Podcast 199 about Iodine and the Prostate

iodine deficiency is wide spread, and most people do not realize how profoundly it affects us – including the prostate health.Read More

Podcast 198 about Mercury in the Environment

It has not received enough attention – mercury is causing many chronic health problems, and people just do not realize it.Read More

Podcast 197 about Blood Cleanse Part 4

Blood purification therapy is best achieved with juices that contain an abundance of chlorophyll.Read More

Podcast 196 about The Gift: Self-Esteem in a Bottle

It is possible to clear lack of self appreciation with a vibrational mineral supplement. Lots of potential opens up for a person not blocked by fears of failure.Read More

Podcast 195 about Kidney Cleanse Part 3

The elimination cycle continues with the kidneys where excess minerals and other nutrients are eliminated.Read More

Podcast 194 about Liver Cleanse Part 2

Digestion starts in the bowel. Assimilation and Elimination continue in the liver.Read More

Podcast 193 about Bowel Cleanse Part 1

You are not just what you eat, but what you assimilate. And ehat you do not eliminate will also affect your state of health.Read More

Podcast 192 about Candida Cleanse

Imbalance of microbes, and imbalance of nutrients can give rise to yeast and fungus overgrowth in the digestive tractRead More

Podcast 191 about New Products at Life Enthusiast

Zeolite and MegaHydrate are being added to products offered at Life EnthusiastRead More

Podcast 190 about Silica and Connective Tissue Health

Silica supports collagen, the connective tissue building blocks that give you strength and flexibility.Read More

Podcast 189 about Migraine Mind Games

Chronic inflammatory disease can have many expressions, including the migraine syndrome. The causes include mineral imbalance and triggers foods or other inputs.Read More

Podcast 188 about Natural Depression Relief

Balance your neurotransmitters, with the balance of minerals, with the balance of pH affected by your diet.Read More

Podcast 187 about Bowel Health Part 2

Discover the joy of a well-run bowel with Strata-Flora, a complete solution to restore your digestive system from one end to the other.Read More

Podcast 186 about Bowel Health Part 1

There is a lot of praise to be directed to regularity. Bowel management is the basis of all health, and mismanagement the basis of much illness.Read More

Podcast 185 about Cancer and Iodine Deficiency

Cancer is a functional problem. It is not an invader, it is a cellular response to specific internal conditions.Read More

Podcast 184 about Ending Back Pain

Chronic back pain can have many causes, and they all need to be addressed – detoxify, eat for your body type, and move.Read More

Podcast 183 about Back Pain Relief Without Drugs

Energy Healing and anti-inflammatory supplements are the best way to deal with pain, both short term and long term.Read More

Podcast 182 about Natural Back Pain Relief

There are many effective ways to help reduce the inflammatory response and its symptoms. We do not just have to block the pain.Read More

Podcast 181 about Inflammation and Pain

Change your inputs and your outcomes will also change. There are genetic predispositions that tell us what will work and why.Read More

Podcast 180 about Coconut Oil Secrets Revealed

For many people the slimming food is fat. Metabolic Typing answers the question form whom and why this will work.Read More

Podcast 179 about Politics of Health Part 2

Obesity, just like any other broad health problem, is largely caused by policy. Government financial support for chemical agriculture is promoting the wrong diets.Read More

Podcast 178 about Politics of Health Part 1

Metabolic Syndrome is an unsolvable problem for the mainstream medical practices. But it can be solved using functional medicine principles.Read More

Podcast 177 about Silicates, Hydrogen and Ageing

Silicates are amazing with their ability to hold the life force energy and pass it on.Read More

Podcast 176 about Sugar Addiction Relief

We can get over the sugar addiction, even though it is not easy. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine …Read More

Podcast 175 about Diabetes Part 2

Our medical practices are fundamentally mismanaged. We are majoring in minor issues. Investing in prevention would have much greater effect on our health.Read More

Podcast 174 about Diabetes Part 1

So many chronic health problems are the result of incorrect diet. Change your inputs, and change your outcomes.Read More

Podcast 173 about Autism and Mercury

In the end we find out that Andrew Wakefield had it right, and that the pharma industry and the news media colluded to tarnish his reputation.Read More

Podcast 172 about Autism and Vaccines

Vaccination does not equal immunization. Do not trust the official channel to protect you. It protects the manufacturers, and they have been exempted from liability by the government.Read More

Podcast 171 about Relieving Back Pain Without Surgery

There are alternatives to surgery that should be tried before we take the radical option that does not always have a successful outcome.Read More

Podcast 170 about Fibromyalgia Demons

The syndrome has very many faces, and we try to explain the connections.Read More

Podcast 169 about Less Arthritis Pain

Joint pain can have other causes, not just arthritis.Read More

Podcast 168 about Arthritis and Inflammation

Reduce inflammation by supporting the cellular detox.Read More

Podcast 167 about Nutrition for High Performance

Feed your body high nutrient density foods with low glycemic index to achieve balanced energy intake.Read More

Podcast 166 about Soft Drinks and Cancer

The link has been established, but the industry does not want to talk about it.Read More

Podcast 165 about Mineral Supplementation

Mineralization is a critical point that is being ignored by food producers, and the mainstream nutritionists. Nutrient density is a major issue.Read More

Podcast 164 about Malnutrition from Soil Depletion

Deficient foods cause deficient function. Growing our own just may be the solution, at least for some of us.Read More

Podcast 163 about Pain Drugs and Better Solutions

Root Cause Resolution versus Symptom Management – which would you rather have?Read More

Podcast 162 about Vaccines and Autism

There is a link that has been hard to prove, because it is not always the vaccine that represents the last straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. But it could be.Read More

Podcast 161 about Causes of Disease

Degenerative and inflammatory diseases do not have a single cause, and are not easily blocked with a single pill. They usually require a lifestyle change to resolve.Read More

Podcast 160 about Cellphone Radiation Protection

The concerns, and also the evidence, that the electromagnetic radiation levels from all the wireless devices are rising, and are causing a disruption in our bodies’ function.Read More

Podcast 159 about Fish Oil and Heart Health

Essential fatty acids. DHA, EPA, and the mysteries of omega 3 and omega 6 oils.Read More

Podcast 158 about Pluto in Capricorn Affecting Our Lives

Is astrology bunk? Or are the planets affecting our lives? See if these predictions are coming to pass …Read More

Podcast 157 about The Gift Supporting Cycles of Life

C;earing Emotional Blockages with Mineral supplements? Who ever thought this would be possible?Read More

Podcast 156 about War on Disease or Creating Health

Whatever we focus upon will grow. Be sure to put your attention on the outcome you desire.Read More

Podcast 155 about Naturally Reducing Inflammation Part 2

Balance your minerals, and well as your nutrients, and the carbs and fats, too.Read More

Podcast 154 about Naturally Reducing Inflammation Part 1

High Cholesterol is not the cause of any health problem, it is a symptom. So what is the cause?Read More

Podcast 153 about Aura Infusions Aromatherapy

Access your brain directly, bypassing the logical mind, and instantly shift your mood, your emotional state.Read More

Podcast 152 about Hydro Therapy for Detox

REmove the toxic burden and improve cellular function.Read More

Podcast 151 about Cellerciser Mini-trampoline Feedback

Accelerated lymphatic movement and increased oxygenation will improve the mood, and all other health outcomes.Read More

Podcast 150 about Living, Energized Water

Coherent water is what plant and fruit juice will provide – and it is not what is coming out of the kitchen tap.Read More

Podcast 149 about Sexual Health

Much can be done about the waning desire, the diminished libido, and the outright dysfunction. More life force equals more interest.Read More

Podcast 148 about Enzymes that Fix Inflammation

Many issues that cause inflammation can be greatly diminished by increased intake of systemic enzymes.Read More

Podcast 147 about Systemic Enzymes

There are several thousand enzymes working internally to maintain your metabolic functions, repairs and rebuilding of all the tissues in your body.Read More

Podcast 146 about Magnesium on the PowerHour

As a guest on the radio show Power Hour with Joyce Riley.Read More

Podcast 145 about Must-do After Vaccination

Read the product inserts for all vaccines that you are getting – there is a lot you can do to limit the potential damage.Read More

Podcast 144 about Nutrition for Your Cells

Amazing Ground-breaking technology – when you feed your cells at the mitochondria level, with the amounts of nutrients that they require, they actually fire-up in a very different way.  It’s the secret for: Proper balance and composition of body pH,…

Read More

Podcast 143 about Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea

Clear your liver, improve elimination and drop your weight with the time-tested cleansing tea.Read More

Podcast 142 about Blenders and Smoothies

A really important kitchen appliance that is worth the investment in professional grade equipment.Read More

Podcast 141 about Mini Trampoline – Jump To Health

The most effective exercise from the time and effort invested perspective …Read More

Podcast 140 about End of Depression

Stand on guard at the gate to your mind, let only uplifting thoughts through, and remember to grin at yourself for 20 minutes every day.Read More

Podcast 139 about Microwave Ovens Destroying Nutrients

Studies done by smart kids and brave scientists show that there are significant effects on plants and animals from microwaved water or food.Read More

Podcast 138 about Oxygenation and Vibrant Health

Explore interval training, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, the reason hard training causes long-term damage, and how hypoxia is related to cancer.Read More

Podcast 137 about Toxic Homes

Let’s review the toxins we encounter in our homes and work places, the volatile organic compounds that we smell, and their cumulative effect on our health.Read More

Podcast 136 about Candida

Follow the path through the Why questions, and arrive at the Root Cause – that is how you deal with chronic health problems.Read More

Podcast 135 about Coconut Oil, Metabolic Types and You

Cardiovascular disease is nonexistent in cultures which thrive predominantly on whole foods, plant based nutrition.Read More

Podcast 134 about the Flu Epidemic

What is the best way to handle a viral infection? Is there a flu epidemic? How do vaccines work?Read More

Podcast 133 about Mercury Fillings and Your Health

Mercury amalgam fillings impact all of us, and about 1 in 4 people are really deeply affected, with wide ranging complications.Read More

Podcast 132 about Breathe Deeply for Health

Oxygen is essential for health, and breathing is how we get it in – let’s explore how breathing, and chewing impart our health.Read More

Podcast 131 about Care For Your Skin

How do we put an end to something we do not want? And which petroleum-based skin care additives are safe to use?Read More

Podcast 130 about Genetically Modified Organisms Crisis

Let’s explore the consequences of introducing changes into the genetic pool of foods we eat, and the entire fabric of life. Can we understand what happens in the second and third generation?Read More

Podcast 129 about Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

EMFs, or Electro Magnetic Fields or Frequencies, are on the rise. 200 years ago there were none, and now we are living in an environment that is being covered with more and more intensity. How is it affecting us?Read More

Podcast 128 about Energized (Fourth Phase) Water in Life-Giving, Super-Moisturizing State

Martin Pytela talks with Owen Mullen of Biotite about the fourth phase of water. Adya Minerals, Black Mica Extract, Roxtract are other names for this product.Read More

Podcast 127 about How To Get Sick Part 3

What is the difference between vaccination and immunization? Are tattooes healthy? What about piercings? How do they affect your body function?Read More

Podcast 126 about How To Get Sick Part 2

We worsen our health with the overuse of soap, chlorine, fluoride, and especially with the use of artificial sweeteners. They are neurotoxic and can cause migraines, seizures and other neurological problems.Read More

Podcast 125 about How To Get Sick Part 1

Let’s explore the other side: what do we have to do more of to reduce health and support illness? What are the activities that are making us sick? Less sleep. less exercise, less sun exposure, less perspiration.Read More

Podcast 124 about The Dirty Dozen Part 2

Herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, they all accumulate and each succeeding generation is more affected by them. Eat organic and help to secure our future.Read More

Podcast 123 about The Dirty Dozen Part 1

Aspartame is a sweetener made from amino acids that can change levels of chemicals in the brain that affect your behavior. Scientific testing to establish aspartame’s safety prior to FDA approval resulted in depression, menstrual irregularities, constipation, headaches, tiredness, general swelling, brain tumors and grand mal seizures in rat studies.Read More

Podcast 122 about Success with Diet and Nutrition

Most serotonin is produced in the small intestine, and intestinal dysbiosis upsets the balance that can lead to a wide range of complications with many diagnoses.Read More

Podcast 121 about Obesity and Mental Health in America

All chronic health issues can be traced back to either toxicity or deficiency or some sort. Much of what we see as health problems are the result of our behaviors that has its root in our emotional states, and it is all tied together.Read More

Podcast 120 about Orgono Silica

Silica is important for all connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, bones, cartilage. Your body can absorb and utilize organic based minerals much better than inorganic. This is why we eat plants, fruits and vegetables, they contain organic nutrients. Plants use inorganic minerals from the soil and store them as organic minerals. When we ingest plants, we are getting organic minerals the way nature intended it.Read More

Podcast 119 about Life Enthusiast Success Stories

Let’s review the concept of Holistic – what does it mean, how do we implement it, and why is it important. Permanent solutions to problems must consider its causes …Read More

Podcast 118 about A Day In The Life of Life Enthusiast

Obesity is a leading cause of preventable illness and death in North America. In recent years, the number of overweight people in industrialized countries has increased significantly – so much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) has called obesity an “epidemic”. In the United States, over 50% of the population – about 150 million people – are overweight. In Canada, about 40% to 60% of adults have a weight problem. Whatever your situation is, a healthy ideal weight is paramount to living a vibrant life.Read More

Podcast 117 about Raw Food and Digestive Enzymes:

Only raw uncooked foods contain the enzymes we require for digestion and good health. If you eat cooked foods, you need to supplement with digestive enzymes and probiotics to maintain health.Read More

Podcast 116 about Vaccines – Do They Actually Prevent Disease?

Vaccination and Immunization are not the same thing. Supporting immunity is a good thing, but it should not be done with toxic adjuvants like mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde and more.Read More

Podcast 115 about Swine Flu – Hype or Pandemic

Was the Swine Flu caused by the mutation of the flu virus? Was it caused by lack of sanitation in the hog farms in Mexico? Some people think that the dry pig manure blown by the wind was the real cause …Read More

Podcast 114 about Your Waistline and Metabolic Type

Obesity or excess weight is often caused by not eating right to one’s body type, following the genetic heritage, and matching the calorie input with the output. Leptin management through the ketogenic diet is often the best remedy for excess weight.Read More

Podcast 113 about Weight Loss and the Brain

Leptin is the signalling molecule that helps our body stay slim or fat. Ketogenic diet is how we achieve the signaling process to reset.Read More

Podcast 112 about Nano Minerals and ORMUS Part 3

Is our consciousness affecting the Planet? And how about the Sun? ORMUS has been in human experience since ancient times. We have records of Egyptians using it – this Gold of the Gods – for transfiguration, wisdom and illumination. In medieval alchemy it was known as the Philosopher’s Stone.Read More

Podcast 111 about Nano Minerals and ORMUS Part 2

The ORMUS elements look like they might be this quantum coherent connector for information and energy in the body. They seem to function as the keystone in the bridge between spirit and matter. They appear to be a physical substance which accesses properties of spirit, like quantum coherence. Superconductors are one of the best known examples of quantum coherence. But modern physics has not succeeded in producing room temperature superconductors.Read More

Podcast 110 about Nano Minerals and ORMUS Part 1

David Hudson used the acronym ORME to refer to Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements which he patented in 1989. In October of 1997 around 70 people agreed by consensus to call the un-assayable form of the transition elements (these are the elements down the center of the periodic chart) by the name ORMUS or m-state. We did this after a fairly lengthy debate on whether these elements were monatomic, diatomic or something else.Read More

Podcast 109 about Bowel Health and Fiber

Our ancestors ate 10 times more fiber than we do on average, and had much faster elimination. We need to increase the intake of fiber, water, and iodine to support healthy bowel management.Read More

Podcast 108 about Iodine and Health Part 2

Iodine deficiency shows up in a wide variety of symptoms, including trigger finger, PMS, low IQ babies, miscarriages, prostate and ovarian problems. Most of us are not getting enough iodine, and it can be corrected.Read More

Podcast 107 about Iodine and Health Part 1

Iodine deficiency is responsible for many health issues including PMS, fibrocystic breasts, low thyroid function, prostate problems, premature births and on and on.Read More

Podcast 106 about Heart Health

Mineral or electrolyte balances are really important. They can affect function, chronic mineral imbalances can lead to serious health problems.Read More

Podcast 105 about Before It Was Called Keto

Before if was called the Paleo Diet, there was an understanding that the Ketogenic diet was the answer to weight management and to resolving brain fog. It was the Leptin theory.Read More

Podcast 104 about Minerals and Your Health

Learn about symptoms of mineral deficiency, and what to supplement to get rid of a variety of symptoms, from headaches, to varicose veins.Read More

Podcast 103 about Eating More Whole-food Salt

Low sodium intake may lead to many problems: poor digestion (from low chlorine leading to low stomach acid); poor muscle tone and strength (hiatal hernia, haemorrhoids, …); muscle cramping; poor self-confidence; depression; poor thinking ability and much more.Read More

Podcast 102 about Alkalizing, Minerals and Hydration

The coral calcium from Okinawa, or the Prills from Life Enthusiast, will help structure and alkalize your drinking water, improving hydration and oxygen carrying capacity for more endurance and power.Read More

Podcast 101 about Aging, Enzymes and Magnesium

When we feed the mitochondria, we have access to energy. We need to restore flow of nutrients, renew flexibility, to the muscles and to the circulatory system.Read More

Podcast 100 about Drugs, Herbs and the Medical Establishment

Instead of pointing out that pharmaceuticals cause the deaths each year of over 100,000 people, media attention focuses on the “dangers” of herbs people have been taking to help heal their bodies for centuries.Read More