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LE038: Physical AND Spiritual Healing Lotions

Healing and Enlightenment From a Bottle! Read More

LE037: All at once… nourish your Body, Mind & Soul

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LE036: Do you have seasonal nose full of allergies?

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LE035: Just How Important Is Sleep?

Sleep is ESSENTIAL to Survive Life Read More

LE034: Pain-free Exercise for ANYone

EASY Exercise to Rebuild Your Strength Read More

LE031: The cause of True, Vibrant Health is in your Gut.

Good Health Depends on Balanced Intestinal Flora Read More

LE030: Pleasurable Detox? ~ Yes in a Bath!

Relax in a Bath for Easy Detoxification Read More

LE029: Stop Your Toxic Overload from Cleaners

Common Household Cleaners Make You Sick Read More

LE027: This Antioxidant KILLS Free Radicals and Tumors

Stop Free Radical Damage – Everything from Aging to Tumors Read More

LE026: Feeling Sluggish? You could be Iodine deficient.

Iodine Deficiency is Common… and Terribly Harmful! Read More

LE025: Simple Meat-less Protein to Lose Fat, Build Muscle

Inspiration to Eat More Healthy (Vegan) Protein Read More

LE022: Get and Stay Healthy – Kill EVERY Bacteria, Virus and Fungus

Silver is a Centuries Old Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal Read More

LE021: Detox Your Liver to Slow Aging, Feel Younger

Clean Liver = Lots of Energy, Clogged with Toxins = Tired and Miserable Read More

LE020: Heavy Metal Toxicity Causes Pain and Chronic Diseases

Heavy Metals like Toxic Mercury… NOT Rock N’ Roll Read More

LE019: An Apple a Day? For fiber and more…

All the Good Things Apple Fiber Does For You… Read More

LE018: EMFs are everywhere, and here’s your protection…

Disastrous Effects of Extended Exposure to EMFs Read More

LE017: These antioxidants can Stop and Reverse Aging and Pain!

Free Radicals = Aging and Degenerative Diseases – Slow That Down! Read More

LE016: See Younger Skin and Feel Younger Joints

Silica Helps Tighten Saggy Skin and Relieve Sore Joints Read More

LE015: Chronic Pain Resolved, Relieved with Amino Acids

Chiropractor’s Discovery May Cure Your Pain Read More

LE013: You can boost your brain power – at any age.

Focus and Sharpen Your Mind ~ Feel “Normal” Read More

LE010: The simpliest way to Potent, Maximum Nutrition

Superfood Blends ~ Targeted, Powerhouse Nutrients Read More

LE009: Healthy Fats are WHICH ones?

Healthy Fats: A Guide to The Best of The Best Read More

LE008: Healthy Fats Reduce Pain from Inflammation

Tasty, Healthy and Underappreciated Essential Fats Read More

LE007: Probiotics for Healthy Gut and Immunity

Most Everyone Needs Probiotics ~ Every Day Read More

LE006: How Clean is your Diet and Lifestyle?

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LE005: Easy Upgrade Your Nutrition AND Health

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LE004: Optimum Health Requires Super-Hydrated Cells

Super-hydrate with Delicious Energized Water Read More

LE003: Health Basics for a Happy and Long Pain-free Life

Healthy Longevity from Water, Food and Cleansing Read More

LE002: Chronic Pain Solutions

No Bandaid Solutions Here ~ We Help You Eliminate the Cause! Read More