Laminar Crystals: Restructuring your Water

by Martin

In addition to the Star Chamber Receiver, which I spoke about in my previous post, Twilight America has a number of great products which are designed specifically to restructure water. This allows it to be used more efficiently throughout the body. The body’s cells become far more hydrated and better function and health is achieved throughout.

One of these devices is the Laminar Crystal, which can be placed in large containers of water to help with the restructuring process. Twilight America also offers what we can Crystal Pearls and Crystal Cupcakes. The pearls are a type of ceramic device that can be used to keep small containers, such as your water bottle, of water.

The Crystal Cupcakes are used for energy work. They are great for massage work and other physical therapy and actually help restructure the water inside your body, but can also be carried in your pocket.

One of more miraculous stories I have heard about people using the Twilight America products, specifically the cupcake, has to do with one area that all middle aged men are concerned with: the prostate.

I have known several men who have had prostate problem and have used the cupcake by sitting on it like a chicken would an egg. This allows that energy to radiate out the product to the area where the prostate is. The product dissolves the energy blockages existing there.

The next thing they know, their function has returned to normal. That’s pretty exciting to an older male who figures he is going to have to deal with this problem for the rest of his life.

With over 35% of men over 50 suffering from an enlarged prostate, I can’t think of a better product than Twilight America’s Cupcake. Every man who has ever used it for this purpose hasn’t been disappointed.

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Jutta June 19, 2013 at 6:05 pm

How does one use the laminar crystals to restructure large amounts of water ?


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