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Books: Cancer

Beating Cancer With Nutrition!

Food, supplements, attitude, tumor reduction, immune support and detoxification. Combining the best of science and nature, for full spectrum healing in the 21st century. Simple, safe and effective natural methods to improve outcome for cancer patients. This is one of a rare breed of nutrition books that is science-based.

Contents include:

  • The Problem: losing the war on cancer.
  • The Solution: aggressive nutrition.
  • Foods and supplements against cancer.
  • Improving general health.

Cancer GateCancer-Gate

By Samuel S. Epstein, MD

How to Win the Losing Cancer War

Contents include:

  • Cancer Policies and Politics
  • Hidden Carcinogens in Food
  • Pro-Industry Bias, Corporate Crime and Poorly Recognized Industrial Risks of Cancer

This is an angry, impassioned and important book. But general readers should be aware that. Although Epstein writes well, much of this book is very technical in nature. In fact, most of the chapters first appeared as scientific articles in the "International Journal of Health Services". It thus requires some effort to read and digest. For the person who is seriously interested in understanding the failure of our society to address issues of industry pollution, this book is indispensable. For those who are ready to join the fight against greed and corruption in the cancer field, it will also be an enormously rewarding experience.

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