Sulfur and MSM

Mar 29

We are often told to eat our vegetables to get vitamins, drink enough milk because of calcium, use sea salt for iodine, eat egg yolks for their healthy fat profile, or eat brazil nuts to get our daily dose of selenium. But sulfur is something we don’t hear or read about very often, or at […]

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Dry brushing for lymph and skin health

Jan 10

Our skin does not just protect everything that is underneath it – like muscles, organs, joints, bones, and vessels – it also works as a large detoxification mechanism. The average adult human body has a surface area of between 1.5 and 2 square metres and it varies in thickness depending on the body part we […]

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Aug 25

What makes our planet so unique compared to other planets in the universe? What makes life on Earth possible? It is the WATER that covers approximately 70% of the surface of our planet. Roughly 70% of our bodies are made up of water. The human brain is 95% water, our blood is over 80% water. […]

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Healthy Soap from Coconut Oil

Aug 13

Soap made without toxic chemicals… Miracle II Liquid Soap works better than soaps found in grocery stores. The ingredients are entirely from plant sources, coconut oil and husk, and not beef tallow. Miracle II Liquid Soap is an industrial-strength, multi-purpose cleanser that will meet all your personal care and household needs. This concentrated natural soap […]

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Health Education: Cleansing

Oct 24

Almost all of us are overloaded with toxins. We are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. An optimally functioning detoxification system is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health. All chronic degenerative disease is the direct result of accumulating toxins […]

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