Back Pain: Causes and Cures

The Cause of Back Pain

What causes back pain? Well that is a question for the ages, but we feel that we have moved one step closer to finding that answer. After reading “The History” under the “Amino Acids” section of our web site it was revealed that 9 out of 10 people are protein deficient. This deficiency is the cause for degeneration and infection through out the whole body. This condition may have been present for years before any injury has occurred. Because of this weakened state, the body struggles against itself depriving cells of the nutrients they need in order to protect and heal other areas of the body that might be fighting an infection or that is injured.

As the body is continually weakened it is more prone to injury. Now some injury is not avoidable as in a car accident, but if the body is getting the proper nutrients it needs the healing process occurs at a much increased state. Pain is lessened and re-injury is less likely to occur. If a patient comes in after a car accident then it is safe to say that that pain is coming from some trauma sustained in the accident. But what if the extent of the injury is increased because of the bodies own weakened state. Then the diagnosis would be incorrect that the injury was sustained from the accident, when in fact the injury was sustained prior to the accident. The accident only aggravated a precondition. The need to look deeper, beyond the trauma, is necessary in order to understand the true cause of back pain.

So, understanding that the causes of back pain are mainly diskal degeneration from two sources:

  1. nutritional deficiencies
  2. the resulting mechanical change in posture (i.e. trauma)

Diagnosing Back Pain

Diagnosis, treatment, recovery is the common procedure for today’s healing arts. Most back pain diagnosis is similar to all other medial diagnostic procedures – conducted externally in an attempt see within. Take the three most common procedures for examining the spine and it’s disks, the X-ray, the CAT scan and the MRI. Then there are the more physical tests such as the orthopedic tests, neurological tests, palpations, trigger point tests, Electric Myological tests for muscle and nerve conduction. These are standard and have value as do all of the other tests. The point is all of these test reach into the body to “see in” or to “pull out ” (i.e. blood tests) for examination.

There has been in the Chiropractic profession developed means of testing the body from WITHIN! This is a noninvasive test by which the doctors are able to literally ask the body “what’s wrong?” And the body answers! This is called Applied Kinesiology. The muscle is tested for strength. If strong, the body is then asked questions by means of meridian points. If the muscle weakens then the body has responded in the positive. Similar in concept to a checkup on your car. The dealer’s computer inquires of your automobile’s computer as to any low or outright malfunctions. Dealer can test for about a hundred things that might be going wrong. Doctors who are knowledgeable in these skills can test between four and five hundred points on the body! The only real difference is that the body is an organic computer far more powerful then a man made one.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery developed two noninvasive, diagnostic back pain tests. They are the BEV Tests and the Confirmatory Challenge Test ( CCT ) which consistently are better, safer, and virtually free when included in a routine examination. Compare that with $1500 for the MRI or the CAT Scan! ( Insurance dollars are YOUR dollars). Using the BEV Tests for less obvious diskal lesions it becomes routine to find that besides the areas of complaint the entire spine is deteriorating. To see how the BEV Tests benefit both the doctor and the patient look at the side by side pictures of a lateral view of how the spine looks to doctors using the conventional methods and one using the BEV test. The spine with the single disk lesion is what can be discovered by a doctor using say, a CATscan. The one with the blackened disks all through the spine is what the advanced methods can detect! This has all been put on video for the training of doctors that would like to learn these methods. If your favorite doctor doesn’t know about this he/she is very welcome to contact us for more information.

Routine Test Advanced (BEV) Test
Routine Test Advanced (BEV) Test


The Confirmatory Challenge Test was the first test developed and was the beginning of the amazing revelation that diskal degeneration was common THROUGHOUT THE SPINE. This test is used as the primary diagnosis in patients that cannot stand upright very long, have a positive CAT Scan diagnosis, or have very serious pain.

The Treatment of Back Pain

When a doctor can with certainty diagnose a condition, he/she is halfway or more to the treatment – ordinarily. The advanced diagnostic methods of Dr. Brice E. Vickery conclude that back pain is a deficiency disease. Thus, treatment of the deficiencies begets treatment and eradication of the back pain. Utilizing The Vickery Method, in the initial exam the patient’s deficiencies are found and the appropriate nutritional regimen is prescribed. Normally, 9 out of 10 patients will require Essential Amino Acids as part of the regimen. Additionally, it is typical that the patient will also requires a special vitamin C Complex and an Iodine supplement which work in conjunction with the Amino Acid regimen. Reexamination usually reveals that all of the spinal disks are healing and the other procedures that are necessary to maintain fully functioning muscle, nervous, and acupuncture ( meridians ) are now rapidly achieved. Within two to five visits, the patient has maintained a straight posture and may hold it as long as there are no deficiencies.

The patient is instructed to remain on a maintenance nutritional back pain regimen consistently and is encouraged to visit his doctor quarterly (every three months). This is a wellness practice! In serious disk degeneration cases where the patient is unable to stand up, treatment includes the same nutritional regime but the patient is seen every other day until there is significant pain relief. Patients in this state required absolute rest. These patients underwent manipulations with a method developed by Dr. Vickery rather than Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulations (which can precipitate surgery) . No drugs were ever used! The rest of the treatment followed the same course as the example above. A person should not need endless spinal adjustments! Years of trial and struggle have resulted in a simple, logical, measured every step of the way, healing, not of the disks in question but the WHOLE BODY! Dr. Vickery has proven that deficiency is not only a back pain disease but a whole body disease. With this understanding, doctors can respond to patients with SuperNutrients nutritional regimen that heals the whole body.

Back Pain and Nutrition

Can the free form Amino Acids and other nutrients that are contained in SuperNutrient Platinum Plus Amino Acids (US Patent 6,203,820) be obtained from the food that we eat? The nutrition that we get from our food is no longer sufficient for our needs. By “improving” foods with cooking and preserving, pasteurization of dairy and juice products, and canning, we really haven’t improved anything. We can keep it forever now, but the trouble is that it has become dead “food”! The enzymes present in live food are destroyed in our preparation of meals.

The enzymes according to Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Howard Loomis augment our “enzyme banks” (a limited capacity to make digestive enzymes) because LIVE FOOD HELPS TO DIGEST ITSELF! It is for this reason that Dr. Vickery recommends that everyone make an effort to ingest at least 50% of their food in its natural state. The average person typically does not do this much. Even with this effort it is necessary to supplement a healthy diet with SuperNutrient’s Amino Acid formula. This supplement provide proportionate amounts of amino acids to the pancreas and small intestine which then manufacture the digestive enzymes needed to digest the daily dietary protein we ingest. The body then gets the total amino acids from the meat, eggs, fish, and nuts that should be part of our daily diets.

Back Pain Prevention

Many disciplines claim to have the answer to the prevention or eradication of back pain. There is usually an element of truth and success to each however, no one has ever brought a health care regimen together in one provable system until now.

Back Pain Prevention Steps:

  • Find a doctor who can determine nutritional deficiencies and maintain your Straight Posture
  • Maintain your nutritional needs and you may be able to maintain your Straight Posture for years without ANY need for correction.
  • See your doctor Quarterly for checkups.
  • Stay on the nutrition regimen that healed you!!! Most people, when feeling good, start to cut down on their Amino Acids or vitamins and are surprised when symptoms return. Don’t fall victim to this pattern.
  • Exercise! It is important to keep your muscles toned relevant to what your physical goals are!
Author: Life Enthusiast