Energized Water Observations

A few years ago I was reading a history book about London and I read that 23 ley lines (streaks of electricity in the ground) converge in Islington where there’s a spa that people use to cure all manner of diseases. It’s similar to Lourdes but without the religion. There were several such spas scattered around England at one time, but most fell into disuse because doctors claimed that it wasn’t the water that was curing people, but the fresh air, the wholesome food, and the rest that they got during their stay that did the trick. This ignores the fact that local people were using the waters for cures long before the spas were built. It occurred to me that the water might have been energized by the electricity in the ley lines and that that was the secret to the cures.

It also occurred to me that what Mother Nature can do Woman can often replicate. So I set about experimenting and after a few years and many failures I finally succeeded. I have no background in medicine or science, nor had I ever heard of free radicals, so I had to start from scratch and had to do a lot of reading. One of the books I read was “Cross Currents” by Robert O. Becker M.D. Dr. Becker has done many experiments on the effects of electricity on living tissue and one thing that really struck me was his discovery that disintegrating tissue has a positive electrical charge and regenerating tissue has a negative charge. I had also discovered free radicals during this time and so I knew that what I needed was water with a negative charge but I had no idea how to do this. Then I read about the leydon jar and everything fell into place.

During, and before, this time I had been suffering from fibromyalgia and all the attendant side affects of that disease so I had a special interest in doing this, and I also had the perfect Guinea Pig on which to try out my experiments. It used to take all morning to massage my hands and feet into usability, so imagine my delight when I woke up one morning able to move my hands after drinking just one glass of water which I had successfully energized the night before. My hands were still nonfunctional and I still couldn’t walk properly but I did feel much better than I had for years. Over the next few days I increased my dosage to two and then three glasses a day with better and better results each day. By the fourth day I was able to walk properly and my hands were fully functional (but still painful). More about this later.

At the time I started using energized water, I was taking an anti-inflammatory which was very hard on my stomach, a sulfur compound which was also very hard on my stomach, and antacids to undo some of the damage done by the other two and to alleviate a hiatus hernia which was very troublesome. As I ran out of each medication, I just didn’t replace it as I found that I didn’t need it any more. I now take no medication of any kind; If I feel a cold or something coming on I just drink a glass of energized water and the symptoms go away. Since then my health has improved by leaps and bounds and I would like to share what I have learned with you in the hopes that you too can live a better and longer life. I live in a seniors complex and have given this negatively charged water to several of my neighbors with mostly good results and nobody has reported any adverse side effects. It either helps or does nothing. Mostly it helps, and it won’t cost you anything to try.

Energized Water – Instructions!

The following pages are instructions for energizing water and for testing it afterward, along with some ideas on how to use it and what to expect.

To energize water you will need:

  • Water – boil first to kill any critters that might also benefit from the negative charge.
  • A stainless steel or enamel container – a saucepan will do fine. Or you can construct a modified leydon jar by lining a plastic container, inside and out, almost to the top, with aluminum foil. The foil must fit snugly and cover the bottom as well as the sides. I use a 3lb. margarine tub.
  • A battery: I prefer a C or D battery – a weak battery won’t work properly.
  • 2 pieces of wire or 1/2″ strips of aluminum foil about 6 inches long. I use wire from an old toaster cord and stripped about 1/2″ of plastic from the ends.

Water is neutral by nature and giving it a negative charge is a simple matter of removing protons. To do this:

  1. Fill your container about half full.
  2. Hold the two pieces of wire to the positive and negative poles of the battery with the thumb and forefinger of one hand.
  3. Place the positively attached wire inside the container and the negatively attached wire on the outside above the water line.
  4. Pinch the wires together firmly for a second or two with the container side between them.
  5. In electricity, positive follows the negative and so some protons will be removed. This will leave the water with a mild negative charge. Electrons tend to jump back and forth, so don’t pinch the wires together for too long or you might not get the results you need.

Energized Water – Test!

In all likelihood your water has been energized, but it is very hard to tell because energized water looks, tastes, and feels exactly the same as regular water. There is a simple test however.

To test the water you will need:

  • A Styrofoam ball about the size of a marble attached to a thread. Styrofoam balls can be bought at a craft store or carved out of packing material. Thread a needle with about 8 or 10 inches of thread and push the needle through the center of the ball. Be sure to tie a large enough knot in the end of the thread or it will pull through.
  • A plastic or glass container. I use a plastic 1 liter milk bottle, but the glass that you’re going to drink from is fine too.

The container and the ball may carry a charge of their own, so they should be neutralized before you begin. Taps are grounded by law so if you touch each item and a tap simultaneously it should neutralize them. To make sure, dangle the ball beside the container, not quite touching, and see if the ball moves toward the container, or away, or just hangs there. It should just hang there. You are now ready to proceed:

  1. Pour the treated water into the neutralized container.
  2. Dangle the ball alongside the container, below the water line, and about 1/8th” away.
  3. When the ball has quit twisting and turning it should appear to freeze and then pull away slightly. This is indicative of a negative charge and means that your water is ready to use.
  4. If you have a systemic illness, another good test would be to drink a glass and see if you feel any better in the morning.
  5. For localized problems such as low back pain, try applying some on or near the general vicinity. It might work immediately or you may have to reapply once or twice.

Drinking 1 to 3 glasses a day should be enough for most illnesses, although it won’t be harmful to drink more if desired. After that, a glass occasionally will suffice.

Energized Water – Tips!

It has been proven that most physical conditions, and some mental conditions, are the result of free radicals or at least have a free radical component to them. A free radical is a molecule with a negative electron missing from the outer rim. They roam around the body stealing electrons from other molecules setting up a domino effect which can be very harmful to the body and cause any number of problems or exacerbate existing ones. Free radicals can be neutralized, however, by drinking negatively charged water which will provide the needed electron and result in an immediate improvement in your health.

As I mentioned before, I had fibromyalgia at the time I started using energized water. Although the inflammation died down almost immediately and I felt much better, my fingers were still swollen and twisted and my feet still hurt. One of the effects of arthritis is a shortening of muscles and tendons and I surmised that this was the problem. So I developed a simple stretching routine that worked for me and you are welcome to try it. All of the following exercises should be done several times a day.

HANDS: Place your hands palm down, on the arm of your chair or on your lap. Curl your fingers under as far as they will comfortably go (don’t force) and just sit there like that for a few moments and let the weight of your hand do the work. This might cause pain in the palms of your hands and wrists. If this happens, when the pain becomes too intense – stop.

FEET: Sit with your feet straight in front of you and flex them by trying to point your toes toward your shins. This will stretch the arch which should help with pain. Especially heel pain.

SHOULDERS: Stand on tiptoe, raise your arms, and try as hard as you can to touch the ceiling. This is great for your shoulders, good for your feet, and stretches the spine.

When I had fibromyalgia I also had other problems. Some, if not most, were related to that disease. The most disturbing was trouble with my heart. The week prior to my first drinking the water my heart slowed down and almost stopped. Twice. I also used to get palpitations for several years. Neither problem has occurred since I started drinking the water. Another problem I had with my heart was what felt like a lightning bolt just as I was at the point of falling asleep. This problem took a little longer to resolve itself but it gradually faded away. Many of my more minor ailments have disappeared since starting to drink the water: mouth sores – which includes a very painful tip of the tongue; dry eyes; gastronomical disturbances – I can now eat anything I want; swollen ankles; hiatus hernia; and I’ve lost weight.

By applying the water I have been successful in treating: sciatica; painful kneecaps; low back pain; a suspicious looking mole is no longer suspicious looking; burns – a very bad burn such as boiling oil needs a poultice – A piece of paper towel, kept wet, will do; an itchy rash on my midriff; insect bites; wounds heal faster; It eases the ache of varicose veins – for hemorrhoids, wet a wad of toilet paper and hold in the appropriate place for a minute or two. Water can be energized in larger amounts in a larger container if you wish, and can be stored for long periods of time. It can be kept in the fridge or at room temperature.

Energized Water Tips!

Free radicals cannot be avoided. They are everywhere: In the food you eat – even the digestion process produces free radicals; They are in the air – from the electromagnetic energy emanating from appliances and from the sun; Strenuous exercise can cause free radicals to develop as can stress. Most old-age complaints are the result of an accumulation of free radicals.

Here is a partial list of problems that might be helped by using this very powerful antioxidant:

Cancer cells are said to be surrounded by inflammation and that the cancer feeds off this. Inflammation is essentially free radicals and can be eliminated with energized water. I already mentioned my experience with suspected melanoma. The sicker an AIDS (or any other) patient is, the more free radicals they have in their system. One cause of heart disease is now thought to be inflammation, not cholesterol. I wouldn’t recommend energized water for those using pacemakers, though, as there is an electrical charge, albeit a very mild one. Recent studies conclude that free radicals play a part in diabetes and that using antioxidants brings the condition under control. I was slightly hypoglycemic when I first started drinking the water and haven’t had any problems since. Be careful though if using medication.

Only do this under medical supervision – I don’t want anyone to go into insulin shock. Asthma and allergies are inflammatory responses to allergens and may be helped by using energized water. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, gout, and many forms of arthritis can be helped by using energized water as inflammation is a major factor in these autoimmune diseases. Many people have used energized water to deal with hiatus hernia, nausea, ulcers, mouth sores, indigestion, and other gastric problems. Free radicals are even involved in some mental problems; They do genetic damage and could be the major cause of Down’s Syndrome if Mom has a surfeit of them during pregnancy.

The Chinook Winds of Calgary are loaded with positive ions and are said to be a contributing factor of depression. Colds, flu, and fever can all be can all be chased away by a glass or two of energized water. Free radicals are also blamed for many other problems, including: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, MS, Edema, and more. Energized water can also be used for pets and, I am told, is good for plants and will prolong the life of cut flowers. Broken bones may heal faster with the use of energized water. If there is a cast, wet a cloth or paper towel with the water and place above and/or below the cast. If the cast has been removed, place it directly on the area of the fracture. Healing after surgery may occur quicker if an energized water soaked cloth is place on or near the problem area.

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Author: Pat Beatty