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Wayback Water Development

Energized Water

Dan Nelson and Lloyd Mears collaborated on the formulation of an athletic performance enhancement water in 2001. Dan Nelson's previous experience with technologically enhanced water began with his use of Patrick Flanagan's Crystal Energy concentrate based on silica micro-clusters with high surface zeta potential. One parameter of Patrick Flanagan's water, which has never been discussed, is the molecular spin-state expressed in bio-angstroms. The bio-angstrom reading is indicative of the actual water particle configuration. For example, low spin-state (quantum-state) water is composed of fundamental water particles, which are quite large by molecular standards and are actually micron sized particles. Flanagan's Micro-clusters in water generated an impressive spin-state of 7,500 bio-angstroms when diluted according to his recommendations, whereas most drinking water rates anywhere between 3,000 and 6,000 bio-angstroms. The water inside all living cells clocks at 8,500 bio-angstroms. Water such as Flanagan's Crystal Energy rates a lower interfacial (surface) tension of 59 dynes/cm as opposed to the nominal 75 dynes/cm of most tap water.

We used to sell Dan Nelson's products up until recently, when he decided to sell them only through the Positron Group. You can find then online at http://www.positroninfo.com. It was not our choice, but we looked for and found a close alternative in Dr. David Wheeler's M-Water. Check it out.

These facts have been greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted. Lower interfacial tension, while making water a more efficient solvent and wetting agent, does not make water a more efficient hydrating agent. Water must enter the cell through active protein channels in the cell membrane wall called "aquaporin". Despite the state of the art achievement of Crystal Energy in lowering interfacial tension, Flanagan's technology only resulted in a 15% reduction in micron sized water particles to particles in the nanometer range. Micron water will not traverse the cell membrane wall by virtue of its size. The aquaporin only allow for the passage of the nanometer sized constituents of ingested water through the cell wall.

Dan Nelson's development of a new class of laser, which he refers to as the "Geometric Laser", makes possible the total engineering of a given volume of water to achieve a 100% conversion of the fundamental water particle to sub nanometer size. This water actually supports no water particle larger than (.4) nanometer. This is achieved by energizing the water with energy turned back to the water from vacuum space around the particles. In other words, the Geometric Laser exposes the water to negative entropy (reverse thermodynamics) and places it in a high quantum state. One of Lloyd Mear's associates with a PhD in geophysics referred to this engineered water as "gyro" water. Dan responded by agreeing with the terminology as long as it was understood that "gyro" was simply a metaphor for the permanency of the spin state properties imparted to the water by the Geometric Laser and not to some nano technology aspect.

Any water exposed to the Geometric Laser assumes a minimum spin state of 1.8 million bio-angstroms. The athletic performance enhancement water currently produced jointly by Dan Nelson and Lloyd Mears clocks in at 12 million bio-angstroms. This water has a measured interfacial tension of 20 dynes/cm. However, the extraordinary hydrating properties of this water can be attributable, not to the reduced interfacial tension, but to the breaking down of the fundamental particle size to the sub nanometer range. These minimally small water particles now impart new and amazing properties and capabilities to water which must be experienced to appreciate.

Highly trained athletes drinking an older version of this athletic water noticed greatly reduced recovery time after strenuous activity. A power lifter who sustained a training induced injury reported that his recovery time was so accelerated that he described it as "spooky". This water has been significantly improved since these experiences were reported. Dan Nelson has returned to weight lifting after a total layoff of 3 years. He is now making better progress and seeing faster results at the age of 57 than he did 20 years ago! He is taking no other enhancement improving substances other than the athletic performance enhancement water based on "Wayback Water".


The science of thermodynamics involves the movement of heat - the reversible transformation of heat into other forms of energy such as mechanical energy. The first law of thermodynamics deals with the conservation of energy. The second law, commonly referred to as the entropy principle, refers to the degradation of the total energy in a system. Normally, entropy would be a microscopic variable describing a bulk property of matter - a quantitative measure of how disorganized a physical system is. So the second law says, for any "closed" system, the entropy (magnitude of disorganization) always increases. First of all, the law of entropy increase is statistical, not absolutely certain. According to the laws of quantum mechanics, at the quantum level there is said to be time reversibility, things can happen in any direction. The arrow of time can point in either direction for entities on the atomic/molecular scale. On the micro level, nothing seems to have a preference for one movement of time over the other. Forward or backward time movement is irrelevant to a molecule until we make the transition from thinking in terms of chemical thermodynamics to thinking in terms of quantum thermodynamics.

Entropy can decrease in an "open" system. An example would be the ordered deposition of ions in a crystal lattice. The manifest growth of order is decreased entropy. Water enjoys the status of being an "open" system in its liquid phase. Liquid water is in an uncondensed phase. Heat transfer decreases entropy and water by shifting it into a condensed phase via the deposition of molecules in the ice lattice or the highly ordered fractal pattern of a snowflake. All three states of water (liquid, bulk, ice-fractal flakes) represent what would be considered highly coherent quantum states. Water is actually a crystal (so are we) in its uncondensed/liquid phase. Instead of phase shifting water to its condensed phase, we have developed a unique approach to decreasing the entropy of water while locking it into its uncondensed phase. This approach brings about a substantially higher coherent quantum state regarding liquid water. This involves the restructuring of water's crystalline molecular units into substantially smaller units. Supporting these smaller molecular units is the proprietary function of quantum thermodynamics. Water, as an open system, is exponentially susceptible to the quantum state of the vacuum medium or what is often referred to a zero point energy.

Bringing any pure water to a higher coherent quantum state and maintaining it there requires the manipulation of quantum thermodynamics. This is accomplished with a unique Laser that actually produces a time reversed particle wave. Technically, this is a virtual particle wave running in the near ultraviolet end of the spectrum. This laser has a higher degree of phase coherence (by a factor of 100) than a conventional EM laser no matter where the EM laser is running in the visual spectrum. The virtual laser imposes coherence (structure) on the vacuum medium around and through a given volume water and rotates energy out of vacuum into the fundamental water molecules. As entropy decreases (time reversed energy always runs thermodynamics in reverse) water physically expresses this by reorganizing fundamental particles to acquire a higher coherent quantum state. The molecular units jump from the lower (ground) state in mathematical predictable quantized stages with different crystalline shapes of progressively smaller size. This technology has exceeded in reducing micron size particles to less than one-half nanometer.

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