Health Manifesto

Mar 07

Health is not a destination, health is a journey. My friend once asked me: “When will I start seeing the results of eating healthy?” I was not able to answer this question for him in one sentence. When we are young, vibrant, and full of energy, we feel like we are on the top of […]

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Nov 22

Food Freedom. For some, these are just empty words, for others, this might be an over-exaggeration of a non-existent problem, but for many, this is a life goal with a rocky path leading towards it. People tend to come up with their own version of what food freedom means. Some people might think: “We only […]

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Oct 04

Love is in the air. All you need is love. The power of love. In the name of love. Love seems to be the theme of all the most well known songs in history. The plots of many books and movies revolve around love, and even though these are (mostly) fictional stories, they can sometimes […]

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Apr 19

The human heart is often seen as the engine running this beautiful and complicated mechanism called the BODY. When our heart is beating, our physical being persists. Once it stops working, we are no longer alive. Our nervous system, including our brain, controls most actions in our body by transmitting signals to and from different […]

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Mar 30

  There is no other planet like Earth in our solar system. Over 70% of its surface is covered with ocean water, that’s why we often call it the Blue Planet. No other planet accessible to us has water in a liquid form and that may be one of the most important reasons why life […]

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