NHS39: The Evil Antacid Myth


by Life Enthusiast Staff

NHS39: The Evil Antacid Myth

The Truth: LOW Stomach Acid Causes Heartburn!

Dear Reader,

You need minerals, the basic minerals. Chloride is their most compatible companion that is most needed in your body, especially for digestion. Without it you suffer from heartburn and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). You do not need Tums, Rolaids or Prilosec... you need Chlorides.

You can supplement sodium chloride with either

  1. Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy (drink, breathe or bathe)
  2. Magnesium Chloride from Crystals, Drops, Gel or Oil.

Either way, you will strengthen your digestion when you do.

One cold, hard fact:
The older we get, the less stomach acid (HCl with pepsin) we produce.
Mother nature works this way with gastric acid and digestive enzymes, and also with most all biologically necessary substances.

For example, older people produce less glucosamine and SAMe, so arthritis develops. Additionally, advanced in years, people produce less CoQ-10, so heart problems may result.

A conservative estimate is that 75% of people over 50 have do not have enough HCL/pepsin available for proper digestion. That is a huge number.

Conversely, if we could know the accurate percentage of people with actual - real - hyperacidity, or too MUCH acid, I suspect that that number would be surprisingly low, not high.

Mainstream medicine talks exclusively about too much acid - NEVER too little. This then facilitates the manufacture of expensive substances to suit this peculiar misinformation.

What is going on? How can this be so?
Could it be because two very expensive prescription antacids are among the top five pharmaceuticals sold? Uh-huh...

Big pharmaceutical producers can't make money on the one compound that would help the most - Betaine HCL w/ pepsin! These are CHEAP substances to produce and are natural, superior substances... substances that can't be patented by drug companies, to be sold at inflated prices for their profit!

And even easier: all you need is ample supply of the Chloride ion - from sodium chloride, potassium chloride, or magnesium chloride, all easily accessible right here.

To your health!

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