What Are The Best Vitamin Brands?

It turns out that the best vitamin brands are the ones you take. As opposed to the supplements that you do not take at all. Oh yes, there are significant differences: there is no pharmacist on the planet that can match the creative power of nature. Vitamins are not meant to be extracted and isolated they are supposed to be delivered in the company of many supporting compounds.

Think of a football game: is it just your superstar quarterback that wins the game? What about the defensive team? What about the coaches? What about the people who washed the laundry from all the training sessions? With vitamins it is not that dissimilar. The structured water of the living product, the fiber, the emulsifier, the many other natural pigments It is important to have all the important angles covered, both in quality and in quantity.

The New York Times article, no doubt written to support the well discredited pharmaceutical approach, puts it this way:

Popping too many vitamin pills is not only a waste of money but can be bad for your health. Talk to your doctor about what added vitamins or minerals you might require; you can ask for a blood test to learn what you might be lacking.

For example, if you don’t get enough vitamin D many people who live in the northern states or who wear sunscreen everyday are low on this crucial vitamin then buy just a D supplement. Standard multivitamins will probably not have the levels of D you require (many doctors suggest taking 1,000 to 2,000 international units a day).

I disagree with both the content, and the spirit of this article. It misses the point: prevention works better than having to try to get your health back, and factory made fractional product is never as effective as natural, complex source. Although, I do agree with one point they make: Find a Reputable Source. Ask yourself this: can I trust a large multi-national, publicly traded company to have any interest other than the bottom line? Are the large chains stocking items that are most beneficial, or most profitable? The studies measure the vitamin levels in the blood, instead of asking how well they prevent illness or even how much excellence and peak performance they produce?

How Much Is Enough?

There is no single magic bullet in the list of essential nutrients. They are all important. There is a huge difference between taking just enough to prevent major illness (the RDA approach), and taking enough to support optimal body function. Another important point is Biological Individuality: depending on your genetics, you will need different amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes. Some people need 100-fold as much of a specific nutrient than others.

The right dose is crucial. Talk to our health coach to help customize your nutritional program and get the most from our professional grade supplements. Lets ask it one more time: What Are The Best Vitamin Brands? We have taken the time to evaluate products we sell, test them on our inner circle of family and friends, and keep only those that offer real value. If you still believe that you need just a multi-vitamin, we have the professional grade available here, but if you want the best, consider a superfood blend.

Author: Life Enthusiast