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Feb 02

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the big question that keeps coming back along with attacks on parents who don’t allow their children to be vaccinated, regardless of the reason. We must find a way to separate the concepts of immunity and immunization from vaccines and vaccination. The objective is to prevent serious […]

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Dec 15

Health is not a privilege, health is a right. Health is a natural state of being. Health should be free and available to everyone. Unfortunately, we are paying for products and food that is taking our health away from us, and then we pay more for a treatment that should fix it, which is rarely […]

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BOUGHT Documentary Film Is Being Streamed Online — FREE

Aug 12

The New BOUGHT Documentary Film Is Being Streamed Online — FREE! Watch the ENTIRE BOUGHT film Until August 21st ONLY! Are you ready to discover the shocking reality behind Vaccines, GMOs and Big Pharma? Well now you can! We’ve made it possible for you to watch the new BOUGHT film – FREE! (*The entire film) You can access your free viewing anytime, before August 21st, 2015. Watch the film, and share it with everyone! “Every mother and father should watch and share for the well-being and safety of our children…”  “Bought does a fantastic job of raising vital questions about our food, our […]

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Stop the new Monsanto Protection Act

Jul 17

The Monsanto Protection Act is back – and worse than before The biggest threat to GMO labeling that we’ve ever seen could soon become law if we don’t act now. Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo, Monsanto’s hand-picked representative in Washington, has combined his anti-GMO labeling bill, the “DARK Act,” with the Monsanto Protection Act – and […]

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Smartphone Flashlight App sends your private data

Oct 05

Smartphone Flashlight App sends your private data Do you care if some agency in China, India or Russia knows everything about your online life? Apparently the ever-so-popular Free Application is not all that innocent. It shares your location, your contacts, and many other details from your smart phone. If you have it installed, beware. Watch […]

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