Algae Reviews: Kids

CEO of Vision, Tamera Campbell, shares E3Live with her babies. We would love to feature you or your child! Send us your stories and pictures!

We get soooo many calls into our office every week regarding the use of E3 with children. I can only recommend it for them. So it gave me the idea to let the kids have a section on our E3Live website to tell their stories and have their pictures featured for all to see. It can also be fun to share the E3Kids link with your family and loved ones that are connected to the Internet. It should make them all smile 🙂

Nicholas and Annie, my infants, have been getting E3Live by mouth (and through Mother’s milk) since they were 2 days old. They were fed E3Live as prenatal nourishment during the pregnancies. I certainly have “angels in this world” ….they are mothers who are donating their extra breast milk to help me feed our babies. These nursing mothers all consume E3Live to supplement themselves and their babies, as well as to supplement my babies! I am thankful, as I need all the milk that I can get and I know that everyone is benefiting.

Nicholas and Annie really love E3Live and obviously by their huge smiles they enjoy getting it each day. I now give it to them in a bottle or a cup with a little water, but when they were very tiny, I used a syringe to slowly squirt it into their mouths. The syringe not only helped me to measure the amount, but it helped me to control how fast it went in their mouths so they consumed all that was given to them. It also eliminated any mess to clean up. They adapted to the taste of E3Live immediately and they love it! (I don’t think that it is coincidence – but both babies also seem to enjoy green vegetables over most other foods as they are being introduced to solids. I really think it is because of E3Live.)

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that I see RESULTS. Neither of them have been sick since birth, even being exposed to people with colds and flu in public and on airplanes. Strangers and friends tell us how alert and vibrant they are. When around the babies even for a short period of time, people very often comment that they are very advanced mentally. It is because the E3Live is a “brain” food … as well as whole body (immune) food. Their bodies are strong and I do believe their minds function at the highest level possible.

Scientific research is being done on the “whys” of what people report as benefits. We are discovering some pretty phenomenal (though not surprising) facts. The new book written on the AFA is called “PRIMORDIAL FOOD – an Alga with Unique Health Properties” (AFA is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, the strain of cyanophyta – a nutritional microalgae – of which E3Live is comprised). We have copies of the book for $3.00. This book is probably the most important book that you can read for educational purposes. It is easy to understand, and most importantly it contains all the latest research results. After reading it you will understand why AFA should be a foundational food for every person on this planet.

Please take a few minutes of your time to help us by sharing your stories with us. I honestly, and from my heart, will be forever endeared to you.

bluegreen algaeWith Love and Blessings,



Haddar is 19 months old. I have been putting E3 live in her juice in the morning for about 3 months now. If I forget to give her E3 live, she will usually hand me back her cup of juice, refusing to drink it until I add the E3 Live to it!

~ Jordan Polevoy

Parents See Positive Changes in Children

12 Year-Old, Grades Up, Sits Still & Concentrates

“My 12 year-old son Jared was too “high energy” since the day he was born. He had a hard time concentrating and not fidgeting and had a 30 average in public school. We started with only one AFA capsule for the first two days. On the third day, we gave him two capsules, and we saw an immediate improvement in his ability to concentrate, which has only improved over time. Jared’s grades are now up to 80, and we’re all very happy knowing Jared has a bright future ahead.”

Lorane Otto – Sarasota, Florida

“A while back, my 6 year-old son Joel couldn’t eat due to painful sores in his mouth – just one of the several symptoms caused by an infectious virus that was spreading like wildfire at the bungalow colony where our family was vacationing. For some reason, the children were more susceptible to this virus than the adults. Needless to say, as a mother this was quite alarming.

The local doctor said it was a type of virus that would pass in three to five days, but Joel was in agony and I wanted desperately to do something for him. So I called our trusted primary health care provider who is very holistic in his outlook. He told me, “Just have the boy rinse his mouth with E3Live every 15 minutes during the daytime, and then swallow it.”

To our joy, within two hours the painful sores in Joel’s mouth were no longer painful. In 24 hours they were miraculously gone and all the symptoms of the virus had passed! Just the other day, when my son felt sick, he said, “Mama, I need algae!”. E3Live is a gift from God and a mother’s friend. All mothers should know about E3Live.”

Mrs. Rivka Teitelbaum

Author: Life Enthusiast