fatty acid

Black Cumin seed oil

Apr 18

Miracle seeds, magical herbs, superfoods, and healing potions. Many products on the market are labeled as such simply for marketing purposes. The promise of a certain positive effect or quick solution for your problem helps to sell, and unfortunately, we often fall for these tricks and gimmicks. There are a few plants that truly have […]

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Sep 08

Coconut oil is amazing. The end. I am just kidding, of course, even though the above statement is pretty much true. I always keep a jar of coconut oil in my kitchen and another one in my bathroom. Coconut oil is not just an ideal cooking fat, it is also a wonderful beauty tool. Today, […]

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Jun 16

In part 1 of The Fat story we learned a lot, and today, we will learn even more. After reading this post, you will be armed with some serious knowledge no one has told you, even though you deserved to know. You might have a problem wrapping your head around the truth about cholesterol at […]

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Jun 14

Fat. Even the word itself oozes with negative associations. Just say it out loud. Fat. What comes to your mind first? I doubt it is something cute or enjoyable. FAT. We’ve been given so much bad (and wrong) information about fat, that we tend to fear it, avoid it, and remove it even from foods […]

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