What Is The Best Exercise Machine?

Dec 06

People are asking narrowly focused questions, such as “what is the best exercise machine for stomach?” or the machine for legs, knees, buttocks, or inner thighs. Would it not be better to be asking what is the best exercise machine for health? What if there was a piece of equipment that can exercise ALL of […]

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Cause of Disease or Poor Performance

Oct 20

The three-headed monster that causes untold suffering – degenerative and inflammatory disease – for millions of us can be conquered. You can directly influence it with your choices. It is not easy, because the mainstream culture conspires against you. From your earliest days you are taught to behave in ways that will haunt you later. […]

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Recovering from Inflammation

Oct 28

Inflammation comes in many forms, from chronic pain to arthritis to diabetes. Most people aren’t aware that diabetes is simply inflammation of the pancreas, but it’s true. Early diabetes begins in the earlier stages with the body having trouble dealing with sugar. As the disease progresses the pancreas shuts down completely because of the inflammation […]

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Jul 18

One of the things that is talked about often in health circles in a person’s metabolic rate or metabolism. You’ll often hear people talk about how lucky someone is to have been born with a strong metabolism as they lament their own low metabolism and blame it for their weight and how they cannot manage […]

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Exercise and Meditation (Pt. 2)

May 12

I wrote about the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle. I also mentioned meditation and how it is important. I also feel that the two are connected in an important way. Meditation at its basic application is the act of clearing one’s mind. Meditation doesn’t have to involve any specific spiritual content but for […]

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