Chocolate and cacao

Mar 01

Coffee lovers tend to be very protective of their morning pick-me-up, so they often seem to overlook or under value studies that prove any of the negative effects of caffeine. Chocolate lovers usually do the same. There are plenty of studies that claim chocolate is healthy, explaining that it is packed with antioxidants and important […]

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Avocado: the fat fruit

Jan 24

We talk a lot about healthy fats, where to get them, how to use them, and what the biggest benefits of using them are. For decades we were led to believe that fat makes us fat, but those myths have been debunked, so we no longer have to live with fat phobia. Butter, lard, and […]

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Oct 12

Superfoods. The word itself is thrown around the Internet like the new miraculous discovery. More often than not, the word “superfoods” is misused as a marketing gimmick to make people spend money on something they think they need. You might have already seen examples like powder cocktails that claim to be full of superfoods and […]

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No Substitute For Quality Vitamins

Jul 20

You already know this: there is no substitute for quality, and it does not pay to make short cuts when it comes to your health. We have tested many products, because we believe they’re the single most important source of nutritional stability in our health regime. We continue to check on our competition, and this […]

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Electrolytes for a Healthy Glow

May 02

Continuing on from another post “Lookin Great from Cleansing and Nourishment”, I’d like to talk a little bit more about the phenomenon of electrolytes in the human cell and how this can be used to improve our lives. When the electrolytes are optimized in the human cell, its ability to conduct electric current is greatly […]

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