Book Review: The Field

Book by Lynne McTaggart, Review by Barry Carter

In recent years there has been quite a bit of scientific research into the body/mind connection which can help us to understand what it is and how it works. In her recent book on this subject titled The Field Lynne McTaggart has collected a number of research findings into an easily read format. Her book suggests that there is a quantum connection between the earth, all living things and The Field she speaks of. Many other scientists have come to pretty much the same conclusion and are working to prove it with science. I think that a major component to such proof will be the recognition and study of the ORMUS elements.

One of the main problems with current scientific theories in this area is the lack of a clearly defined and measurable substance to serve as the connection between The Field and matter. This problem is described in the following passage from McTaggart’s book:

Coherence establishes communication. It’s like a subatomic telephone network. The better the coherence, the finer the telephone network and the more refined wave patterns have a telephone. The end result is also a bit like a large orchestra. All the photons are playing together but as individual instruments that are able to carry on playing individual parts. Nevertheless, when you are listening, it’s difficult to pick out any one instrument. What was even more amazing was that Popp was witnessing the highest level of quantum order, or coherence, possible in a living system. Usually, this coherence – called a Bose-Einstein condensate – is only observed in material substances such as superfluids or superconductors studied in the laboratory in very cold places – just a few degrees above absolute zero – and not in the hot and messy environment of a living thing.

How do quantum effects like coherence and “quantum non-locality” (being everywhere at once) get translated into biological systems? Dr. Mae-wan Ho says that quantum coherent effects have been measured in people. Dr. Philip Callahan says that he has measured quantum resonances in paramagnetic soil, the correlation between brain waves and the Schumann resonance of the earth, stone towers and in the behavior of insects. See:

Though Dr. Callahan has identified paramagnetic rock dust as a good source for the substances which act as the transducer of “Nature’s Secret Force of Growth” (also known as The Field) he has not yet described methods for isolating the actual substances in this rock dust which have this quantum coherence enhancing effects. I believe that researchers have found the substances that Lynne McTaggart is talking about. We call these substances ORMUS. More information about ORMUS can be found in an article on this subject at:

These materials were apparently known by the ancient alchemists of India, China, Persia, Israel and Egypt as well as the European alchemists of the middle ages. Magical and spiritual properties have always been attributed to the alchemical gold. (You can see some more specific references for this in a couple of articles at:

Another thing that is not explained in Dr. Callahan’s work is how the paramagnetic substances from rock dust are taken up into trees where they become diamagnetic then, when the tree burns, the ashes are paramagnetic again. ORMUS theory has an explanation for this. The ORMUS elements are present in rock, water and the air. In these different venues they have different properties depending on the molecules they surround themselves with. Regardless of where they are, they behave as quantum coherent resonators which appear to provide a communication connection between each individual ORMUS component and all other ORMUS in the same quantum state.

It helps me to understand this by comparing the ORMUS elements to the air, which carries the vibrations of our voice as we talk. In this context, the air is the carrier of information. We can sing praise through the air or curse an enemy through the air. The air carries each sound equally. The denser the air, the faster sound travels. Steel is even denser than air and this is why you can hear a train coming by putting your ear to a railroad track long before you hear the sound in the air. The quantum coherent communication system, which we are postulating exists between the ORMUS elements, would work like infinitely-dense air and would, therefore, transfer information instantaneously or, perhaps, even faster.

McTaggart describes research which suggests that water is one medium of this coherent communication system especially in living plants and animals:

“This would mean that water is like a tape recorder, imprinting and carrying information whether the original molecule is still there or not. The shaking of the containers, as is done in homeopathy, appears to act as a method of speeding up this process. So vital is water to the transmission of energy and information that Benveniste’s own studies actually demonstrate that molecular signals cannot be transmitted in the body unless you do so in the medium of water. In Japan, a physicist called Kunio Yasue of the Research Institute for Information and Science, Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, also found that water molecules have some role to play in organizing discordant energy into coherent photons – a process called ‘superradiance’. This suggests that water, as the natural medium of all cells, acts as the essential conductor of a molecule’s signature frequency in all biological processes and that water molecules organize themselves to form a pattern on which can be imprinted wave information. If Benveniste is right, water not only sends the signal but also amplifies it.”

I have written a couple of articles which expand on this subject. They can be found at:

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In her book, Lynne McTaggart describes the work of the Global Consciousness Project at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab. She describes how dozens of random event generators (REGs) scattered around the world began to show unusual non-random effects a couple hours before the first plane hit the World Trade Center building and how these effects lasted for a couple of days after. You can read more about this effect at:

It appears that this information transfer is faster than instantaneous as it showed up before the event. Phil Callahan described something similar when he made his tachyon detector using a Ficus plant. The tachyon is a theoretical particle, which travels faster than the speed of light. Theoretically this would allow it to arrive before it left as described in a limerick:

There was a young lady named Bright
Who’s speed was much faster than light.
She left home one day
In a relative way
And returned home the previous night.

Here is Callahan’s description, from Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions, of his discovery and it’s implications for agriculture:

The inescapable conclusion is that:

1. Tachyons do exist.
2. They occur, as predicted by Dr. Cope, in conjunction with weak magnetic monopoles.
3. They are easily detected by living plants.
4. Therefore, living plants (of interest to farmers) are indeed superconductors.
5. An entomologist was the first scientist to detect tachyons.
Physicists have always maintained that if something mathematically ought to exist, then it probably does. It then becomes a matter of learning how to detect and manipulate such phenomenon.
Of what use to modern man, and especially to agriculture, is the knowledge that monopoles and tachyons actually exist? One thing that immediately comes to mind is that since a leaf is an antenna superconductor detector and computer, then the collection of monopole and tachyon particles by the leaf is probably tied to the miracle of photosynthesis.

With the ORMUS elements I think we can demonstrate a system of instantaneous communication that takes place between all living things and, perhaps, even with spirit. It helps me to think of the ORMUS materials as tiny cell phones in every living cell. When the ORMUS elements are depleted, by modern chemical agriculture and food preparation technology, these cell phones behave as if their batteries are weak and their antennas are broken. This means that they can only reach to the cell next door but cannot maintain continuous coherent communication with the cells in your big toe, for example.

When we eat foods grown in soil where the ORMUS elements have been replaced by the addition of paramagnetic rock dust or ocean water precipitate it is like they go into these cell phones; recharging their batteries and repairing their antennas so that coherent communication can take place between all of the cells of the body. It is like the small signal power of each cell phone is reinforced by resonance with the signal of every other cell phone so that instead of a single five-watt phone you have a trillion watt transmitter capable of communicating with the farthest reaches of the universe instantaneously.

There is growing scientific evidence that space itself can store information. Some scientists call this the “zero point field” or the “implicate order”. Lynne McTaggart calls it “The Field”. (Because it is a new concept to science every scientist will coin her or his own terms to describe it.) Regardless of what it is called we are mostly interested in what it does. Here is her description of how information might be stored in non-physical realms:

“Walter Schempp’s explosive discovery about quantum memory set off the most outrageous idea of all: short- and long-term memory doesn’t reside in our brain at all, but instead is stored in the Zero Point Field. After Pribram’s discoveries, a number of scientists, including systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium – The Field. Pribram’s associates from Japan would hypothesize that what we think of as memory is simply a coherent emission of signals from the Zero Point Field, and that longer memories are a structured grouping of this wave information. If this were true, it would explain why one tiny association often triggers a riot of sights, sounds and smells. It would also explain why, with long-term memory in particular, recall is instantaneous and doesn’t require any scanning mechanism to sift though years and years of memory.”

Dr. William Tiller recently published some research which suggests that human intent can be stored in physical structures. You can read a description of Tiller’s research at:

Dr. Tiller has also worked with Dr. Vladimir Poponen, one of the researchers who discovered the “Phantom DNA Effect”. I had an opportunity to discuss the Phantom DNA Effect with Vladimir a few months ago and he described it thus: First laser interferometry was done on a space for a baseline. Then the laser interference pattern was recorded from a DNA sample placed in the same space. Finally, the laser beam was sent through the same space again without the DNA in it to establish that the baseline was still valid.

The researchers expected that the first and last interference patterns would be nearly identical while the DNA interference pattern would show a difference. Unexpectedly the last interference pattern was a closer match to the DNA pattern than it was to the original baseline pattern in unoccupied air. This result was so unexpected-that there was some sort of non-physical DNA pattern attached to the space-that they set up an automatic system to repeat the interferometry continuously for a month. They determined that the DNA interference pattern continued to occupy the space for the entire month.

These results were so astounding that they repeated this experiment four times in Russia and Vladimir has repeated it a couple times since he came to the United States. The implications here are that this is evidence that there is a non-physical template for DNA. The great physicist David Bohm claimed that all of reality was a manifestation of something he called the “implicate order”. The British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake proposed that there was a similar biological template that he called the “morphogenic field”.

If the ORMUS elements make a better connection to the non-physical template of physical reality then we might predict that they would facilitate the transfer of information from the non-physical DNA template to the DNA in the body. If the body’s DNA was damaged one might expect that this would tend to repair it. David Hudson, who first made the ORMUS materials known to science, suggests that this is the mechanism whereby people are getting over cancer after ingesting concentrated ORMUS materials. In his 1995 Dallas lecture he said:

“Now what does it do in the body? It literally corrects the DNA, by a process the equivalent of a denaturing solution, the DNA relaxes and recombines corrected. So all diseases that originate with a problem with the DNA can be corrected”.

Again the implications of this are incredible!

The research cited in McTaggart’s book suggests that “mind over matter” effects can be stronger and more coherent in certain circumstances:

“Being of the same sex tended to have a very slight negative effect. These types of couples had a worse outcome than they achieved individually; with eight pairs of operators the results were the very opposite of what was intended. Couples of the opposite sex, all of whom knew each other, had a powerful complementary effect, producing more than three and a half times the effect of individuals. However, ‘bonded’ pairs, those couples in a relationship, had the most profound effect, which was nearly six times as strong as that of single operators.”


“Strangest of all, the size of the effect on the agitated group by those trying to calm them down was only slightly less than the effect that people had on themselves when using relaxation techniques. In statistical terms, it meant that other people could have almost the same mind-body effect on you that you could have on yourself. Letting someone else express a good intention for you was almost as good as using biofeedback on yourself. Braud tried a similar study showing that you could also help someone else focus his or her attention by remote influence. Once again, the effects were largest among those whose attention seemed to wander the most.”

“The perfect opportunity to look closer at the nature of collective memory and resonance arose during a trip to Egypt. Nelson decided to attend a two-week tour of Egypt with a group of nineteen colleagues, planning to visit the main temples and sacred sites of the ancient Egyptians, where they would carry out a series of informal ceremonies, such as chanting and meditation. This trip would give him the chance to see whether people engaged in meditative activities at these sites – the kind of activities, in a sense, for which the sites had originally been built – had even more effect on the machines.

Nelson kept a PalmREG [Palm computer based Random Event Generator] running in his coat pocket during visits to all the major sites – the great Sphinx, the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, the Great Pyramid of Giza. The PalmREG was on while the group meditated or chanted and when they were simply wandering through the temples, and even during moments when he was on his own, touring or meditating. He also kept a careful record of times when various activities had occurred.When he’d returned home and compiled all his data, an interesting pattern emerged.

The strongest effects on the machine occurred during times when the group was engaged in a ritual such as chanting at a sacred site. In most of the main pyramids, the effects had been six times that of ordinary REG trials at PEAR and twice those of ordinary FieldREG trials. These were among the largest effects he’d seen – as large as those for a bonded couple. But when he put together all the data of the twenty-seven sacred sites he’d visited, while simply walking around them with no more than a respectful silence, the results were even more astounding. The spirit of the place itself appeared to register effects every bit as large as the meditating group.”

How might we use the scientific information in Lynne McTaggart’s book to improve our success with various mind/body healing techniques?

First, it would be nice to increase the concentration of the substances she speaks of as being Bose-Einstein condensates that enhance quantum coherence in the body. We have generated a lot of free information about how to make or extract these substances and made it available to everyone. You can find some of these methods on this web site at:

Second, we might consider using techniques which are successful at accessing the non-physical “zero point field” like prayer and meditation in order to strengthen our connection with this source of knowledge. Third, healing circles which include bonded men and women may be more effective than same-gender healing circles. Fourth, sacred places appear to set up a resonant field which promotes coherent healing forces. Just as hypnotism has improved between Mesmer’s discovery of “animal magnetism” and Milton H. Erickson’s Ericksonian Hypnotism, I am sure that we will discover many other techniques related to the subtle energy healing methods as we begin to apply scientific methods to our exploration.

This is obviously an area in which we must rely more strongly on intuitive observations and ideas than traditional science. Our intuitive discoveries should, nevertheless, be examined with scientific rigor using some of the new measurement tools that science is providing. We can use tools like the Prognos diagnosis device to verify muscle testing and dowsing results. We can also use the random event generators to help us redesign healing circles for greater benefit. Lynne McTaggart’s book suggests that there is growing scientific evidence of a Field which underlies and connects everything that is. As I understand it, this Field would be synonymous with an omnipresent God.

The ORMUS elements give us a way to get our hands on the substance that may be our connection to this Field. It is like finding the Biblical “manna” or the “shewbread” that the goldsmith Bezaleel made for King Solomon’s temple. This is the most exciting thing I can think of; the discovery of a substance that is half way between spirit and matter! A substance that can improve the food we eat and our health from that food at the same time! A substance that ties in to the most fundamental discoveries of modern science! A substance that was known to ancient mystics and alchemists! A substance that accesses the zero point for technology like energy production and levitation! Is there anything more full of wonder than this?

Author: Barry Carter