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It started back in the 1980s with a personal tragedy, health wrecked by toxic load from medical and industrial sources. Motivated by the desperation of pain and fatigue, allergies and brain fog, we dug in to find solutions to our chronic health problems. We found the causes and decided to share them here. We structured this large body of knowledge into several groups. In this one we give you the big picture, the societal norms that keeps us blind to the solutions that are hiding in plain sight.


Looking past trends and news, fads and fiction, we go for facts and research - we dive into it with a clear perspective of what works and why, what is important and what is just marketing fluff, the incessant noise of the sales buzz that calls Me, me, me, pick me!


We have been taught to see the problem at the level of its presentation - the mainstream medical system is focusing on symptoms, and labels all health problems by the organ in which they appear. They seldom are the cause, but this is a great place to start the conversation. Where does it hurt?


We have written many educational newsletters that we send to our clients. If you missed one, or deleted one by mistake, find it here.


Most nutritionists see the world through the prism of their own lives, and treat everone as if they were genetically related. Reality is more complex, there are wide variations, based on our ancestors' adaptation to local food resources. Learn about your specific needs, the information you need to build health, instead of treating problems. There are many opinions about what is the right nutrition, and we offer you the tools to help you discern which is the right one for you and why.


We have been recording podcasts in audio and webinars in video since 2004. We keep them archived so that you may find the one that fits your present need. We cover the causes, consequences and cures to what ails you, introduce products and their manufacturers, and explain in detail why we do what we do, and how it may be relevant to you.


We put a lot of information into the product pages, but some of it just does not fit. To get in-depth detailed information about specific products look at the categories - this will be information that is more general that explains the reasons why you should know more about this specific issue.


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