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Healthy Blood


Even in the smallest capillaries in our body, fluid circulates, delivers nutrients, oxygen, transports waste, flows around the whole body, passes through organs, carries hormones, and regulates our pH and body temperature. This body fluid is called blood, responsible for around 7% of our body weight. The average adult person has around 5 liters of this liquid that includes red and white blood cells, and plasma.

Red blood cells are called erythrocytes and we have on average 5 million of these guys in our body. Their main task is to distribute oxygen. White blood cells, leukocytes, are an important part of our immune system; they kill and remove old cells and also fight pathogens. Plasma takes up around 5% of our total blood mass; it is 92% water and the rest consists of plasma proteins and trace minerals. There are hormones, amino acids, and glucose dissolved in it as well.

It was in 1918 when blood plasma was first used as a substitute for whole blood for transfusions, and in 1940 that the actual project of collecting blood for plasma extraction started in New York City. Blood plasma donation is often considered a noble act of caring, but all donors should be warned that with plasma we actually remove important minerals, vitamins, and hormones from our bloodstream and if they are not put back in the body somehow, our system starts drawing them from bones, teeth, muscles, and nerves. Blood plasma cannot be made artificially, so getting it from donors is the only option available. Plasma is usually used to create medications for people with immune issues or blood coagulability problems.

We can see our blood circulation system as our own inner ocean. Because it is mostly water, it is not difficult to imagine that. Our blood carries all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins just as sea water does in the ocean. When we lack minerals in our bodies, we need to supplement them, and there is no better way to do so than via natures own sources whole unprocessed food.

At the end of 19th century, Ren Quinton, a French physiologist, discovered that ocean water is very similar to human blood and started to using it during treatments, both orally and intravenously. He discovered that minerals in the ocean water have a positive impact on human health and they restore a balance in the body. He came up with a special water purifying method that cleans the water of bacteria without using any heat or chemical sterilization, and created what we now call Marine Plasma.

Based on Ren Quinton's discovery, Laboratories Quinton International was founded and they now provide us with their unique, certified, product: carefully harvested true marine plankton bloom. It is the perfect addition to your supplement regime that can help you restore balance in your blood by adding naturally occurring minerals and vitamins in their natural state, perfectly available to be absorbed and distributed exactly where we need those elements most. Marine Plasma is proven to restore mineral balance in the body, helps with performance both mental and physical energizes and supports recovery, solves sleep issues and is excellent for yoga, meditation and relaxation. If you want to learn more about the Marine Plasma, take the time to listen to Life Enthusiast podcast episode 248 about how to keep your blood healthy and balanced for life.

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