Chocolate and cacao

Mar 01

Coffee lovers tend to be very protective of their morning pick-me-up, so they often seem to overlook or under value studies that prove any of the negative effects of caffeine. Chocolate lovers usually do the same. There are plenty of studies that claim chocolate is healthy, explaining that it is packed with antioxidants and important […]

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Nov 03

Do your remember the story Dear as Salt? In my country, this tale is known as Salt Over Gold. It is a story about a king who decides to pass the kingdom on to one of his three daughters, and to determine which princess is the most capable of ruling the land, he asks them […]

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Side Effects of Calcium Channel Blockers

Aug 13

ep_jhu via Compfight Because of their pharmacy-funded education, most doctors look to drugs to produce changes in a body. One of such glaring examples is their willingness to prescribe calcium channel blocker drugs (at orders of magnitude higher prices) while ignoring natural and effective alternatives. The negative effects of calcium channel blockers on health are […]

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What Are the Benefits of Magnesium Supplements?

Jun 07

Magnesium is one of the two minerals that control your nerves – it allows you to sleep well and stay calm, avoiding anxiety, restless leg, muscle cramps, and twitches. Magnesium works by activating the parasympathetic, the rest, repair and digest side of your autonomic nervous system. It relaxes and lengthens your muscles, helping to prevent […]

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Did You Know There Was a Supplement for Joy?

Sep 21

How many times have you read about St. John’s Wort for the treatment of depression? I disagree with that classification. I believe that this herb actually raises your level of Joy! German medical practitioners use it regularly as an effective alternative to addictive, risky antidepressant drugs. In light of the recent antidepressant/suicide scandals, we all […]

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