E3Live: Enhanced Athletic Performance

The Competitive Edge

Whether you’re an Olympic gold medal winner, a “weekend warrior” or an aspiring superstar in your chosen sports, E3Live can help you reach your athletic goals. How does E3Live increase athletic performance? Although more research needs to be conducted, medical researchers and sports trainers have several explanations: The high chlorophyll content in E3Live increases oxygen uptake. Higher oxygen intake means more fuel to muscles, which translates into improved performance and endurance. The “low molecular weight polypeptide amino acids” in E3Live are predigested and easily cross the delicate blood/brain barrier, directly feeding the higher, “master” glands located deep in the brain. This may be one reason E3Live athletes report increased mental concentration.

Over-training leads to lowered resistance. Double blind studies proved this species of cyanophyta significantly enhances immune system activity. E3Live shortens recuperation time after athletic activity because it’s both cleansing and rebuilding in its benefits: E3Live speeds the uptake of essential nutrients as well as removes waste metabolites generated by athletic activity. Every athlete wants to be “at the top of their game” for as long as possible. But it’s not just about winning, it’s the joy of physical activity itself. If you already excel in your chosen sport you can always improve your present training program and reach even greater heights. E3Live is the most powerful and balanced food you can eat and can help you get to the next level. Though individual results vary, eating E3Live may help to:

  • Increase endurance and strength in athletic performance.
  • Combat lowered resistance due to over-training by strengthening the immune system.
  • Improve performance times in sports that require any combination of strength, endurance or flexibility.
  • Increase the ability of seasoned and senior athletes to make a “comeback.”
  • Reduce fatigue,soreness and recovery time after performance.
  • Shorten recovery time after injury.
  • Increase mental focus during athletic performance.
  • Lower resting heart rate.

E3Live Algae vs. Other Supplements

Most health food stores and pharmacies have a whole array of vitamin, mineral and protein supplements. Many athletes use these to hopefully enhance performance. These products usually however do not come directly from nature but from laboratories, where chemists either synthesize them or isolate them from a natural source, often by chemical means. The resulting vitamins, minerals or other nutrients are mixed together and pressed into tablets, encapsulated or powdered. While in the case of nutritional deficiencies, the body can utilize a portion of these supplements. Long term use however can create stress to the body.

In recent years, there has been an improvement in the quality of supplements available such as dried barley grass and other naturally derived plant powdered products. Although they are superior to synthetic supplements,the “Energized Water” has been extracted from them, drastically reducing the potency of these products compared to the fresh picked plant. Kirlian photography (a method to photograph the “aura” of living things) proves this. A simple analogy is comparing an apple picked fresh off a tree to a dried apple. The fresh apple is much more vibrant. E3Live is truly “alive”, bursting with vitality!

E3Live (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA) is a whole, organic natural food found in the wild that has both discovered and undiscovered nutrients. These nutrients are 97% assimilated and are contained in a complex organic array that no scientist can duplicate. The nutritional components are bound together with cofactors that work synergistically, making them far more potent and effective than any man made supplements.

Third Wave Nutrition

What exactly is in food that gives us what we need? We receive benefit from food in three major ways.

  1. Fuel Energy The most obvious way is a food’s nutritional “fuel” value, the amount of calories from fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In the past, the quantity of nutrients in a food defined its “food value.” Science now knows that other components in food are just as important.
  2. Subtle Energy in Food The second way a food benefits us is how much life-energy it possesses. This life-energy is different than the amount of nutrients it contains. If a food is fresh, well-grown, unheated and high in enzymes, it passes on its sunlight-derived, energetic charge to us and truly qualifies as a “high-energy” food.
  3. Synergy The third way a food benefits us is its “synergy.” The synergy of an individual food or whole food formulation is the way its nutritional and energetic qualities combine together in its interaction in the human body. A food with high synergy is effortlessly digested and almost completely utilized. One can say a high-energy food “gives” much more than it “takes.” Now let’s get specific. Pizza is ranked as modern civilization’s most popular food, but not surprisingly, it ranks low nutritionally, energetically and synergistically. Nutritionally, pizza is missing several key nutrients. Energetically, pizza has lost most all of its energetic properties due to over-processing and cooking. Synergistically, pizza takes more energy than it gives. Because E3Live is a perfectly balanced single cell structure, it takes a minuscule amount of energy to digest and assimilate-meaning it gives more than it takes.

Vision E3 AFA and Super Nutrition

On the nutritional front, AFA has more blood-building chlorophyll than any other food. This alone qualifies E3 AFA as a super nutrition food, but there’s also all the trace minerals known to science, a reliable source of hard to get vegetarian B12, and many more benefits.

The Energetics of Vision E3 AFA

On an energetic level, E3 AFA literally “shines” its collected sun energy to us when we eat it. And because it’s virtually predigested, many people feel its positive nourishing effect within minutes. By the way, this energetic boost IS NOT mere stimulation (as it is with the caffeine in coffee or tea), it’s the synergy in E3 AFA that you’re feeling.

Synergy in Vision E3 AFA

The synergy of E3 AFA is based on the high amounts of energy and nutrition it possesses and the ease and speed in which it interacts to improve our overall functioning. The fine-tuned bodies of athletes particularly benefit from AFA’s synergistic effects.

Author: Life Enthusiast