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Coral Calcium

Micronized Powder

First in the category of “Chemistry and numbers don’t account for results – and I am thankful for it anyway” – is Coral Calcium.

We know that it is comprised of calcium and dozens of sea – borne trace elements assembled in a unique way by the life processes of living coral plants. We know that tiny grains of it seem to catalytically alkalinize the water it contacts.

What is not fully understood is why people who have access to even miniscule amounts of it, dissolved into their drinking water, seem to live longer, calmer, happier and healthier lives. They claim that all sorts of aches, pains and complaints alleviate or disappear. They soon look younger, and they say they feel younger too.

Calcium from other sources, even in far greater amounts, just can’t approach these amazing all – systems benefits. The 51 mg of Coral Calcium in a daily serving of our superfood is equivalent to what you would get in a gallon or so of Coral – Calcium – treated “miracle water.” Coral Calcium is also available as a single ingredient.

Author: Life Enthusiast