Let’s get negative

Mar 16

ALL THINGS (ARE) MATTER Everything you see around you consists of atoms and molecules. Well, even things you don’t see, like gasses and particles in the air that are invisible to the eye (they are not magical, they are just too small for us to see without a microscope). Atoms are the smallest particles of […]

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Nov 15

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, and I have never joined my North American friends for this festive dinner party, but in my mind, this holiday was all about the abundance of delicious food and family reunions, similar to Christmas (as it is celebrated in my family). But later in my life I learned […]

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Oct 11

We have previously discussed skin and it’s function, so let’s just take a brief moment to highlight some key information. Our skin is a powerful, yet vulnerable, protective shield covering our whole body, and its condition is very often a reflection of our overall health (particularly of what is happening in the gut and liver). […]

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