Mental Health

Stress and Hormones

Hormones are the true measure of your health as they’re directly related to your state of mind and well-being… Read More

What Is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects 11% of children between the ages of four and seventeen in the U.S. Read More

Toxins and mental health

Without enough iron, we can experience not only anemia, dizziness, or headaches, but also depression, brain fog, confusion, and lack of energy and motivation. Read More

Power of Will

We can achieve anything we put our mind to, we just need to adjust our mindset and cultivate our habits… Read More

Autism Solutions Are Here

Eliminate toxins wherever and whenever you can: from your air, your water, your food, dishes and pots, clothing, furniture, cars, offices. Read More

Autism in Utah has Doubled

Stories like these are regularly seen in the media. We see what’s coming but its as if we have no choice but acceptance… Read More

Autism in Minorities

Studies show that white kids may be diagnosed with autism as much as a year and a half earlier than black and other minority children. Read More

Zeolite for Autism

In this transcript we are referring only to liquid zeolite, not to a brand name, in order to be in accord with FDA regulations. Read More

We Cured Our Sons Autism

When the doctors said our son would be severely disabled for life, we set out to prove them wrong. Read More

Learning Disabilities Breakthrough

Neural Organizational Technique is a combination of Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology and Craniosacral Therapy… Read More

Autism Linked to EFA Deficiency

Parents reported EFA supplements given to their children produced better sleeping patterns, cognition, eye contact and sociability… Read More

Autism from Vaccination

Mainstream medicine tries to convince parents that their children were born with autism, so they don’t investigate the possibility that their vaccine programs might be the real culprits… Read More