CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up

A New Theory For The Cause of Cancer Is Needed!

“The Home Medical Encyclopedia describes cancer as any of a group of diseases in which symptoms are due to unrestrained growth of cells in one of the body’s organs or tissues. Under the subtitle CAUSES, it goes on to say that cancer begins when oncogenes (genes controlling cell growth and multiplication) in a cell or cells are transformed by agents known as carcinogens. Once a healthy cell is transformed into a tumor forming type the change in its oncogenes is passed onto its offspring cells. A small group of abnormal cells is thus established, and these abnormal cells divide more rapidly than their surrounding normal cells. A person’s susceptibility to cancer is determined by his or her genetic makeup, which is inherited. Is any of this theory true?

Obviously, the symptom of unrestrained growth and tumor forming does not apply to all cancers. Bone cancer results in bone loss, muscle tissue results in muscle loss and leukemia, (cancer of white blood cells) does not form tumors. Lung cancer does not result in lung tissue, brain tumors do not produce brain tissue, etc. We do not have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins. It follows that a new theory more consistent with reality is badly needed. Perhaps we are wrong in assuming unrestrained growth is only a symptom of cancer. Perhaps rapid growth is the cause of cancer. Now we have an entirely new approach because rapid growth for repair on an injury is normal following an injury.

When we injure our skin sufficiently to cause bleeding, the body has a mechanism to repair the injury through rapid growth of adjacent cells. In the same way, an injury to a precancerous lesion or benign growth could trigger rapid growth of the infected cells forming the lesion. We also know that infected injuries do not heal but adjacent cells keep multiplying anyway. Injury to a group of infected cells that fail to heal results in rapid , unrestrained doubling of them. That’s cancer! There are no genetic mysteries that need solving in order to explain rapid growth, unrestrained growth, or tumor forming of membrane cells. Let’s consider a NEW cause of cancer theory. Let’s say that an injury to a mass of fungal infected membrane cells, traps the injury repair mechanism in high gear, rapidly doubling infected cells because they fail to heal.

A Break In A Fibrous Membrane Triggers Rapid Growth.

The cancer process can be summarized in ten steps. Let’s list them here and discuss them more fully in later chapters. Here’s the true description of cancer.

  1. Virus or microbial parasites “pathogens” invade an internal blood clot or mass of tissue cells weakened by nutritional deficiencies, injury or pollutants. This happens when the immune system is weak due to any number of reasons.
  2. Fungi take control of the mass of infected cells, stop oxidative metabolism, but maintain fermentative metabolism.
  3. Metabolic wastes such as ammonia and fungal enzymes are toxic to adjacent cells. Toxins cause inflammation of them and stop oxidative metabolism, but allow fermentation to continue. Fungal infection spreads following inflammation.
  4. Inflammation causes the immune system to grow a dense fibrous membrane surrounding the infection to contain it and prevent it from spreading. These fibrous growths take the form of a lump, cyst, ulcer, benign growth, precancerous lesion, etc. X-rays spot them because of increased density.
  5. A break in or injury to the fibrous membrane results in the autonomic immune system response to repair the injury by making adjacent membrane cells multiply rapidly. Lack of Healing Causes Unrestrained Growth
  6. During the process of doubling, the adjacent cells are infected and mutated by the toxins and pathogens so that offspring cells fail to knit with parent cells and fail to heal the injury.
  7. Lack of healing traps the repair of injury process in high gear duplicating the infected membrane cells and the pathogens inside them. That’s cancer!
  8. Rapid doubling of pathogens within cells produces the growth hormone essential for rapid doubling of human cells.
  9. With the first doubling of adjacent normal cells, two new cancer cells are formed and one less parent cell remains. Membrane cells appear to be consumed but they are just being converted. That’s why they retain some of their original membrane traits and form tumors. With each additional doubling, cancer cells lose human traits, gain the capacity to duplicate faster, and appear more aggressive.
  10. Fungi produce growth factors for membrane cells (like the skin of mushrooms), but not produce growth factors for other human tissue. That’s why bone cancer does not result in bone growth, and lung cancer does not result in lung tissue, etc. Since leukocytes do not normally form membranes, leukemia does not form tumors.

As you see, fungal control of a mass of human cells can explain all known observations about cancer thereby proving it is the cause of cancer.”

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Cancer is Caused by Infected Injuries

Throughout history the medicine man, tribal doctor or shaman has kept medical secrets from the tribe in order to maintain his position of power and wealth. Today’s modern medicine man has not abandoned this lucrative practice. Rather, they have taken control of the media and indoctrinate the public with false information creating false perceptions. The cancer epidemic is just the tip of the iceberg, but lets take a close look at cancer.

What causes cancer?

We are all told by mainstream medicine that the cause of cancer is unknown. Defective genes are suspected because enzymes, produced by genes, control all life functions of the cell. We are led to believe that carcinogens and mutagens or lifestyle and hereditary factors “predispose” one to genetic defects that cause cancer. Cancer starts when a defective oncogene (controller gene) combined with the loss of a suppressor gene mysteriously results in unrestrained growth. Much more genetic research is needed. Please give generously. We are making great strides….

I believe the defective gene theory of cancer is totally false. We are being purposely misled. Genes are stable molecules that account for the stability of life. There is a cancer epidemic raging. How can we have a defective-gene epidemic? Just look at the mysteries regarding cancer. Up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane traits. Why? Bone cancer does not result in unrestrained bone growth. Why not? We never have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins. Why not? Injuries that do not heal cause cancer. Why? Cancer occurs most frequently within liquid storage vessels such as the stomach, colon, bladder, breast, prostate, etc. Why? There are far too many cancer observations that cannot be answered by the defective gene theory, including growth itself.

Genes do not control growth any more than a steering wheel controls an automobile or a traffic cop controls traffic. The traffic cop does not make cars drive down the street, the steering wheel does not power the automobile, and genes do not cause cells to divide and multiply. Biology texts state that genes have only two functions: store information and duplicate it in the form of RNA. Genes control the direction of growth and maintain the continuity of life. All genes are combinations of 2 functionally equal base pairs called AT and CG. There are only 64 possible combinations known as the “Universal Genetic Code”. All genes produce amino acids, none of which control other genes. The very existence of oncogenes has never been proven. It’s just a theory totally lacking in a scientific basis.

Parasitic Larvae Cause Cancer

Reliable historic data shows that a cancer researcher initiated cancer in healthy laboratory animals by infecting them with parasitic larvae from a worm found in horses. He proved that parasitic larvae can cause cancer, and that cancer starts with an infection of them. Have you ever heard that someone was able to prove that parasites cause cancer? Can you name the researcher? Ask your doctor if this is true. If you refer to www.nobelprizes.com, (1926) you will discover that a Dr. Fibiger of Denmark initiated cancer in the laboratory in 1913. Mainstream medicine is fully aware of his discovery because Fibiger received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this achievement. Why is this 80 year old cause of cancer research ignored and suppressed? Is there a cover-up in progress? How do parasitic larvae cause cancer? Perhaps they didn’t know then, but we do know now.

Infection Plus Injury Causes Cancer

Oncologists advise: “At the first sign of abnormal bleeding, call your doctor.” The terms “benign growth, cyst, polyp and precancerous lesion” describe a mass of abnormal and infected cells closely related to cancer when something triggers rapid growth. Physical injuries that do not heal, due to infection, also lead to cancer. Healing of a cut finger, or lack of healing if the cut becomes infected, demonstrates the all-natural cause of cancer. Rapid doubling of cells to repair injuries is due to an increased energy field called the current-of-injury. The autonomic current-of-injury stays on until the injury is healed. If the injury is infected healing does not take place but cells continue to divide and multiply endlessly. These mutated cells are rejected like a skin graft that does not take and collect mainly in our storage vessels.

The current of injury that causes human cells to double rapidly also causes the pathogens inside the cells to double rapidly. Fungi and other infectious microbes have genes to produce growth factors for membrane cells, just as mushrooms, or fungi, produce the skin of a mushroom. Human and parasitic life-form cells simultaneously produce growth factors for membrane cells to repair the membrane. The resulting daughter cells end up with mutations in the cell wall. The new cells do not knit with original cells and fail to heal. The current-of-injury stays on. Infected cells and pathogens continue to divide, mutate, and multiply. Lack of knitting results in metastasis. That’s cancer explained with all-natural causes and existing data.

The reason why only membrane cells multiply is that pathogens have growth factors for membrane walls but none to differentiate cells into bones, muscle, fat or other body organs. Cancer does not occur often in muscle or fat tissue because there are very few membrane cells in muscle and fat tissue. We do not have cancer of the heart, arteries or veins because the oxygen level is too high for cancer cells. Cancer occurs in liquid storage vessels because the oxygen level is suitable for cancer cells and relatively thick membranes form the container walls. The frequency of our major cancers-lung, colon, breast, bladder, prostate, etc. – are directly proportional to the size of the vessel and the frequency of infection. Virus does not cause cancer directly. Virus can cause growths, such as warts. Injuries trigger rapid growth.

Leukemia is a fungal infection of white blood cells, called leukocytes. Leukemia does not form tumors because leukocytes do not form membranes. Brain tumors initiate in membrane walls within the skull. Cancer consumes only those cells that require growth factors parasites don’t have. The trigger that causes a precancerous lesion to become malignant cancer growth is a break in the membrane wall. That’s why up to 96% of cancer cells have membrane cell traits. That’s why investigative surgery of a benign growth often triggers cancer.

Cancer occurs when the repair-of-injury mechanism is trapped in high gear multiplying infected membrane cells that fail to heal the intended injury. Rate of cancer growth is dependent upon the size of the injury, the vitality of the body, and the quantity of nutrients and other growth factors essential for DNA division and cellular growth. “Yeast Artificial Chromosome” from yeast infections such as Candida also increases the rate of cancer cell growth. Eliminating parasites eliminates the source of these essential growth factors.

Microbial DNA Polymerase Essential for Cancer

It is a scientific fact that DNA cannot replicate without growth factors called DNA polymerase. It follows that unrestrained growth we call cancer is dependent upon unrestrained production of DNA polymerase. The all-natural source is from fungi or other pathogens such as rapidly growing larvae that infect the injured cells or the surrounding tissue. Parasitic larvae cause cancer because they burrow into and consume membrane walls, infect adjacent cells, initiate the repair of injury process and supply DNA polymerase.

Amazingly, all known cancer cell traits and the cancer process can be explained by applying this theory. All of the so-called carcinogens, mutagens, virus, toxins, pollutants, nutritional deficiencies, stress, fatigue, lifestyle and hereditary factors that “predispose” one to defective genes more accurately “predispose” one to infection, inflammation, immune system deficiency, and membrane breakage. Cancer is an all-natural process. Microbial enzymes produced by normal microbial genes cause cell mutations. The theory cannot be challenged by any known cancer observation. Based on the scientific method, the cause of cancer has been proven. The peer review process to confirm that the cause of cancer has been proven is in the hands of those who are concerned with keeping this knowledge from the public.

Cancer has now reached epidemic proportions with over 6 million new cases per year. The cancer epidemic is the first epidemic in history in which mainstream medicine denies knowing the cause and does nothing to stop it. If left unchecked, illness and treating cancer victims will totally overload and bankrupt our medical system. That’s why our medical system is failing now. What can we do to stop it? What can you do to avoid cancer for yourself and loved ones?

How to Prevent and Cure Cancer

Armed with the knowledge that infections produce essential growth factors for cancer and that injuries initiate rapid doubling of cells, you no longer need to live in total fear of this disease. You cannot eliminate so-called inherited genetic defects, but you can eliminate the growth factors produced by parasites and you can support rapid healing of injuries to shut down the current of injury. Converting your body from acid conditions to alkaline conditions is the key to beating cancer.

For more information read my book, CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up (ISBN 0-9685665-0-2 -available at bookstores or by mail). We don’t need more genetic cancer research or a new drug to cure cancer. We need the freedom to use the cures we have now. For a 40-page booklet ($3.00 -includes postage) explaining how to prevent and help cure cancer please fax your name and address to 1-800-656-7606 or 905-945-0404. Additional copies $2.00 each. To reach me for discussion or to arrange a speaking engagement, Email [email protected]

1650 words. The above information may be duplicated on the Internet, in whole or in part, providing references are given regarding the author Ronald Gdanski, and the book, CANCER, Cause, Cure and Cover-up, ISBN 0-9685665-0-2.

-Ron Gdanski, March, 2001

By reference to information posted on the Internet, I can demonstrate that:

  • Cancer tumors are composed of fungal tissue called ergosterol.
  • The mechanism of chemotherapy is to block or destroy ergosterol.
  • The fungal enzyme fumonisin blocks normal growth, knitting and healing processes.
  • Cancer, in the sense of rapid and out-of-control growth, initiates from an invasive fungal infection. The repair-of-injury process initiates rapid doubling of mature cells for repair. Fungi inside the cells, or nearby, also multiply rapidly. Fungi produce fungal enzymes that prevent knitting and healing. As a consequence, the autonomic repair-of-injury process becomes trapped into a continuous rapid doubling of fungal cells. That’s cancer.
  • The cause of cancer is well known, and effective cures for cancer are available.

This cause-of-cancer theory is elegant in its simplicity. Human cells produce human tissue. Parasitic fungal cells produce fungal tissue. There are no defective human genes, no oncogenes and no suppressor genes that fail to function. The repair-of-injury process initiates rapid growth, and lack of healing sustains it. Malignancy is dependent upon rate of fungal growth. Cancer is an all-natural fungal disease. Mushrooms, fungi, demonstrate the capacity for fungi to produce a fruiting body, complete with growth factors, a skin-like covering, structural parts, arteries, blood-like internal fluid, and reproductive spores.

For information on fungal tissue, surf for plectenchyma, or go directly to http://www.esb.utexas.edu/mycology/bio341/pdf_files/mic321_topic11.pdf. Here you will observe that there are 3 main types of fungal tissue:

1) aggregates composed of fungal hyphae fusions called granuloma or cysts; 2) growth factor that infiltrate host tissue as found in polyps; and 3) morphologically distinctive tissue as found in tumors.

Up to 96% of cancers initiate in epithelial tissue, because fungi produce competitive enzymes and growth factors. There are no tumors formed of any tissue fungi do not have, such as muscles. About 70% of a membrane is composed of fibers in the extracellular matrix that knits cells together. Cancer occurs in the extracellular matrix of cells when fungal enzymes and tissues block normal growth and healing. Cancer in infants and children occurs, not necessarily due to an injury, but due to the normal rapid growth capacity of the infant cells. An abundance of growth factor receptors in the cell wall accounts for rapid growth. This theory is the only theory capable of explaining cancer tumors in children, when the tumor is too large to have generated from a single renegade cell within the child’s lifetime.

The Fungal Process

Fungal ergosterol can form a “keratin pearl” or necklace around one cell with claw-like strands branching out to enclose a second cell. You are looking at the essence of a cancer cell with ergosterol “dedifferentiating” human tissue. The fact that ergosterol stains differently than human tissue provides a mechanism to identify it. The website offers for sale the Fungi-FlurTM staining kit that is used for the “rapid identification of various fungal infections”. One single kit will stain 11 fungi, 9 bacteria, and 3 tissues. The 3 tissues are collagin, elastin and keratin. Cholesterol is not mentioned. The same stain is used to identify keratin and fungi because they have the same ergosterol base. That’s why we can see ergosterol in the photograph of a cancer cell. Every known cancer observation can be explained if you realize cancer initiates within a mass of fungal-infected human cells.

Carcinogens do not cause genetic defects. Carcinogens are of 3 types: toxins and pollutants that block normal cellular function allowing fungi to thrive; fungi and parasites that cause injury and infection; and conditions that prevent rapid healing. The early warning signs of cancer and the known causes of cancer also fall into these categories. Smoking, for example, causes cancer by causing fungal infections. Tobacco contains fungal residue, spores and fumonisin. Drawing air through a tube containing fungal spores and toxins results in fungal infections. Some parasites cause cancer, some don’t. Parasites such as larvae that burrow into colon walls, for example, cause injury and infection. Physical injuries that do not heal also cause cancer by allowing infections to persist. Unexplained persistent bleeding, the most common early warning sign of cancer, indicates fumonisin is possibly present.

Cancer Industry Knows Cancer Is A Fungus

The most amazing evidence that the cancer industry knows fungi-cancer relationship can be found by researching the mechanism for chemotherapy. The 1927 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dr. Heinrich Otto Wieland M.D. for “his investigations of the constitution of the bile acids and related substances”. Ergosterol is named from the common grain and corn fungi called Ergot, from which the cell-wall membrane was named. Cholesterol was named for the Greek word “Chole”, for bile, from which it was first identified. Since about 1927, the mechanism of toxic drugs to cure cancer has been to block ergosterol or kill fungi.

A web search for chemotherapy and ergosterol will amaze you. Here you will find hundreds of medical university cancer-related sites. The following is from lecture notes:

  • Antifungal agents are classified according to their chemical structure as macrolides, azoles, allylamines, pyrimidine analogs and miscellaneous.
  • The polyene antifungals are amphotericin B and nystatin which bind to ergosterol in the plasma membrane, thus disrupting it.
  • The azole antifungals include fluconazole and keto-conazole plus numerous others. They all block ergosterol synthesis by binding to cytochrome P-450.
  • The allylamines include naftifine and terbinafine which inhibit squalene epoxidase, thus blocking ergosterol systhesis.
  • The pyrimidine analogs such as flycytosine incorporate into RNA and/or DNA, thus blocking protein synthesis or DNA systhesis.

Purpose of Chemotherapy

I’ll bet you thought the function of chemotherapy was to kill all rapidly growing cancer cells. Whatever gave you that idea? Is there a cover-up in progress? We learn that “P450 enzymes (mentioned above) constitute a superfamily of haemthiolate proteins, widely distributed in bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. The enzymes are involved in… both exogenous (outside of cell membrane) and endogenous compounds.” Haemthiolate means these enzymes substitute sulfur for oxygen, making the resulting tissue more solid. In addition, information on the fungi, Fusarium can be found here.

Fumonisin From Corn & Grain Products

Fusarium plays a pivotal role in the cancer process. The study of Fusarium led to the discovery of an enzyme which became known as fumonisin. Fumonisin blocks the growth of animal cells by blocking the knitting process of cholesterol fibers Fumonisin can be ingested in food made from corn or grain products. Calves and colts are often still-born due to this problem. Race horses and cattle have died from fodder containing fumonisin. Fumonisin explains why infected injuries do not heal.

Estrogen Therapy Spreads Fungal Infection

Urine collected from pregnant mares, used as a source of estrogen, also contains fungal estrogen and fumonisin from the fodder. These fungal growth factors cause abnormal growths. That’s how estrogen therapy causes cysts and breast cancer. The same applies to hormonal therapy for prostate cancer. Further proof that all cancer tumors are formed of fungal tissue can be found by surfing the web for “keratin pearls”. Keratin pearls are another name for ergosterol. Here you can view thousands of photographs of cancer tumors.

Fungi in Heart and Stroke Disease

You will also find arteries blocked with ergosterol. Suddenly you will realize the cancer industry knows fungi cause cancer, and the heart and stroke industry knows fungi cause hardened arteries, blocked arteries and heart attacks.

John Hopkins U Patent States Case

The most useful proof that fungi cause cancer, can be found at the Patent Office. To review an effective but suppressed cure for all fungal related diseases such as cancer and diabetes, go to the United States or Canadian Patent Office and look up “fatty acid syntheses”. Locate the 1992 patent document number 2,181,031: Inhibitors of fatty acid syntheses as antimicrobial agents. Also go to the John Hopkins University website for additional details. Here you will discover, pardon me, uncover, a patent for a nontoxic method to block ergosterol production.

The mechanism is very simple. Fungi must first make a fat or lipid (sterol) to make ergosterol. Fungal cells can only make sterols from carbohydrates. Human cells can make sterols from both carbohydrates and ingested fats. By blocking the enzymes required to produce sterols from carbohydrates, fungi cannot produce ergosterol. However, human cells can continue to produce cholesterol from ingested fats and stored fats. As a consequence, there is no toxicity to the human cells, but fungi cannot multiply. By reviewing the patent claims, you learn that the fatty-acid-synthesis blocker is a common drug called cerluenin. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines cerluenin as effective for stimulating digestive secretions, gallbladder contractions, and release of insulin. It also inhibits fatty acid synthesis. [from: Cephalosporium caerulea, from which it is isolated].

Ergo: There is a Nontoxic Cure for Cancer

Obviously, the cause of cancer has been known for decades. There is a nontoxic cure for cancer and all fungal diseases. Think about it. The medical monopoly in health care is the primary cause for the modern era of fungal epidemics. Toxic drugs that destroy the immune system function are a major cause. Would you like to do something about it, or just become another victim? Why not learn how to eliminate the conditions that allow fungi to thrive in your body?

-Copyright 2002, Ronald Gdanski. All rights reserved. Permission hereby granted to duplicate this report with appropriate references.

Reprinted from Planetary Association for Clean Energy Newsletter Volume 11, Number 4 & 5, February 2003, pages 26 – 28.