Chocolate and cacao

Mar 01

Coffee lovers tend to be very protective of their morning pick-me-up, so they often seem to overlook or under value studies that prove any of the negative effects of caffeine. Chocolate lovers usually do the same. There are plenty of studies that claim chocolate is healthy, explaining that it is packed with antioxidants and important […]

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Nov 22

Food Freedom. For some, these are just empty words, for others, this might be an over-exaggeration of a non-existent problem, but for many, this is a life goal with a rocky path leading towards it. People tend to come up with their own version of what food freedom means. Some people might think: “We only […]

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Aug 05

Smoothies (or shakes) are a very popular breakfast option for people who need a quick on-the-go meal they can make in less than five minutes. Whether you are a busy mom, are rushing between the gym and work, don’t know how to cook, or you just don’t feel like making eggs and bacon that morning, […]

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May 24

If you are reading this, chances are you already went through parts one and two of our sugar series. If not, I highly recommend you to do so, because you might have missed some important information about how sugar might be undermining your health. In this final section, we will talk about sugar addiction, the […]

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May 17

In part one of this series we learned about what sugar is, where it comes from and why we need it. Today, we are going to learn more about what it does in our bodies on a chemical level and how it affect our hormonal, metabolic, immune, and mental health. No sugarcoating here! The amount […]

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