About Alkazone

Alkazone drops will dramatically improve your Alkaline lifestyle and your health. The Alkaline Booster contains potassium bicarbonate as its base ingredient along with AlkaZone which is formulated to enable better absorption by your body.

In 1996, we introduced our first antioxidant alkaline water fountain. Water ionizing systems were first introduced about 40 years ago in Japan. Through continuous research and development, water ionizing systems have become a major part of everyday living. These water ionizers have helped thousands of people achieve a well balanced diet that allowed them to live a longer and a healthier life. With the knowledge gained from 50 years of Japanese research and development, we are able to move a step forward in perfecting the techniques to create the most Superior Products.

With continued research and development, we look forward to launching other products in the future.

Author: Life Enthusiast