Black Cumin seed oil

Apr 18

Miracle seeds, magical herbs, superfoods, and healing potions. Many products on the market are labeled as such simply for marketing purposes. The promise of a certain positive effect or quick solution for your problem helps to sell, and unfortunately, we often fall for these tricks and gimmicks. There are a few plants that truly have […]

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Dec 13

A warming cup of spicy ginger tea is a wonderful, comforting beverage for cold winter days when you don’t feel your best, whether you are starting to feel something scratchy in your throat, or have an upset stomach. We are usually advised to add ginger to our foods and drinks to boost our energy, metabolism, […]

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Alternative Medicine to the Rescue

Apr 02

People who are skeptical of holistic or alternative medicine in general may not be aware of the number of diseases that respond well to lifestyle changes. Here is a partial list: Asthma Back Pain and Herniated Disks Mental Disorders including Bipolar Disorder Cancer (Breast, Colon, Lymphoma, etc.) Celiac Disease High Cholesterol Crohn’s Disease Depression and […]

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