MPS-Gold 100

by Health BreakThroughs
  • Rebuild tissue damaged by a stroke or oxygen deprivation
  • Supports circulatory, nervous and digestive systems
  • Increase joint mobility, reduce pain and inflammation
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    Dr Dan Fouts on Glyconutrients

Organic & Kosher Functional Food

  • support a healthy immune system (protection against infections)
  • support heart, nerves and digestion
  • mental clarity and positive mood
  • joint mobility
  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • decrease systemic candida
  • improve cell-to-cell communication
  • cellular regeneration based increased stem cell growth
  • liver detoxification.
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Loose powder containing Glyconutrient molecules extracted from the gel of organically grown Aloe Vera.

MPS contains long unbranched polysaccharides consisting of a repeating disaccharide unit. The repeating unit consists of a hexose (six-carbon sugar) or a hexuronic acid, linked to a hexosamine (six-carbon sugar containing nitrogen). Created in 1995 with mucopolysaccharides in a broad range of molecular weights, MPS-GOLD 100 contains 20% Acemannan, with a range in molecular weight from 1,000,000 Daltons up to 5,000,000 Daltons. No other Aloe Vera gel or glycountrient product contains a higher concentration of Acemannan than MPS-GOLD 100. Health Breakthroughs Aloe Vera provide a published molecular weight assay to prove the Acemannan content.

MPS-GOLD 100 is absolutely the best product available when it comes to Acemannan content and is actually better than what was available from Carrington Labs in the form of Manapol. What most people didn’t realize is that Manapol contained almost zero Acemannan. Acemannan was only used for Carrington Lab’s pharmaceutical products (not available to the general public or doctors, but only to hospitals for wound care and to veterinarians to treat dogs and cats for specific types of cancer and leukemia). Where as Manapol contain less than the complete range of molecular weights of mucopolysaccharides, MPS-GOLD 100 contains the complete range of molecular weights. Having a complete product is very important because Acemannan has the upper molecular weight range mucopolysaccharides that are responsible for powerful immune system responses that are not associated with the lower molecular weight ranges.

Acemannan and the other molecular weight ranges of the mucopolysaccharides found in MPS-GOLD 100 are the only essential glyconutrient sugars required by the cells. Again, as we have pointed out throughout our website, the other eight, ten, or whatever number of other plant extract sugars other companies come up with to use in various product formulas are not essential or even necessary. The more the MPS molecules are diluted in terms of the other product formulas available, the more a person will lose the complete healing power of the only two essential glyconutrients found in Acemannan and in the total molecular weight range, which are mannose and galactose.


Active ingredients are a combination of Galactose and Mannose with an average molecular weight of over 1 million Dalton, supplemented by 20% Acemannan. The high concentrations of bioavailable Mannose and Galactose in are the most important biochemical components supporting cell-to-cell immune system communication, and throughout your body.

Added to this formula is Larch Tree Powder, a prebiotic to support the health of your gut and assists with increased absorption of the Galactomannans.

Directions for Use

Add up to two teaspoons of MPS-Gold 100 powder to pure water or juice for a tasty beverage. Mix thoroughly. For maximum health benefits, take first thing in the morning. Wait for at least one hour after eating or ingesting other liquids to take MPS-Gold 100.

For Daily Maintenance
Take half a teaspoon daily (largest bottle lasts 4 months).

For Moderate Health Challenges
Take one teaspoon daily (largest bottle lasts 2 months).

For Serious Health Challenges
Take two teaspoons daily (largest bottle lasts 1 month).

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Healthcare

MPS-Gold 100 is a very effective natural product for animals, with all the same health benefits as humans.

The FDA has approved Acemannan for feline leukemia, but MPS-Gold 100 delivered orally by mouth is much safer than injection.

Because injectable Acemannan is no longer available, MPS-Gold 100 is one of the few options available for Veterinarians and the general public; a product with high concentration of Acemannan for animal healthcare.

Recommended Use


  • Written by Cabot - Sandra
    Those who suffer with an overgrowth of unhealthy microorganisms in the bowels are said to have “intestinal dysbiosis”. It can be difficult to eradicate intestinal parasites completely and many sufferers find that they keep on recurring.
  • Written by Wheeler - David
    In may of 1995, I believed I was going to die. I was so sick that every living moment was an agony. I had no idea that I was actually about to undergo a powerful and unforgettable experience.
  • Written by Wheeler - David
    Acemannan is a term that defines the molecular weight range of mucopolysaccharides derived from Aloe Vera gel that are over 1,000,000 Daltons. All of the mucopolysaccharides from Aloe Vera gel below this molecular weight are not considered to be Acemannan.
  • Written by Wheeler - David
    MPS Gold is Absolutely The Best Glyconutrient Product. Two factors are primary: 1) the most important Glyconutrient sugars are Mannose and Galactose extracted from Aloe Vera gel as Glactomannans that are representative of living gel from the plant and 2) the degree of clarity when it comes to the labeling and presentation of any given Glyconutrient product.

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"I started taking the MPS Gold, Oat Beta Glucan 1000and Immune Revitalizer for chronic diarrhea. Within a few weeks on David Wheeler’s products, my diarrhea was totally resolved. I then had my husband take the same supplements, plus the Power Herbal Formula. After three weeks he reported that he was doing much better." John and Marilyn T., Queens, New York, both in their 60s

"I have had chronic fatigue syndrome and health issues. After taking all of David Wheeler’s primary supplements, my condition improved dramatically. My symptoms are almost gone and I have much more physical energy." Jan W., Seattle, Washington, 45 year old woman

"I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a number of years and osteoporosis. My body aches all the time and I can’t stay in any one position sitting or standing for very long because of the excruciating pain. Within one week of taking a combination of the different supplements from David Wheeler, almost all of my pain was gone." Sandy G. Santa Monica, California, 65 year old woman

"After using MPS-GOLD™ for myself, I began using it with my patients. I have found MPS-GOLD™ useful in my practice in several ways to support both mainstream and complimentary medicine." Harold Chandler Clark, MD, Cardiology and Internal Medicine, New York City

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