Collagen and Silica Feed Your Skin

Skincare is Big Business

There are billions of dollars spent on personal appearance, and having great looking skin is a huge asset – having troubled skin is a significant detriment. I don’t need to remind you that much of our success in all encounters depends on the visual impression we make on others. Advertising in the skincare business is not as tightly regulated as nutritional supplements, so the cosmetics industry has been able to “educate” the public to believe many concepts that are completely wrong. Because the amounts spent on personal appearance are so large, producers can afford to promote a lot of this “education”. I am reminded of this every time I step into a department store – the island of fragrances right in the main entrance suggests that this prime real estate is dedicated to the products that generate the most profit per square foot.

Most of the heavily promoted skincare products ignore this: your skin is permeable, and anything you put on it will be absorbed into your whole body. (To demonstrate this to yourself, take a fresh clove of garlic, and rub it on the soles of your feet.) If you are using petroleum based skincare products, you may as well be drinking gasoline. We are bringing you a new paradigm in skin care – feeding the skin so that it regenerates quickly. If you are frustrated with signs of aging skin or have a chronic skin condition, you need to check this out. By feeding your skin and causing it to create healthy new tissue you will trigger rejuvenation. If you have one of the following, you should definitely give it a serious consideration.

  • Wrinkles & Fine lines
  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Scabies
  • Vitiligo
  • Hand Eczema
  • Impetigo
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Solar keratosis

If you have tried every skincare product under the sun without lasting positive change, you may have come to believe that you are genetically destined to live with bad skin. That is not true! You need to feed your skin right. One of the most important nutrients is collagen, because it is the connective tissue protein that forms the structure of your skin. Collagen is supported by silica, and its presence is required for healthy skin or hair appearance. Remember the old days when you gave your horse some oats to make his coat all shiny? Oat straw is rich in silica, and so is bamboo sap, stinging nettle tea, and horsetail extract.

Author: Life Enthusiast