The Discovery of Biotite

Feb 21

Dr. Asao Shimanishi of Tokyo is a noted scientist, an authority on water in Japan. His clients include Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Hitachi and Matsushita. He patented the extraction of balanced minerals and their ionization in a solution called acid sulfate from black mica. Some day he should be nominated for the Nobel prize – […]

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Probiotic Micro Flora

Dec 20

There is a foundational link between the profile of your intestinal flora, your ability to prevent and defeat disease, your quality of life and the length of your life. Good intestinal bacteria crowds out toxin-producing colonists like candida yeast and replaces them with nutrient-perfecting and natural-antibiotic-manufacturing beneficial strains like Acidophilus & L. Salivarus. Essential for […]

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The Power of Knowledge

Sep 21

Regardless of the fact that we have a commercial interest in selling you the products we distribute, it is always our focus to educate you, to empower you, and to help you understand what keeps you healthy (and what makes you sick). We know for fact that we have products that you will want to […]

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What Are The High Value Products?

Sep 16

When you buy products or services, do you prefer to buy from someone with lots of experience or from a beginner? That does sound like a dumb question, doesn’t it? We have spent decades working on Natural Healing Solutions not just for fun, but from necessity. You can read Martin’s story or Jevari’s story to […]

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Eliminate the Causes

Oct 26

Regular readers of this blog know that one of the biggest problems I have with traditional medicine is its tendency to treat the symptoms instead of eliminate the causes. I find this very futile and I liken it to giving yourself a painkiller so your hand doesn’t hurt when you put it on the stove […]

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