Do Yourself a Favor and Detoxify Your Body

One of the most frustrating things for me to watch as health enthusiast is people putting all kinds of toxins in their body and then wondering why they are overweight and feeling terrible. Its for exactly this reason that I consider detoxifying the body one of the main goals of our programs. Too many people are clueless about the level of toxins they are putting into themselves and carrying around. Our company specializes in an extremely efficient method of detoxifying the body known as Zeolite Therapy. Zeolite is basically very effective at binding and removing heavy metals.

Another excellent supporting tool for detoxification is Brine therapy, bathing with a solution of whole salt. Salt is a very much discussed and maligned topic that the main stream medicine has made into a scapegoat by saying too much sodium is going to raise your blood pressure. Because of this, the mainstream media will tell not too eat a lot of salt. What they fail to mention is that they are talking about refined salt. Refined salt is what we find in grocery stores. It is bad for you for the same reasons refined sugar is bad for you. Other the other hand, natural salt is rich in other minerals besides sodium chloride and is also very different structurally.

The best product for Brine Therapy is our Himalayan Crystal Salt, which we think is probably the best salt available on the planet. This is a salt that has crystallized 250 million years ago from the ancient ocean that the trilobites were swimming in. It is very pristine. It is like the amniotic fluid of life. The primordial ocean was the womb of the planet from which all life sprang forward. When you cleanse your body with this salt, you can return to that special place in body, mind and spirit where life originated.