Iridesca Superfood

by Exsula Superfoods
  • Ultimate Delicious, Complete Nutrition for Serious Immune System Challenges
  • The Straight Path to Optimum Health, Peak Performance and Longevity
  • Fast, Convenient and Economical - never mind the price, consider the VALUE
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The Most Complete Natural Nutritional Supplement

All body systems are supported with this broad reach blend.

Don't dismiss these words - unlike puffed up claims of others - Iridesca SuperFood Powder delivers

  • You will live longer with more quality, liberated from discomforts and pain.
  • Wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease.
  • Increase your physical and sexual performance.
  • See naturally healthier hair and skin, from the inside out.
  • Moderate your blood sugar to curb cravings.
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240 Superior SuperFood Powder Concentrates in Ultimate Synergy

exsula iridesca

It is stupendously more nutritious than fresh juice or foods alone.

It would cost five times as much to try and match the quality, potency, balance and Superfood Powder spectrum of Iridesca should you try and buy all its ingredients in a health food store.

Iridesca is the most complete therapeutic grade Superfood Powder supplement, rich in red pigments, with a pleasant, exotic taste.

Iridesca Continues to Evolve

Those of you that have been watching the progression of our Superfood Powder blends since we launched in 1989 understand that Iridesca didn't just suddenly appear. It is the product of continuous refinement and our ongoing dedication to provide the very finest Superfood blend that nature and technology can create.

That quest did not end with the introduction of the original Iridesca. It has continued. Today, the result is the most Incredible Superfood Powder blend ever - surpassing even our own best hopes and expectations.

Perfecting Iridesca


If these fabulous nutrients are going to get the chance to do their work, you have to get them into your body every day. It's got to look good - and taste good!

In one of the first taste tests, we blended Iridesca with a cranberry-raspberry juice, and Iridesca's taste became virtually transparent with that of the juice. It simply thickened and took on the consistency of a fresh fruit smoothie.

The majority of those who have sampled Iridesca say that it actually improves the taste of most juices, making them more exotic and more interesting!

Perhaps the first thing you will notice is an entirely pleasant, fresh, fruity perfume upon opening the bottle. This lovely scent of fresh fruit and tropical flowers carries forward into the blended juice.


Iridesca's smoothness is achieved by refining our blending techniques to result in a finer grind at nice low temperatures. We think you will agree that the extra effort is well worth it.


Iridesca is dominant in red tones, which comes primarily from elderberry juice powder, creating a red-brown color in any juice that you mix it with.

Color is a more significant palatability factor than one might first guess. Surveys have indicated that most people prefer a red drink over a green one. If someone is holding their nose at the expectation of a green drink, you may not even get them to sample it. If it is red, they are much more positive about giving it a try.


Superb Array of Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements, Phytonutrients, Essential Fatty Acids, Fibers and Amino Acids. Iridesca is a super-concentrated formulation of fruits, herbs and plants renowned for their abilities to make and accumulate phytonutrients.

We use Wild Crafted whenever we can, Organic as a second choice, Responsibly Farmed when organic does not apply. We explicitly avoid GMO (Genetically Modified) sources. The ingredients are carefully micronized for maximum absorption.

Iridesca Proprietary Blend (serving - 7 teaspoons or 16,670 mg)
Avavè (High Hypo-Allergenic Enzyme-Digested Saccharomyces Cerevisiae As 35 Specific Cultured Complexes— A Rich Source of Alpha Lipoic Acid — ALA, MOS ~ MannanOligoSaccharides & Isoflavones)
Cellulon: XtraPure (Organic Sunflower Lecithin + Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Vitamin E & D Complex) Spinach Octacosanol ~ Hypoallergenic & Free Of Oils, Phytoestrogens & GMO Proteins), Co Q10 (120mg ~ 97-99% Pure, Synergized with 2,300 mg of Lecithin) & Royal Jelly (3.5:1= 350mg Equivalent
AuraGreens Organic Superior-Grade Low-Temp-Dried Green Leaf Juices of Barley, Kamut® (Ancient Wheat) & Alfalfa, Plus Leaves Of Green Wild Oats, Parsley, Nettle, Celery, Broccoli & Kale
AquaAura Carotene & Mineral-Rich Land & Sea Blend: CoralPure™ 100% Coral (Calcium, Magnesium, Minerals & Trace Elements), Kona Spirulina, Nova Scotia Dulse, Open & Thin-Wall Chlorella, Bamboo Sap, Dunaliella Carotenes, Icelandic Kelp, Shilajit, Irish Moss, Klamath Flosaquae, Nori, Algal Zeaxanthin, Paprika, Carrot, Tomato Lycopene & Marigold Lutein
Trinergy SuperFood-Proenzyme-Grade Protein-EFA-Fiber Blend of High-Pectin Apple Fiber, ZoeTein™ Energetically-Superior Raw Organic Canadian Hemp Nut High-Protein/Fiber/EFA Powder (Enzyme-Active & Proenzyme LifeCrafted™ Complete Spectrum 21-Amino Globulin, Edestin & Albumin ~ 93%+ Amino Acid Availability — Certified 0.00% THC), Golden Flax, EllagiPure™ Freshly Micronized High-Ellagic Seed Of Responsibly Farmed Meeker Variety Red Rasberry (250mg), Stabilized Rice Bran ( With Gamma Oryzanol & TFA Transferulic Acid), Glucomannan, Seeds Of Kiwi (170mg), Chia Salba,™ Blueberry & Cranberry
Synergistica Herbal Blend: Black Cumin Seed, Ho-Shou-Wu (‘Fo Ti’), Saw Palmetto, Maca, Madagascar Centella (6:1 Ext), Tribulus, Damiana, Panax Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Garlic, Epimedium, Rhodiola, Astragalus, Pimenta (Allspice), Echinacea (Purpea & Augustifolia 6.5:1 Ext), Silymarin, Cayenne, Euphoria Fruit, Ashwaganda, Oplopanax H. Root Bark, Coriander, Gymnema, Hawthorn, Nutmeg, Aloe Vera (200:1), Solomon’s Herb Root, Icelandic Lichen, Uva Ursi Leaf, Boswellia, Vanilla Bean, Ginkgo, Harpagophytum P. Root, Saffron (Stigmas Of Flowers) & Rue
Excellence-C™ & Bioflavonoid Complex: Amla, Schizandra, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Goji Berry, Buckwheat-Grapefruit-Orange-Lemon Seed & Pulp Bioflavonoids, Acerola Cherry, Bio-Cultured Potassium Lemon Juice, Green & Red Sweet Pepper, Camu, Acai, Rose Buds, Rose Hip Fruit, Guava & Passion Fruit
Red Beet Root & Greens, Nopal Cactus, Mulberries, Purple Cabbage & Cauliflower
Aleipho Elaia Oils Oils of Olive (7 Types), Coconut & Apricot, Plus Ethereal Oils Of Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Eucalyptus Citriodora, Lemongrass, Lavender (French Mtn), Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme L., Ylang Ylang, Green Mandarin, Litsea, Cinnamon Leaf, Sage (Clary, Salvia, White & African), Juniper, Vetiver, Clove, Hyssop, White Rose Alba, Spikenard, Frankincense, Myrrh, Galbanum, Rock Rose, Oud, Iris Root, Pink & Blue Lotus
LonjevaTea™ High-Antioxidant Blend (OPCs — Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, Pycnogenols & Anthocyanidins) Extracts Of Elderberry, KonaRed™ Coffee Cherry Fruit (Pulp Surrounding The Bean), Dark Cocoa Beans, Green Tea (EGCG 60mg), Pomegranate, Cranberry, Blueberry, Grape Skin & Seeds, Red Wine Resveratrol, Bilberry (40mg), Pine Bark Ext. (30mg), Wild Cherry, Black Currant, Persimmon & Ecklonia Kava (12mg)
StrataFlora 77x Probiotics Blend (3.0 Billion Active Organisms ~ 77 Types Including AuraLumina™ Seed-Bean-Vegetable-Grain Enzyme Cultures, Acidophilus, Bifidum, Salivarius, S. Boulardii, Reuteri, Longum, Infantis, Thermophilus, Bulgaricus, Plantarum, Rhamnosus, Breve, Casei, Helveticus, Plus Symbiotic Soil Flora & Kombucha), Slippery Elm, Agavè Inulin, Diatomaceous (Fresh & Salt Water) & Jerusalem Artichoke
AurEssia™ Watercress, Turmeric, Pau D’ Arco, Graviola, Burdock Root, Sorrel, Blessed Thistle, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Red Clover Flowers, Ampalaya (4:1 Bitter Melon Ext)
ZymeZyme™ Digestive Enzyme Blend Of Noni, Green Papaya, Pineapple Bromelain, Ginger & Plant-Cell Enzymes
Amazonia™ Suma, Chuchuhuasi, Cat’s Claw Vine, Catuaba, Tayuya, Amor Seco, Jatoba, Sarsaparilla, Clavo Huasca & Muira Puama
Extracts Of Shiitake, Cordyceps, Coriolus, Champignon, Reishi & Maitake
Yukon Bee Pollen (100mg) & Swedish Flower Pollen (70mg)

exsula iridesca

Directions for Use

Do not underestimate the power of this rich natural product.

Just add water and/or 100% fruit or vegetable juice (best to use fresh juices or "From Concentrate" juices). Start at 1/4 teaspoon daily and increase gradually to your optimum daily amount. A good basic goal is 7 level teaspoons daily. Typical daily amount for longtime Iridesca enthusiasts is 1 teaspoon at breakfast (or 3 in place of breakfast) and 1 or more teaspoons in the middle of the afternoon. You should consider using about 1 bottle per month.

Never make it too thick. Your blend should be healthfully delicious, with the consistency of a thin fruit smoothie. Swirl, reshake or stir with a spoon or straw between sips.

Adjust servings for larger or smaller people, and depending upon stressing exposures, age, diet, special needs, desires, goals, and athletic activity. Eager health enthusiasts and athletes are well rewarded for having as much as 5 spoons, 4 times daily.

Peak enzyme performance occurs within 3 hours of mixing. Can be kept refrigerated to 48 hours.

For optimum results, also drink an abundance of pure water throughout the day.

Ideally enjoyed by "Best Potency Date" on label, and within 3 months after opening. Your freezer door is ideal for preserving potency of Iridesca's nutrients. Remove bottle only long enough to dispense, then keep container tightly closed. Iridesca travels well at room temperature. Protect from light, moisture, oxygen, heat and time.

Recommended Use

  • Written by Bennett - Peter
    This detoxification process is a two-phase wash cycle: enzymes break toxins down into intermediate forms, then exit through the kidneys.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Exsula Iridesca is unique among Superfood blends. It provides a full spectrum of enzyme-supporting phytonutrients, 100% plant-life-created vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Plus an entire array of all 3 categories of plant-enzymes (antioxidant, metabolic & digestive).
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Iodine and Strontium are extraordinarily valuable nutrients serving many essential systems of your body including protection of life-energy creating systems within your cells.
  • Written by O'Shea - Tim
    What Is Menopause? The Creation Of A Market: How'd The Whole HRT Thing Get Started In The First Place? Hormones. What Is Estrogen? What Is Progesterone, Anyway? Estrogen Dominance. Consequences of Estrogen Dominance, etc.
  • Written by O'Shea - Tim
    Minerals and their function in the human body
  • Written by O'Shea - Tim
    Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds. Vitamins are biological complexes. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain. Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environment, and when all cofactors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together.
  • Written by Pick - Christopher
    Specific Bodily Imbalances (SBI) are different from actual diseases. These conditions that are extremely detrimental to the body that can and often do lead to serious illness.
  • Written by Pick - Christopher
    Lifestyle choices and their effect on your health. How smoking, alcohol, drugs, and exercise influence your health.
  • Written by Wong - William
    Most folks think of enzymes as being involved only in digestion. This is among the last things that enzymes do. Of all the enzymes in the body, the protein cleaving, or cutting-eating ones are the most important.
  • Written by Parker - Nick
    Monsanto's announcement of their plans to purchase Seminis, the largest fruit and vegetable seed producer in the world, was quickly followed by a statement that Monsanto does not intend to apply biotech to develop these seeds-at least not yet. This is a curious assertion from a dominant biotech company.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    If your digestive system is compromised, it won't be long before your general health fails.
  • Written by Rona - Zoltan
    When your body's pH balance becomes acidic, your immune system is compromised and the natual balance of yeast and bacteria in your body can change from beneficial to harmful. Your immune system cannot correct this imbalance, and the result is candida albicans overgrowth. It comes with a very long list of discomforts and diseases.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Iodine is an essential trace mineral nutrient required to produce thyroid hormones.
  • Written by Blaylock - Russell
    Ten years later John W. Olney, M.D. a neuroscientist working for the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis repeated Lucus and Newhouse's experiment in infant mice. He found that MSG was not only toxic to the retina, but also to the brain. When he examined the animals brains, he discovered that specialized cells in a critical area of the animals brain, the hypothalamus, were destroyed after a single dose of MSG.
  • Written by Zimmerman - Marcia
    Obviously, each individual perceives stress signals differently. One may be compelled to eat more, while another will not want to eat at all. In any event, if this process is allowed to continue on for extended periods of time, serious illness can result.
  • Written by Meinig - George E.
    The main purpose of the dental pulp is to supply nutrients to the dentin as long as the tooth is alive. This is done through microscopic tubules in the dentin.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Metabolism is often defined as the sum of all the chemical reactions in your body. Impaired metabolism is the result of burnout at the cellular level. Primarily, metabolism converts the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat into energy, the fuel for life.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    If you're looking for the most health bang for your buck, these seven spices top the list in terms of taste and disease-fighting capabilities.
  • Written by Connolly - Ceci
    Although they spend more on health care than patients in any other industrialized nation, Americans receive the right treatment less than 60 percent of the time, resulting in unnecessary pain, expense and even death.
  • Written by Carter - Barry
    The ormus material that David Hudson supplied to people contained about half a percent of ORMUS gold.
  • Written by Carter - Barry
    Definitions and possible word origins for the term ORMUS.
  • Written by Evangelista - Arthur M.
    It is a fact, that ASPARTAME SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN APPROVED based on the information submitted to the FDA, including the information that was not submitted. It is a fact that politics and those with 'hidden agendas' illegally affected the regulatory processes, misused and abused their authority, to bring to market this toxic food additive.
  • Written by Dufty - William
    So-called preventive medicine goes further and suggests that since we only think we can handle sugar because we initially have strong adrenals, why wait until they give us signs and signals that they're worn out? Take the load off now by eliminating sugar in all forms and guises, starting with that soda pop you have in your hand.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Marilyn Willison, of Hippocrates Health Institute, writes, "We should not cook our food. During this apparently harmless process, vital enzymes are destroyed, proteins are coagulated (making them difficult to assimilate), vitamins are mostly destroyed with the remainder changing into forms that are difficult for the body to utilize, pesticides are restructured into even more toxic compounds, valuable oxygen is lost, and free radicals are produced.
  • Written by Christopher - John
    We know that whenever a food is heated above approximately 130 degrees F., many of the life-giving enzymes are destroyed. The vitamins and minerals contained within the substance are converted to inorganic and inassimilable toxins. These inorganic poisons are extremely detrimental to the system because often they cannot be easily eliminated by weakened organs.
  • Written by Francine - Christina
    Finding GMO foods in your diet is not so easy: Manufacturers aren't required to test every ingredient, enzyme or organism used in manufacturing.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    During a recent interview in his company offices, Kurzweil sipped green tea and spoke of humanity's coming immortality as if it's as good as done. He sees human intelligence not only conquering its biological limits, including death, but completely mastering the natural world.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Even if you you did not do so well in the past - ate fast foods, smoked cigarettes, did not exercise for years - start eating our superfoods and you will stop getting sick.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Our civilization is starving for nutrients that are lacking in our food chain, because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing & cooking of almost all the foods we eat.
  • Written by Pick - Christopher
    Low-fat diets are dangerous and should not be entertained - no matter what the media, some hospital dieticians or the latest nutritional gurus try to tell you.
  • Written by Awad - A.G.
    The psychiatric disturbances which accompany hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the two commonest thyroid disorders, mimic mental illness. People with an overactive thyroid may exhibit marked anxiety and tension, emotional lability, impatience and irritability, distractible overactivity, exaggerated sensitivity to noise, and fluctuating depression with sadness and problems with sleep and the appetite.
  • Written by Cabot - Sandra
    Rheumatoid arthritis is a special type of arthritis: a systemic disease which predominantly affects the joints causing inflammation and sometimes progressive joint destruction and deformity.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Adrenal fatigue is the loss of energy in your body: a physical condition. Recovery involves rebuilding your body chemistry, as vital nutrients have been depleted and replaced by toxins. You must also deal with psychological issues because stress is often a cause, affecting your emotions and behavior.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Loss of energy, or fatigue is the main symptom of adrenal fatigue. Thousands of people suffer from constant low energy, unrelieved by rest and sleep. When your adrenal glands become depleted, you are nearly unable to handle stress.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Our soils have been depleted of essential nutrients from economic based farming. Find out what our risks are.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    DeAromatase dietary supplement can correct estrogen excess and obesity. It is a patented proprietary blend containing: natural herbs and phytonutrients designed to create optimal hormone levels. This therapy contains Nettle Root Extract (Urtica dioica), Pumpkin Seed Oil (Curcubita pepo), Pygeum Africanum (Prunus Africana) bark extract standardized to contain 13% total sterols and Chrysin.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Daily supplements such as 500 mg of Vitamin C, 400 I.U. of Vitamin E, 25,000 IU beta carotene, 80 mg of zinc and 2 mg of copper were able to slow the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    There are many good reasons to obtain food supplies now. The United States has become a net importer of food for the first time in it's history. Remember also that the major foods grown and exported by the US are GMO wheat, corn and soy which are very deleterious to human health.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Sudden hearing loss has been regarded as an autoimmune problem that may respond to high doses of cortisone (prednisone).
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    The future of medicine should be very exciting with the great potential that DNA and RNA therapies have to cure the ravages of our current era (Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, autism, infectious diseases and many chronic diseases) in a safe manner.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Sleep apnea afflicts between 12 and 18 million Americans. This condition is more frequent in males who are obese and over the age of 40. Patients with sleep apnea often have unusually loud snoring, daytime sleepiness, increased incidence of hypertension, nocturnal headaches, memory problems, and an increased frequency of accidents.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    It is now realized that the disease can mimic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Bell's Palsy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, neuritis, psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, heart failure, angina, irregular heart rhythms, fibromyalgia, dermatitis, autoimmune diseases such as scleroderma and lupus, eye inflammatory reactions, sudden deafness, SIDS, ADD and hyperactivity, chronic pain and many other conditions.
  • Written by Myers - Dennis
    The AIDS-Virus HIV can according to the latest scientific recognitions, possibly remain unnoticed in the human body for more than a year, if the so far used test methods will be applied, which search for Antibodies in the blood.
  • Written by Wong - William
    Testosterone: rebuilding strength, mental Drive, libido and youth, or building more testosterone and keeping it testosterone.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Three main causes of disease: Toxicity, Malnutrition and Stagnation can be conquered. You can directly influence them with your choices. It is not easy, because mainstream culture conspires against you.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are now recommended even by the mainstream medical profession to help prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies when the diet is not adequate to provide all necessary nutrients. Of course, it is just about impossible to achieve an "adequate diet" with the groceries you can buy these days.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin essential to our very lives, yet very few of us have ever heard about it until recently. Discovered in 1957 by Dr. Fred Crane at the University of Wisconsin, Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient necessary to the functioning of every cell in our bodies.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Studies on Coenzyme Q-10 show irrefutable proof that it's essential for a strong immune system and a healthy heart.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Heart and circulatory failures take so many lives, that to have a formula of this magnitude available, and not take full advantage of it, is a little like jumping out into the street in front of a speeding bus. Forty percent of heart attacks occur to people who have perfectly healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    While you are healthy is the very best time to take action to stay healthy. More and more, the tide has been shifting as doctors themselves have discovered personal benefits from taking supplements.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    More than the best heart formula, it’s like getting more than a dozen specialized formulas in one! Longevity - quantity - and quality of life.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    The Entire Formula - Of course that is the one purpose for this formula. All of these other benefits are merely coincidental bonuses along the way.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Dissolve homocysteine, displace lipoprotein, liquefy cholesterol and good fats displace bad fats.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Any Delay Of Common Sense Is The Worst Risk Of All! If you suspect any difficulty with your heart or circulatory system, seek appropriate medical evaluation without delay. The sooner such things are identified, the more likely preventive measures are to succeed.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Enzymes for longevity, healing, liver health, fat loss, fitness, intelligence, memory, sexuality, skin and beauty.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Superfoods are not drugs, they are whole food nutrition, providing essential nutrition so that your immune system can work efficiently to heal and maintain health. Essential nutrition from Superfoods provides proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, enabling a naturally healthy, pain free body.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    In addition to the best in life-grown nutrients, the herbs we use are not merely ground up roots and leaves. We have selected the royalty of the herbal kingdom.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Isn't it expensive, and why? Which formula should I start with? Will it increase my energy? Do I still need other supplement?
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Many supplements contain a lot of stuff you really don't want, and hit and miss levels of the precious ones you do want. The resultant material enters your body without any of the life-characteristics of plant concentrates.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Excela began as my own desperate search to save myself from a hellish allergy that had me at the threshold of my end. It fed my cells in a new way, elevating them to a higher state of being where the allergy could not exist.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Our focus in Iridesca 's formulation isn't moderating disease symptoms, but creating optimum health. When there is abundant health, disease is simply crowded out and replaced with optimum performance and longevity.
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
    Foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals. Food enrichment is an admission that the food we are being served is no longer capable of meeting even our most basic nutritional needs.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    The hypothalamus consists of a tiny cluster of nerve cells located at the center of the base of the brain. This organ serves as a link between the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    The blueberry is ranked #1 in antioxidant activity compared to other fruits and vegetables due to the high content of both Vitamins A and C.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Blueberry supplemented diet: effects on object recognition memory and nuclear factor-kappa B levels in aged rats.
  • Written by Fontaine - Maureen
    Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic debilitating disease that affects the spinal cord, brain and central nervous system. Sclerosis means scarring, which represents the scars that are formed on the delicate nerves throughout the body, thus the word 'multiple'. It is sometimes classified as an autoimmune disease as it responds as if the body were the enemy.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Durrant-Peatfield - Barry
    There is a daunting amount of research studies showing that the widely acclaimed benefits on fluoride dental health are more imagined than real. My main concern however, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake on general health. Again, there is a huge body of research literature on this subject, freely available and in the public domain.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Interspecific variation in anthocyanins, phenolics, and antioxidant capacity among genotypes of highbush and lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium section cyanococcus spp.).
  • Written by Mercola - Joseph
  • Written by Oberon - Jevari
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Group - Edward
    Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that has been recognized by dentists and health professionals worldwide as a great alternative to white sugar. Commonly found in chewing gum and breath mints, Xylitol is known to have a many health benefits associated with its use.
  • Written by Sellman - Sherril
    Xylitol - Our Sweet Salvation
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Supporter of capillary and connective tissue strength and function. Overall tonic. Significant synergist for vitamin C, used for colds, flu and fever since the fifth century. Large amounts of vitamin C, flavonoids and rutin, which are known to improve immune function account for the use of the juice and flower tea as a cold remedy and tannins account for many of the other medical uses.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    If you want an alkalized system, improved digestion, increased stamina and brainpower, and a strong immune system, greens are for you. Powdered greens are a most effective and convenient avenue to optimal nutrition. Nature is the best chemist and food is our best medicine.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Unique phytonutrient in rice husks protects rice seeds' genetic material from oxidation. A superior antioxidant that helps protect other nutrients. Provides significant increases in energy and fat burning. Supports optimal muscle building from minimal exercise. Tocotrienols in rice bran help in maintaining the anti-inflammatory properties inherent to Vitamin E for those suffering with any type of chronic pain disorder.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Free radicals = aging... slow that down! Antioxidants are the antidote for free radicals.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    MaxGXL™ is a patented natural product which doubles and even triples our intracellular glutathione – a substance essential to our health and well-being.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Iridesca for better health and energy. Change your life with our absolute favorite product with its 250+ life-created, Superfood ingredients, Iridesca is uniquely qualified to lift your general level of health to new levels.
  • Written by Rappoport - Jon
    The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the 300 so-called mental disorders. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters or menus of human behavior. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence. Suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.

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Great product. Love it. Highly recommended.
This is by far the best superfood blend I have ever had, and I tried many.
Great Product. I have bags more energy and mental alertness.
I love this, it is a complete super food and it's the best I've seen. I have tried several and I've not seen any better. I first discovered Iridesca in the 1980's and could not find it anywhere, until now!
I use this daily and I'm happy with the results so far. I'm bedridden,and my health condition has not made it any worse. It's good.
It works. I feel fitter and healthier.
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