of the twentieth century. It is acclaimed as a national treasure in Japan, and is also called by the designation "National Treasure Stone".

SGE Mineral Stone contains over fifty kinds of essential trace elements that play important roles in the human body, and several ultra micro minerals found in no other stones. Along with basic minerals such as magnesium and and calcium, SGE Stone contains rare earth elements such as erbium, lanthanum, and lutetium, as well as abundant trace elements including rubidium, zirconium and vanadium which is believed to be help in diabetes, cobalt, which is related to a growth factor of organisms; titanium in very small amount which help maintain vital functions coexisting with other elements; and selenium which enhances the immune system and has anti-inflammatory effects.


Healthier Water - Naturally Provides...

  • A physically and energetically clean drinking water with the delicate structural, energetic, and complex mineral components making for a very healthy drinking water.
  • Bacteria and virus protection and removal of physical and chemicals contaminants, additives and environmental toxins. heavy metals endotoxins, etc.
  • Cleans water of polluted energy frequencies.
  • Reduces water structure, providing water with enhanced hydration and solubility qualities.
  • Water is energized and imprinted with SGE Stone and bio-ceramics high energy information frequencies.
  • Imparts SGE Stone's unique complex of over twenty trace minerals, along with the highest quality negative hydrogen ions, far-infrared energy, and more desirable ORP value.

Countertop and Under Counter - Unit Options

water_filter_top.jpgThe Energy Stone countertop filter and under counter filters are supplied with standard solid cartridge covers.

Made in the United States. Both filters have a 20 micron sediment pre-filter that serves to reduce sediment from entering the main filter housing. The sediment filter can be flushed with water to clean as needed.

The Energy Stone Water Filter Countertop option has a diverter valve that connects to standard faucets, and is not compatible with designer faucets. It includes 5-6 feet of double hose for easy placement, and a chrome/brass diverter valve.

water_filter_under.jpgThe Energy Stone Water Filter Under Counter option is supplied with a high quality faucet that is installed on either side of your main sink faucet (spray hose or soap dispenser opening). If you do not have a pre-existing opening to accept this faucet, your plumber will make one. Hoses and hardware are also supplied for installation.

Structure - Hydration - Solubility

Three qualities of the Energy Stone Water Filter:

  1. Superior Hydration
  2. Enhanced solubility of filtered waters, due to
  3. Reduced structure of the water molecules.

This enhanced quality water more readily passes across cell membranes, thus contributing to an improvement of inner cellular hydration, which in turn, leads to better functioning of tissues and organs.


Unstructured Water Pattern


Structured Water Pattern

Volcanic Mineral Benefits

Far-infrared Energy delivers negative hydrogen ions. that detoxify and promote improved tissue and organ function.

Enhanced Cell Function: Energizes cells, reduces .. body odors, breaks down and removes toxic substances, and supports the body's natural healing abilities.

Improved Hydration and Solubility: Reduced hydrogen structure (interfacial surface tension characteristics) improves nutrient delivery to cells and tissue; waste elimination from joints and extremities; contributes to the detoxification of the liver and kidneys.

Biostatic Quality imparted to water by SGE Stone and. bio-ceramics inhibits growth of bacteria in filtered water.

Vital Trace Minerals: SGE Stone's unique complex. of micro and trace minerals perform vital structural and functional roles within cells and tissues, including the transport of small ions, minerals and electrolytes. Vital trace minerals also contribute to the health and stability of alkaline pH water.

SGE Water Improves Immune Functions

SGE vitalizes leukocytes to improve immunity. We observed changes in vital functions after drinking SGE water. The experiment was conducted on six men and women in their 20s to 60s by using an AMI measuring device. This device measures human body functions with three parameters: AP value for autonomic changes, BP value for body fluid flows and vital energy flows, and IQ value for immunity functions. After drinking SGE water, BP and IQ values increased. The results showed that SGE water has effects to make body fluid flows and vital energy flow smooth, and improve immune functions. The AP value test results revealed that SGE water agrees with the human body without giving any extra load. We conducted the same experiment with tap water and several kinds of mineral water sold on the market. These kinds of water did not show the effects that SGE water has. In addition to this, in order to examine SGE water's immune function improvement effects and cell vitalization functions, we conducted leukocyte reactive oxygen production volume tests with the micro channel passing method, in comparison with normal saline solution and mineral water sold on the market. SGE water vitalizes more leukocyte cells compared with other types of water. As the results of the tests, SGE water is considered to vitalize cells and improve immune functions.
- Dr. Shoji Kubota, Dr. of Science, SGE Research Team Member

A Truly Healthier Drinking Water

SGE water contributes to health in a way unmatched by other bottled or filtered water. SGE Natural Mineral Water is one of Japan's premier bottled waters -- selling for $12.98 per 1.5 liter ($32.88/gallon).

SGE water is also used in Japanese hospitals, clinics and healing centers for the benefits it contributes to those suffering from serious degenerative conditions. These healthy benefits have been attributed to the rare mineral and unique energy profile of the SGE mineral stone. For example, the manganese, copper and zinc contained in SGE Stone are believed to contributed toward SGE's ability to vitalize Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a reactive oxygen scavenging enzyme (antioxidant and free radical inhibitor), by removing active oxygen in the body.

The Energy Stone Water Filter represents an industry-changing class of water filters whose development began in Japan during the early 1980's.

For over twenty five years, the people of Japan have benefited from filter systems that deliver water containing the delicate structural, energetic properties, and vital trace minerals found in naturally occurring mountain spring and deep well waters. The foundation of these filters is the same as that which provides the highly desired qualities found in the best remote mountain spring sources on the planet - volcanic minerals.

Volcanic (igneous) minerals are formed by the cooling and crystallization of molten volcanic rock at temperatures between 1100 to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, and from ground level to depths of 98,000 feet or more. Geo-magnetic energies and crystallization patterns are absorbed by the molten magma as it cools, giving the resulting volcanic minerals distinct characteristics including high energy resonance frequencies.

Research indicates that the geochemical environments of water sources play an important role, and has a profound effect on the level of health in humans and animals. It was discovered that the mineral geology of the healthiest mountain spring waters was predominately volcanic in nature, with the semi-magnetic mineral properties playing a significant role in the naturally healthy and energetic qualities of these glacier water.

shower_kdf55.jpg shower_ferrite.jpg shower_bioceramic.jpg shower_mineral.jpg

Filter: Six-Stage Enhancement

Included with your Energy Stone Water Filter System

filter_6stage.jpgThis Volcanic Mineral Stone and Bio Ceramic Enhancement filter is designed to filter biologically safe water, from which contaminants and additives have been removed. It will provide up to twenty years of service.

Strong Ceramic Ring Magnets erase harmful electromagnetic energy frequencies of contaminants remaining after purification. stages. Along with Far-Infrared Ceramic reduces hydrogen bonding structure, giving water a lower internal surface tension. Water is more delicate and softer to the feel, more soluble and bio-available, with enhanced hydration qualities. Far-infrared ceramic contributes its own energy high frequencies and negative ions to water.

Pi Energy Ceramic - Special energy bio-ceramic creates oxidation-reduction potential, increased water energy and reduced hydrogen structure, while providing far-infrared energy and negative hydrogen ions. Enhances metabolism and the body's natural healing process. supports the immune system. The center purification cartridge has been replaced with NSF 53 approved Hydroxyapatite-Calcium-Carbon media that removes trace radio-isotopes nuclides as well as reduces fluoride.

Bakuhan-seki provides filtered water with energy, structure and mineral properties that contribute to a healthy and delicious-tasting mountain spring quality water. Bakuhan-seki imparts the important minerals silica, potassium, and magnesium, calcium to filtered water. Bakuhan-seki also imparts anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and as SGE Stone, it contributes to a healthy alkaline water, and their combined energy, structural and mineral properties make for water of excellent and rare qualities.

Super Growth Energy Stone contributes a superior far-infrared energy and trace minerals that provides many benefits. to the body's health in both general and specific ways. The benefits of water filtered through SGE stone includes rejuvenating and preserving cellular energy and vitality, enhance immune function, and accelerate regenerative healing. Reduces undesirable odor emissions, such as with feet and armpits. Inhibits lipid peroxide formation. Restores energy to damaged, 'dead' water. Emits healthy far-infrared energy, creates healthy negative hydrogen ion antioxidants and promotes SOD and anti-inflammatory effect.

magnets.gif shower_bioceramic75.jpg magnets.gif grey_ceramic.jpg bakuhanseki.jpg shower_mineral75.jpg

What About Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, and Alkaline Ionized Filtered Waters?

Let's begin by stating the obvious - the only reason we need water filters at all is because most of us do not have access to clean, healthy, uncontaminated water from either a natural spring or deep well source. And importantly, the water that is delivered to us through municipal water pipes, falls far short of being truly healthy. This water is brought to us by a delivery system of pipes that damages water. Such water may contain additives and chemical toxins, such as fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, MTBE, heavy metals, prescription drugs, bacteria and in rare cases, viruses.

Unnatural Filtration Processes: The water filtration process of nature does not deliver reverse osmosis, distilled, or electrified water as is produced by alkaline ionized water machines.

Reverse Osmosis and Distilled water filters remove minerals from water. Mineral are important to the health and energy of your body. Water produced by these filters removes vital minerals, has an acidic pH, is energetically dead, and lacks the smaller molecular structure for the best tissue and cellular hydration.

There are however, some important reasons for the use of reverse or distilled water filters. One, being the removal of sodium from water after the treatment of a water softener. And many with health concerns want 'clean' drinking water to alleviate such concerns.

Fortunately, some sellers of reverse osmosis units recognize the critical need for minerals and alkaline pH, and equip their units with a post cartridge that adds minerals to filtered water. These will vary in their effectiveness according to the media that any given cartridge may contain.

Alkaline Ionized Water Machines: Besides being very much overpriced, as most are sold by network multi-level marketing efforts, here are four of Seven Reasons Not to Drink Alkaline Ionized Water as detailed in the book "Dancing With Water":

  1. Alkaline water hinders digestion
  2. Alkaline water does not balance your body's pH
  3. Alkaline ionized water causes cell death and fibrosis of the heart
  4. Alkaline ionized water is aggressive and unnatural.

Ideal Drinking Water
Healthy mountain spring and well waters begin as rain or snow, is energized by the far-infrared energy of the sun during evaporation, then by vortexes of energy as the water tumbles and flow through semi-magnetic mineral rock deep within the Earth. Here minerals and oxygen are added, resulting in vibrant, 'living' water that is highly energized, structured and mineralized.

Energy Stone Water Filters produce mountain spring quality water.
Virus-level purification and multi-stage filtration addresses the physical need for ultra clean water (including pharmaceutical drugs and environmental hormones), but without removing vital minerals or reducing the pH of water. The mineral and bio ceramic stage addresses the structural, energetic and healthy negative ions and vital trace mineral requirements for a genuinely healthy, mountain spring quality water.

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