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Diet for Blood Type O

Learn what foods are best for your blood type: Type 'O' Foods.

Blood Type OMax. to consume per week for type O
foodportionAfrican ancestryCaucasian ancestryAsian ancestry
1 egg2 ounces
4-6 ounces
4-6 ounces
3-4 x
0-3 x0-3 x
0-1 x
5 x0-3 x
0-3 x
0-2 x
MEATS & POULTRYHighly BeneficialBeef: regular,groundBuffaloHeartLambLiverMuttonVealVenisonNeutralChickenCornish hensDuckPartridgePheasantQuailRabbitTurkeyAvoidBaconGooseHamPork
Highly BeneficialBluefishCodHakeHalibutHerringMackerelPikeRainbow troutRed snapperSalmonSardineShadSnapperSoleStriped bassSturgeonSwordfishTilefishWhite perchWhitefishYellow perchYellowtailNeutralAbaloneAlbacore (Tuna)AnchovyBelugaBluegill bassCarpClamCrabCrayfishEelFlounderFrogGray soleGrouperHaddockLobsterMahimiahiMonkfishMusselsOcean perchOystersPickerelPorgySailfishScallopSea bassSea troutSharkShrimpSilver perchSmeltSnailSquid (calamari)TurtleWeakfishAvoidBarracudaCatfishCaviarConchHerring (pickled)Lox (smoked salmon)Octopus
EGGS & DAIRYHighly Beneficial (See Chart Below)NeutralButterFarmerFetaGoat cheeseMozzarellaSoy cheese*Soy milk* *Good dairy alternativesAvoidAmericanBlue cheeseBrieButtermilkCamenbertCaseinCheddarColbyCottageCream cheeseEdamEmmenthalGoat milkGoudaGruyereIce creamJarlsburgKefirMonterey jackMunsterNeufchatelParmesanProvoloneRicottaSkim or 2% milkString cheeseSwissWheyWhole milkYogurt: all varieties

Book: Two-Edged Sword Diet
Book: Two-Edged Sword Diet
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