Diabetes – Raw For 30

I have to let you know about something that REALLY got my attention in a very positive way.

Have you heard about the making of the raw food film Raw for 30 Days that has been in production for the last three years? Many people involved in the raw food movement contributed to its completion.

You probably know that I am a raw food diet supporter. I dont eat 100 percent raw, but I do try to come close to it, and most of my meals are at least two thirds raw.

Despite many obstacles, the film now retitled Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, has finally launched!

And the exciting news is its a GREAT film!

The film features raw food experts including David Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Tony Robbins and many others. It is a MUST SEE, especially for anyone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic (or anyone who has a diabetic friend in their life!).

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Author: Life Enthusiast