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Jumpsport Rebounder

What Causes Cellulite?

What Causes Puffy Face and Ankles?

What Causes Tiredness?

You Guessed It – slow and stagnant lymphatic system!

What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a unique and easy exercise that gives you a weightless state when you get to the top of each jump. As you land, you do so with twice the force of the gravity that you started with on each bounce.

The gravity having twice the force bounce affects every cell and muscle of the body. At the University of Kentucky, researchers have found in conjunction with NASA, that the "the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running." This provides the safest and most forgiving impact to your body that is available on a Rebounding Trampoline.

Rebounding offers an exercise that can be adjusted to your specific fitness level, it is easy on your back and joints, and you can exercise in the convenience of your own home while still providing a low-impact, gentle and safe workout. Many studies have shown that rebounding on a trampoline can burn an excessive amount of calories than a traditional jog workout. Jumping/Exercising on a trampoline can also stimulate the flow in your lymphatic system, strengthen your heart, revitalize vision, reduce stress, improve your circulation and help slow the effects of aging.

Rebounding Benefits:



This rebounder has been redesigned to surpass any other made of steel spring rebounder. It is the foremost in its class and it only uses the best materials available today - silent elastic cords, no-slip polypropelene mats, powder coated heavy-duty steel frame, arched legs for stable platform, and the optional handle bar for additional balance for beginners or less athletic users.


JumpSport has invented a new, radically designed, personal fitness trampoline that uses an exclusive, patent-pending, elastic cord design. The Fitness Trampoline™ provides an ultra-smooth, low- stress bounce with two times the performance of steel springs!


JumpSport Rebounder Specifications:
Nearly silent elastic cords, arched legs for an exceptionally stable & safe platform, and the ability to be stacked (a big plus for fitness clubs and schools).
Optional handle bar offers a more dynamic exercise and provides additional balance for users that prefer it.
Spring System: EnduroLast™ Cords - 3x Performance!
Mat Diameter: 37" with petals
Jumping Area: 1075 sq. inches (over 85% larger)
Tension Adjustment: FlexBounce V™
Leg Design: Elegant Arch (excellent stability)
Frame/Leg Color: chrome/grey
Handlebar: extra


Frame: lifetime
Spring: 3 years
All Other Parts: one year


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