Amino Acids

Amino Acids Heal

Perfectly balanced Amino Acid helps the body to properly utilize vitamins and supplements, with you which it not is possible to maintain health or fight disease and chronic illness naturally. Read More

Amino Acid Regulation of Gene Expression

Understanding of amino acid-dependent control of gene expression has just started to emerge. This review focuses on recent advances in the understanding of mechanisms involved in the amino acid control of gene expression. Read More

Amino Acid Enzyme Connection

Amino acids must be present in the body in sufficient quantity and proper ratio to one another in order for protein production to properly occur. Read More


Alanine converts carbohydrates into energy as needed. Read More

Autism Cure with Amino Acids

9 out of 10 persons were not utilizing their protein to rebuild the body systems properly and the cause was failure to break down, absorb, transport amino acids to the cells of the body Read More

Scientific References: Amino Acids

Listed Alphabetically for Your Convenience Read More