Choose Recovery over Painkillers

When we came up with the idea for Recovery, we wanted it to be an all-natural alternative to everyday Tylenol or Advil which is so popular these days. People seem to pop over-the-counter painkillers like candy but one of the great things about Recovery is that you can do away with the symptoms of inflammation in a very natural way. You can get rid of the fire or the inflammation and get rid of it for good, and you don’t have to do it with Aspirin or Tylenol, products that simply block the signaling. Tylenol, Advil or whatever else is advertised on television that helps you with arthritis, these are pain killers.

You should be able to recognize the difference between an inflammation killer and a pain killer. Imagine there is a fire in your home and you hear the wailing of the sirens of the trucks arriving. So you say, Oh, lets just turn off the sirens so I can sleep. This solves your problem of being able to go to sleep, but your house may burn down in the process. Recovery, even though it puts out the fire in a more natural way than a pain killer, it does not deal with the primary cause. The primary cause is still there causing the inflammation in the body. Typically its because of a lifestyle problem. Its caused by toxins that are arriving and nutrients that are not.

Recovery is the best treatment I can think of that cures chronic pain. Chronic pain is a terrible problem that brings poor health, joint pain, stiffness and lack of energy. This condition can create a feeling of helplessness that can greatly reduce ones quality of life. Your well-being is greatly compromised when you are unable to perform in even simple activities. Can you imagine recovering the ability to move? Can you imagine how much that would mean? This is the power of Recovery. It is the ability to dance, golf, even to go for a walk. Being able to participate in simple activities with young children and other family members.

Author: Life Enthusiast