Volixer Blender Upgrade


Volixer Blender Upgrade

by EssenceSea
  • Upgrade Your Ordinary Blender to a Revolutionary Kitchen Appliance
  • Make Your Own Energized Water and Drinks or Smoothies
  • Compatible with NutriBullet, Vitamix, Blendtec, Waring - commercial blenders
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Turn Your Commercial Blender Into Food Super-Charger

Energized Water Delicious & Healthy like Spring Water

Increased Dissolved Oxygen Content Fights Infections, Increases Brain Power & Energy, Well-Being.

Highly Activated Trace Minerals Nourishes your Blood and Lymph, Supports your Immune System

Superior Cellular Hydration Fights Inflammation, Eases Joint Motion, Rejuvenates Tissues

Increases the Activity & Potency of Herbal Additives Gain Energy Faster without Pills

Additional life-force (chi or bioetheric energy) in Volixer drinks helps stimulate and balance your energy meridians, increases your personal life force (joy and spirit), and strengthens your nervous system.

More information

We offer either four or eight charging capsules that can be easily attached to your polycarbonate blender container. It needs to be a thin-walled plastic container, not a thick-walled glass container - because the effect of the charging cartridges diminishes very quickly with distance.

Please use it with commercial-grade blenders that can spin for extended periods - like NutriBullet, Vitamix, Blendtec, Wareing, or our Good4U custom blender. Simple consumer-grade blenders wear out much too soon.

High power blenders not only mix and chop, they also break cell walls of vegetable or fruit cells, to coat the entire smoothie blend with Volixer Water clusters. The Volixer can greatly charge all minerals, supplements, and living foods.

We include a complimentary supply of our Sea Relief Minerals (16 oz, 96 servings) free of charge.

If you would like to experience Volixer Water without this Blender Upgrade, we also offer Volixer Water Concentrate.

Volixer Water: The Most Energized Water You Will Ever Encounter: Living, Energized, Very Highly Clustered Water

Tastes Healthy and Feels Great to Drink

Living water, found inside of cells (human, animal or vegetable) is composed mostly of hexagonal water clusters made of 6 water molecules in a snowflake type of pattern. Such water can be found in nature, usually from pure mountain springs at high altitude, before it has been in contact with any pollutants.

In contrast, clean tap water has larger clusters of molecules (usually around 20) with very little ordered structure (no hexagonal snowflake type of pattern), forming a random jumble of water molecules. A similar description applies to more heavily polluted water.

When you drink tap water (filtered or not) your digestive system must break up the large clusters of water molecules into smaller hexagonal clusters for absorption. Your cells have a mechanism for rejecting large water clusters as foreign substances.

It is interesting to note that fresh warm milk from mammals has its water molecules in a hexagonal snowflake type of pattern. Babies that are fed fresh warm milk always consume hexagonal clustered water and never have to drink the grossly clustered water that is found in tap water.

So, it does not come as too big a surprise to find that plant and animal physiology is not well adapted to working with tap water. As a result, plants, animals and people who only experience grossly clustered tap water progressively develop, over their lifetime a cellular dehydration that eventually becomes a major contributor to aging.

Increased Dissolved Oxygen Content

Fights Infections, Increases Brain Power & Energy, Superior Feeling of Well-being

The issue of dissolved oxygen is important - we need oxygen for all our cellular activities, and oxygen dissolved in fluids is delivered to the cells with great effectiveness.

When water or a smoothie is energized in a Volixer Water Charger, a turbulent liquid vortex is created. The turbulence adds dissolved air (oxygen) to the liquid being energized or volixed. The length of time that the oxygen remains in the solution depends on the thickness of the liquid, with clear liquids retaining their oxygen for a few minutes after volixing, and thick liquids retaining it for hours and even days, especially when they thicken upon refrigeration.

Disease causing bacteria and fungi thrive in an oxygen-deficient (anaerobic) environment, and will be consumed or burned up in an oxygen-rich one. This oxygen-deficient environment creates an acidity in your body.

Disease causing bacteria and fungi exist in an acidic body, and most people are acidic from poor diet and lifestyle choices. The magnitude of this factor is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just wanting to be healthy.

Healing or remission of chronic illness takes place only when your body fluids are restored to a normal pH.

The pH of a liquid that is oxygen-rich will generally rise, but will fall in an oxygen-deficient one. Thus, when we consume an oxygen-rich Volixer drink, we help our body alkalize and fight infection, while at the same time, we help our cells improve their breathing.

Highly Activated Trace Minerals

Nourishes your Blood and Lymph, Supports your Immune System

Sea water is one of the most complex mineral liquids on Earth, containing more than 70 minerals, some in extremely small concentration. Our blood and cellular water (inside and outside of cells) contain a concentration of minerals that is similar to sea water.

Researchers believe that a synergy exists between various sea water minerals. This synergy can fail when the mineral concentration is altered by chemical or other refining means.

Volixer drinks retain this synergy by using the exact mineral concentration of sea water. The overall amount of these minerals cannot be as large as in sea water because of taste.

Mechanism of Mineral Activation:
Hexagonal water clusters attach themselves in layers, to minerals in the water, without changing the mineral's chemical signature. The hexagonal water clusters transmit the mineral's chemical signature across the layers, making one single mineral atom appear larger. This increases the mineral's action, over what would happen if the minerals were dissolved in distilled water.

Distilled water is recommended to start Volixer Water because it has the smallest amount of harmful impurities that could be rendered more potent when the water is volixed.

Rapid Increase in Cellular Hydration

Fights Inflammation, Eases Joint Motion, Rejuvenates

Sensitive equipment can measure the rate of hydration of cells in extremities such as the feet. Observations indicate that drinking tap water produces increased hydration in 45 minutes to 1 hour. And drinking energized, clustered water will raise the hydration in 10 minutes or less.

Volixer Water users have reported a change in the sensations of their feet in as little as 10 minutes after drinking their first glass of Volixer Water.

Cellular dehydration is often accompanied by an inflammation of joints, bringing extra water around the joints and pain. By consuming Volixer Water, the stagnant water around joints is replaced by water that readily enters the cells, hydrating and effectively reducing inflammation.

This general decrease of inflammation is often accompanied by a substantially greater sense of well-being and harmony. It is then easier to address stresses and conflicts of daily life, and see corresponding improvements in overall life situations.

Increased Activity and Potency of Herbal Additives

Gain Energy Faster without Pills

Any drink made with Volixer Water Concentrate will increases the activity and potency of any herbs that have been added. We recommend that all ingredients in Volixer Drinks be of the best organic origin to ensure activation of the fewest possible impurities.

As explained above in "Highly Activated Trace Minerals... Mechanism of Mineral Activation" when smoothies are made with Volixer Water, the hexagonal water clusters form layers around any non-water components in the smoothie. The chemical and biological vibrations of these components are transmitted through the layers, making the components appear larger with greater potency.

As a result of this, herbal preparations added to Volixer smoothies before volixing will often show substantially greater potency, over what might be observed in normal herbal preparations.

Please Note:
Do not put prescription drugs in the Volixer smoothie before blending. The reason for this is that such drugs are very carefully calibrated as to their dosage, in order to operate as intended. When such a drug is blended in a Volixer smoothie, there is a chance that this calibration will be altered, thereby raising the possibility of unexpected additional side effects. Generally we recommend that prescription drugs be administered exactly as prescribed by your caregiver. Of course, the consumption of herbal organic Volixer smoothies and drinks, in addition to the prescribed drugs, can only improve the body's ability to better manage these often extremely powerful drugs.

Additional Life-Force or Chi Energy in All Volixer Drinks

Our bodies encompass a great deal more than chemicals reactions as observed in a lab.

Ancient Chinese healing wisdom repeatedly refers to a life-force called chi energy that circulates along the meridians of the body. Although these meridians are abundant inside the body, they are also believed to extend outside the body. They are not physical, but etheric in nature.

Many wise thinkers conclude that our planet is a living being, with a meridian complex that goes in and out of the rocks that form the planet. This planetary meridian system permeates the air around us and may extend to interplanetary space. In effect, we are constantly bathed in this complex chi energy field of the planet.

Since the atoms that form the planet are the same kinds of atoms that form our physical body, we conclude that the chi energy of the planet is rather similar to the chi energy of our body.

Volixer Water has extracted some of that planetary chi energy and stored it. When we consume these drinks, we offer our body extra chi energy to strengthen our own personal meridian energy system.

Many Volixer Water users report a much better response to acupuncture and acupressure treatments, as might be expected if the Volixer Water is used to strengthen meridians.

One aspect of the Volixer Water experience is the intensified, unconscious exchanges between various parts of the body. Another aspect is feeling set free to focus intensely on the task at hand, or relax and enter into communion with the Universal Consciousness. While in this state of Universal Communion one can utilize the added healing components in Volixer Water to achieve enhanced conscious healings.

Our body has several paths to administer its processes. One such path is the etheric meridian system, and a better understood path is the physical central nervous system (sympathetic & parasympathetic). If we strengthen the etheric meridian system, we should maintain balance by strengthening the physical central nervous system.

Unique Potency Test for Volixer Water

The Volixer Water that is reconstituted by following the directions on the label has been shown to have unique chemical properties in a test called the 17O NMR line width test. This test detects the line width of water clusters and this line width has been associated with the number of molecules in a water cluster.

Larger water clusters exhibit a larger line width. Casual water from various sources has been seen to have a measured line width as large as 150 Hz and most tap waters have line widths around 120 Hz. These widths are believed to correspond to water clusters with up to 25 water molecules per cluster. By contrast, biological water from the blood plasma or the lymph or fresh raw milk or cellular interior water usually shows a line width around 65 Hz which is believed to correspond to clusters having around 6-7 water molecules.

Fresh spring water, untouched by any metal, as it comes from the source, will often show a line width around 63-65 Hz. Thus, children of yore who only consumed fresh raw milk and fresh spring water would grow up without ever experiencing casual water with its very large water clusters. For this reason it is believed that our digestive system has partially lost its ability to convert casual water into the small water clusters needed to hydrate, not just irrigate, the cells and the body.

Our Volixer Water has tested at around 49-52 Hz line width, something observed for the first time ever. One consequence of this is that all living systems, including plants, find it most easy to assimilate this water and increase their growth rate.

Another property of our water is that the trace mineral profile (excluding the sodium which is removed using a natural process) is close to that of blood plasma. This means that over 72 trace elements are present in our water. In addition, we include alkaline mineral buffers that can drive the pH of the lymph up towards the alkaline region.

A test of the Volixer Water is that of bioetheric activation. However, there are no chemistry or physics tests that detect the presence of bioetheric energy in the water. Instead, tests with plant growth and other psychic tests have universally confirmed that our water has the highest bioetheric energy properties short of an actual living biological system. As an example, plants show a dramatic growth increase when watered with Volixer Water.

Volixer Water Charger Vs Other Water Devices

There are several competing gadgets that can energize water. Most of these are large, expensive and not available to the consumer. Of all the machines that are available, none combine the functions of blending with hexagonal water cluster formation. Therefore, it is difficult to compare the Volixer Water Charger with other water machines.

So we can only do a partial comparison. The one machine that comes closest to the Volixer Water Charger is the Vitalizer Plus. In comparison to the Volixer Water Charger, all the other machines fare even worse.

As seen below, the Volixer appears to be a most versatile machine when compared to other water machines. We do not discuss here water ionizers that claim benefits from drinking alkalized water, as the issues of harmonizing the body pH are far more complex than just drinking water with a high pH.

Vitalizer Plus
Very highly clustered water
Yes, line width is 50.0 Hz
No, line width is 63.5 Hz
Time required for clustering
1-3 minutes
9 minutes
Increased dissolved oxygen content
Time for oxygen to come out of the drink
Up to several days for thick smoothies
A few minutes
Highly activated trace mineral content
No, trace minerals are not included in this machine's operation
Rapid Increase of the hydration of all the cells in the body
Increased activity and potency of the herbal components in drinks
No, this machine does not have a blender function
Additional life-force/chi energy in drinks
Total time required to cluster and add chi
1-3 minutes
27 minutes
Mineral basket replacement needed
No mineral basket present
Yes, after 3000 minutes of operation

Volixer Water Reviews

This is so exciting!!!!! I can not believe how wonderful I feel. As far as my recipe goes it pretty much follows your initial formula... I am using about three capfuls of Minerals..... energized for a little over three minutes I then drink it throughout the day and even fill a water bottle to take with me when I go out to sip on throughout the day... It really seems to settle my stomach too and seems to work for me in the morning as well as before bed time. I have been able to maintain my focus consistently...no highs or lows... I sleep great and feel calm from morning until night. I feel confident that this will bring my health to a new height that will sustain me through many life changes and more challenge. However the greater relaxation is still being savored and I think this state is one that I really need for awhile. If the changes I am experiencing in one week or so are any indication of growth then I have a lot to look forward to.... Thank you so much for all your work and making it so convenient and cost attractive to implement in my life... I am hoping to share this with my family now that I have gotten it down and practiced with it for awhile... It does seem to be more user friendly without the healing crisis pain that can come with experiencing some other products... Much more gentle... I had lot of pain in my back and neck which I initially started and when it dissipated I felt so much better... this has been a less painful healing experience without a lot of dealing with release of suppressed pain... This is one of the biggest differences I have noted with using the Volixer smoothies as tonic... Coherence without all the healing side effects... Unbelievable....

Dear EssenceSea;
Even though I consider myself extremely healthy, my dentist informed me about 7 months ago that I needed to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months, instead of the usual 6 months, as I was building up calculus much faster that most. Then, about 4 months ago, I started on the Volixer program and when I went to my dentist for teeth cleaning, 1 month ago, I was informed that I no longer needed to return every 3 months for teeth cleaning as my oral hygiene had improved sufficiently to return to the usual 6 months cleaning schedule. Thanks, Ron, I am sure that the Volixer program had something to do with this progress.
Sincerely, Harvey B


High performance cartridges that can be attached to your blender container with the special bands we provide.

Directions for Use

  1. Pour distilled or reverse osmosis filtered, or bottled spring water into your Volixer Blender. Untreated tap water is not recommended.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of Sea Relief Concentrate.
  3. Run the Volixer Blender on high for 1 to 3 minutes.

Store the water in a cool dark place, such as your refrigerator.

If Sea Relief Concentrate or Sea Vitality Minerals are not available, then use approximately 1/8 teaspoon of natural salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt.

This water can be used for all drinking purposes, after a variable period of adaptation, depending on the individual. All drinks made in your Volixer Water Charger will possess properties that can tremendously accelerate healing. Smoothies with Volixer Water will have new benefits, compared to ordinary smoothies.

Use the Volixer Water Charger to energize your drinking water and smoothies. It is a great companion for our Himalayan Crystal Salt and Exsula Superfoods.

Revolutionary Age Reversal Program

Stage 1 - Initiating

The first stage is to begin drinking Volixer Water, learning to work effectively with the Volixer Water that you are making.

Begin by drinking one cup (8 ounces) before noon on the first day. Note the effects on your metabolism. Do this for a few days and then slowly increase your consumption until all of your drinking water is Volixer Water.

Some people find it easier to drink more fluids by mixing Volixer Water 50-50 with fruit juice or Seltzer water. You may use Volixer Water for all your cooking needs, but be aware that prolonged boiling of Volixer Water will substantially deplete its powers.

At this point it is natural to want to know how the Volixer works. Although more information is contained in the Volixer Manual, we can say here that Volixer Water is very graceful by virtue of implementing a quasi-frictionless flow in your body, as if it were effectively a super fluid.

Stage 2 - Rebalancing

The second stage of the program is to begin the task or rebalancing your central nervous system and your digestive system from the imbalances caused by a lifetime of inadequate minerals in your diet.

This is done by making smoothies that include Sea Vitality Minerals.

We recommend that you extend Stage 2 for two months overlapping with Stage 3.

Stage 3 - Replenishing

For the next two months, follow Stage 2 above, and add Superfood Blends and Digestive Enzymes to your smoothies.

Stage 4 - Establishing Long Term Nutrition

The fourth stage in the program is where you establish a long term nutritional regimen to implement the deployment of your anti-aging super-health.

In this long term strategy, you will add herbal mixtures and whole food supplements to your Volixer smoothies, for greater energy, shoring up your immune system, and for providing higher potencies of Superfood components.

This is done by making smoothies that include whole living plant based Superfoods.

This should become a permanent component of your nutritional regimen, at least until your western diet automatically includes these supplements.

By then, you will be entering a domain of well-being where solutions to everyday problems will appear easier to discover and solve. Life will simply appear to unfold more elegantly, with less stress and more fun and excitement.

You should also consider learning more about the effect of your pH levels on your health. This also helps to determine the effectiveness of your supplements.

Recommended Use


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