Black Cumin seed oil

Apr 18

Miracle seeds, magical herbs, superfoods, and healing potions. Many products on the market are labeled as such simply for marketing purposes. The promise of a certain positive effect or quick solution for your problem helps to sell, and unfortunately, we often fall for these tricks and gimmicks. There are a few plants that truly have […]

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Dec 13

A warming cup of spicy ginger tea is a wonderful, comforting beverage for cold winter days when you don’t feel your best, whether you are starting to feel something scratchy in your throat, or have an upset stomach. We are usually advised to add ginger to our foods and drinks to boost our energy, metabolism, […]

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Squalene or Squalane – The Best Supplement for Skin Rejuvenation

Aug 17

Squalene or Squalane – The Best Supplement for Skin Rejuvenation Squalene is arguably the greatest anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil in the world! Squalane is the stable form of squalene. Squalene has a very unique ability to supply oxygen to the cells. The main use of squalane is for restoring aging skin. And the best source […]

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What Are the Benefits of Ellagitannins?

Dec 22

When some of your cells become overwhelmed by toxins, or become malignant through permanent low availability of oxygen, it is your apoptotic system that is supposed to steer them into shutting down and making room for new, normal cells. If this apoptosis process fails, you are faced with an uncontrolled growth of malignant cells. Ellagic […]

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What is an antioxidant and how do they work?

Jun 05

Antioxidant is a molecule that will extinguish a free radical causing aging effects or inflammation in your cells. Free Radicals are the result of poor or inadequate nutrition, and exposure to environmental pollutants. When your stressful lifestyle produces more free radicals than your antioxidants can extinguish, you age faster and the anti-Oxidants are the “Antidote” […]

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