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Exsula Superfoods, Zyme-Zyme

Exsula Superfoods, Zyme-Zyme

Exsula Superfood Enzymes

Powerful Digestive Enzymes

The Perfect Booster Companion For Exsula’s Strata-Flora

Start slow! Zyme-Zyme is so powerful that it isn’t a wise choice for supplement skeptics to get cocky about. Start real slow. – Just a tiny sprinkle over your food the first time. You can gradually add more until you feel the “”little tingle”” in your mouth – the “raw pineapple effect” as some call it. That is a sign that Zyme-Zyme is working. See if you can feel the contents of your digestive enzyme supplement capsules or your enzyme fruit and veggie supplement capsules actually working?What causes the “raw pineapple effect”? The mouth is normally coated by a layer of dead and worn-out cells with new cells always pushing up from below to replace the ones that are wearing out.

Remove the old protective layer and the new ones feel a little exposed – the pineapple effect. Mouthwashes deal with the odors of these dying cells of the mouth, gums and tongue by soaking them in mint. A little Zyme-Zyme in water and you get rid of odor and decay by moving the source along with the little stench monsters feeding on them. Eventually, with enough enzymes, you accomplish that same sort of cleansing very deeply in every part of the body. Zyme-Zyme works great out of a saltshaker. You just sprinkle it on your food. A shaker, like a spice shaker with a tight sealing outer cap, is best.

THE NEED: As you age, or are worn upon by stress, your body’s ability to generate effective digestive enzymes declines. This may result in a multitude of digestive disorders, not the least of which is an ever-declining quality and quantity of nutrients reaching the cells of your body. One answer is to supplement your meals with digestive enzymes. If you have found it expensive and inconvenient to take enough enzyme capsules to start to feel a difference, then Zyme-Zyme may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Zyme-Zyme is unique because it goes profoundly beyond what you get for your dollar with lesser enzyme products:

Zyme-Zyme includes lecithin for emulsifying the otherwise unapproachable fat globules in your food so they go into solution with water. Without lecithin to make the fats vulnerable, even the best enzymes are about as awkward as two pigs fighting over a greased milk dud at a hockey rink. Lecithin is the key to unlocking fats which otherwise slow down the entire digestive process. Zyme-Zyme not only goes the second mile, but the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 50th miles as well. Besides having amylase, lipase, cellulase and protease like other digestive enzyme products, Zyme-Zyme devoutly targets proteins. When it comes to protease, the other guys are flying kites while you’ve got hold of an F-16! Did you ever notice how fresh raw pineapple can leave your mouth sore if you eat too much of it? Well guess what?

Your parasites are going to take off like monkeys from an electric fence at the mere threat of how much pineapple bromelain is in Zyme-Zyme! Oh, I’ll let you in on a little secret of why they are so afraid. It is kinda icky, so hold your hat. Zyme-Zyme’s combination of green papaya protease and pineapple bromelain is able to de-link the proteins that hold different parts of parasites together, so we “unbolt” the little monsters and they literally fall apart. Being dead and all separated and such, they find it difficult to lay more eggs. Once their previous eggs hatch and you unbolt those new little guys real easy – then they are all outta there! But here is where it gets better! Your body can’t wait to get its hands on some excess protease (“Oh please, please, please”).

Zyme-Zyme provides protease at levels the fruit and vegetable capsule folk and the digestive enzyme capsule guys are as likely to come across in trade as a hillbilly is to get a good deal on a galaxy-class starship. Why does a young child have beautiful skin? They’ve got tons of enzymes. They are swimming in enzymes. The second they fall off the trike and a knee gets scraped, their body sends out the protease brigade and mops up all the dead and damaged cells so healing can start to happen instantly. Sometimes a kid will heal overnight what takes the average adult a week or more. Protease! Protease is the key. It is what your immune system needs to get debris broken down so it can be hauled away. Protease does for your deep tissues what soap and scrubbing do for your outside.

Imagine feeling squeaky clean all the way through. Once the protease wrecking crew has hauled away the falling down old barns, and what-not, then the protease enzyme energy is transmuted (a fancy word for making barn boards into den paneling) by your body into building-crew type enzymes – and your new dream home begins to take shape. Your friends you haven’t seen for a while, when they see you again, will take you aside and ask, “What is your secret”? And if you think a protease inspired immune system goes after dead and damaged cells around the edges of a knee scrape, just guess what that same immune system is going to think of other defective cells that don’t belong in your body.

No question about it, a square dance of life just has to be a lot more fun in a barn that has been shoveled out first! Yes. I’m sorry, it’s true. Your cells want to dance. And before you know it, that could lead to things even more sinister like kissing or holding hands. But they are sick and tired of being fed puny nutrients and enzymes rationed so tightly they are wondering if you are stuck as one of the last 3 survivors of the Donner Party (But then that wouldn’t explain the coffee and donuts). It’s time to feed them all the enzymes they can use, so they can show you what your Creator put inside of them. – Life, Radiance and Beauty – Creativity, Energy and Ambition…

Zyme-Zyme – Only Pennies A Day

Your quality and quantity of life – absolutely priceless

Digestive enzymes are the living molecular tools which take foods apart, transforming them into the basic nutritional building blocks essential for life, energy, healing and vitality Strong digestive enzymes such as papain from green papaya and bromelain from pineapple are often used to create an environment unfavorable to intestinal parasites. Begin gradually with tiny amounts. As a dietary supplement, take 1 or more rounded spoonfuls sprinkled on food at each meal (measuring spoon enclosed). May also be stirred, blended or shaken into your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. Best if taken with meals for digestive assistance – or 40 minutes after a meal for antiparasitic purposes.

Storage: May be stored at room temperature before or after opening. Potency is extended by refrigeration. Oxygen and moisture absorbing packets may be left in the bottle or taken out.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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