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Nov 09

Most of us probably do not stop to consider that our skin is our largest organ. It is exposed to not only external pressures (for example lotions, sunburns, or smog), but also to internal influences (think of the rashes that appear every time you eat something your body doesn’t agree with). Skin is our protector; […]

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The Discovery of Biotite

Feb 21

Dr. Asao Shimanishi of Tokyo is a noted scientist, an authority on water in Japan. His clients include Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Hitachi and Matsushita. He patented the extraction of balanced minerals and their ionization in a solution called acid sulfate from black mica. Some day he should be nominated for the Nobel prize – […]

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The Power of Belief and Perseverance

Dec 30

There really is not much that a person with a commitment to an outcome could not achieve. If you can picture it is your mind, it is probably possible and achievable. Of course it does not mean that it will happen automatically, or that it will not take serious effort, but if you commit, you […]

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What Is The Best Exercise Machine?

Dec 06

People are asking narrowly focused questions, such as “what is the best exercise machine for stomach?” or the machine for legs, knees, buttocks, or inner thighs. Would it not be better to be asking what is the best exercise machine for health? What if there was a piece of equipment that can exercise ALL of […]

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Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Sep 23

If you are at all typical, regardless of all the talk about true beauty coming from within, and that healthy digestion is the best way to build healthy glowing skin, you may still want to do something for your face, to look better, younger, stronger, healthier. And why not? The solution is known as Anti […]

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