Magnesium Supplement

5 Star Customer Review of Magnesium Crystals

Mar 01

“My 2-1/2 year old grandson was waking up with terrible pain in his legs. A friend who has been using the crystals for years gave us some. Right away in the first bath he stopped crying and slept the rest of the night. My daughter adds the crystals every night to his bath and he […]

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Magnesium Deficiency: Symptoms & Solutions

Aug 12

The human body is complex. Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant deficiency can have an enormous impact on how the body functions. For example, the body needs nutrients, and a lack of any of these essential nutrients can lead to various harmful health effects. One of these important nutrients is magnesium. Magnesium is a nutrient that […]

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Magnesium Oil

Sep 06

Restore vital magnesium to enable cellular regeneration. Magnesium is critical for your cellular health, your nervous system, regenerating & maintaining living tissue, a nutrient essential for virtually every reaction in the body. Magnesium oil can help alleviate joint pain & stiffness. And it’s also an excellent treatment for skin conditions including resistant skin rashes. Soften […]

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Minerals are Important For Health

Aug 22

Mineral Supplements Our civilization is starving for nutrients that are lacking in our food chain. Now more than ever, supplementation is crucial for health, because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing & cooking of almost all the foods we eat. This type of malnutrition can be the cause of […]

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Aug 15

Walter Last wrote an excellent article about the importance of magnesium chloride for our health. In it he states: “Magnesium is nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as in its ability to rejuvenate the aging body. We know that it is essential for […]

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