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Finding the Fountain of Youth

Finding the Fountain of Youth

Finding the Fountain of Youth

The entire idea of regaining one’s youth, has been the backbone of myth and legend since the dawn of time. The legend of “The Fountain of Youth” may have become fact, again, at least some of the most prominent of medical researchers, including Dr. C. Norman Shealy, think so. The logic that “destructive aging”, is the only alternative to life, has never worked for me. The idea that we were born to die, has offended my higher senses all my life. The idea of a “vengeful” yet at the same time, obviously “all giving” God never seemed to work either. If nothing else, man is the “keystone” species of this world and we have proven it by killing off everything that stands in our way or interferes with our will. Perhaps it is time that we took our place as the leader of life rather than the destroyer of it. Perhaps it is time that we applied our intuitive logic rather than compromised it for the sake of intellect, wealth and comfort.

Perhaps it is time that we opened the door to our immortality and stopped reconciling our failure by blaming it on the will of a supreme deity that is obviously immortal, not mortal and compromising. It is said that we are created in the image of God, perhaps it is time that we looked in the mirror, perhaps it is time that we say what this image has become. It was nearly a decade ago, that I began making what are now called the Twilight Products. I made them for myself and I made then for my comfort. Without one’s “Ease”, without the ability to find relief from pain, you will have the “Dis” or opposite of it. As is the case with any developing technology, the progression is always expanding and in time, if you have the tenacity for the quest you will reach higher and higher understanding of the intent you are seeking. Everything began with inspiration and everything “was made up by someone in its beginning”.

Over the first decade of my quest, it became clear that there was a message. Over the second decade, I was given enough information to consider myself to have some semblance of understanding. Over the third decade, with, a huge amount of experimentation and the input of some of the best informed adventurers in the field of life and living, it became clear that I was following an entirely different path than had been explored in the past. Whether I liked it or not, the message that was coming into reality “through my personal desire to live longer and be stronger”, was unique to my work, and unique to the world. Perhaps this is the answer to thousands of years of prayer. Perhaps it is just time for mankind to grow up and take responsibility for his or her actions. Whatever the case may be, the closest thing to what I was doing was the quest for the location of the “Fountain of Youth”, and the magical water that restored life to those who had not had the understanding to keep from losing it.

“The San Juan Weather Phenomenon” has been the subject of study by the best meteorologists over the past fifty years. Basically it goes like this: The major storms that impact the Midwest and East form over a spot in the San Juan Mountains. At one time my work location looked right over the San Juan Range. One very clear day as the sun was setting, I noticed a small cloud that seemed to appear from nowhere. In a matter of hours, this cloud grew until the whole sky was clouds. And in the days that followed this storm pounded the Midwest. A few weeks later it happened again. This time I drove to the location of the forming cloud and climbed to the top of a small mountain. I was looking up at blue sky through a hole in a rotating, and forming storm. Underfoot I found a lot of the material that was very similar to the ancient stones that changed the character of water. What happens when a mountain of this material impacted the water of the atmosphere? “Well, it was called the San Juan Phenomenon.”

The ancient magic stones were very similar to concrete, only much stronger. Scattered in the “concrete matrix” were shiny laminar crystals. It was the same with the stone of the mountain; only the laminar crystals were much larger. Here is where it all began to “jell”. The crystals of the mountain had the same effect on water as the stone. It looked like I found the source of the “solid sunshine.” The impact on water was dynamic. Contact with what has now become known as “The Crystal” changed the thickness of common water into the character of a very thin Oil. This altered water not only had a remarkable impact on plant growth, it was also very healing to the skin of people. Just to give you one example: The stone or a small amount of “The Crystal” in a swimming pool, even in 110 degree desert sun, prevented those who used the pool from receiving a sunburn, even after eight hours of exposure. Even more, a person on the lake all-day and burnt to a crisp, would be instantly soothed and totally healed in a manner of minutes from the water in the pool. This is now called “Prill water.”

Eleven years after the gift, I knew that the little laminar plates in the magic stone were capable of changing common water into other forms. The magic of the stone was really the way nature did her basic business: a law of nature. Was the “missing link” in our understanding of nature the fact that water changes?” I could mine the Crystal from the mountains in Colorado and make “Magic Water from common water. I attempted to manufacture my version of the ancient artifact. I did not know how to reconstitute the stone, the artifact, that had apparently been my guide, nor did I even know that this artifact was a reconstituted stone, literally a remanufactured rock. It was not until late in 1998 that the logic of true rejuvenation, the logic of the configuration of the power of the Crystal, emerged. As is the case with any form of energy, the ability to configure a force is the key to that brings it from potential to practical. Without the mechanics, there would be no reality.

The first attempts that I made were the ceramic devices that are now called the “crystal cupcake” and “bath bars”, an extended pyramid shape for use in baths and swimming pools. Then there were endless other ceramic modifications and lots of designs. After the development of ceramics, I made endless other devices that used the Laminar Crystal. That I had found the “power accumulator of the artifact” was wonderful, but I had missed the fact that this power was only potential. It had to be formed in order to actually make it produce miracles. In order to become young again, you must reestablish regeneration that exceeds degeneration. You must thin the water of the body to a point where good biological chemistry is possible and you must provide this “newly reorganizing body” with the key ingredients of cellular regeneration. This was all possible with the Life Force accumulating in the crystals.

The human body, or for that matter any living organism, is a rechargeable biological battery and just as is the case with any rechargeable battery, the constituents of that battery must be put in order before it can accept its life giving charge. Even if you know the magical force that “charges the battery of life”, you can not expect this energy to accumulate, to charge this battery, if the various aspects of this structure are nonfunctional. It is said that “there are two roads to enlightenment, the fast and the slow”. I will say that enlightenment was always yours, if your biological battery was working well, and without this level of “Ease”, all the training in the world will make for naught.

With the Twilight Products, I believe it is possible to reestablish good biological function, it is possible to find your “Ease”. It will take consistent use of these products over a very long time. You did not become old over night and to become young again “day by day” will take about as long as it did to become old. Granted, if you are becoming young, time is no longer your enemy, but you will have to un-live all the aspects of your life that your body ignored, because you were just going to die anyway. On the other hand, if you remove the stored “positive electricity”, the “free radicals”, that are literally electrocuting you “slowly”, and if you replace the polluted, thick and sluggish water of the body so that your chemistry can work as it did in youth, then you can restore the appropriate “charge of life” and you will see that your beaten body can and will spontaneously begin to unfold, just as a dried and dying leaf does when it gets the water it needs.

The Star Chamber System incorporates the aspect of revitalization with the best technology of pain relief. It is the fast road. The right order of using the Twilight Products is as they were originally designed. Either in preparation for the Star Chamber Experience or to maintain and support the changes that come when one has reorganized his or her biological battery by passing through the Star Chamber System. The really neat thing about using the products first, is that you are already on the road to recovery when you enter the Star Chamber. You already have some experience on which to base your expectation. I made virtually all these products for myself, before even I had the Star Chamber/Fountain of Youth. I have my own pre-Star Chamber experience and that of literally thousands of other people, on which to base a preparation regiment.

Here is what I suggest:

  1. If you can get into a bath tub, add teaspoon of Sea Snow and Snow Crystals and a tablespoon of the Bath Crystals to the water. Soak for at least twenty minutes and do this for at least six days in a row. Add a quarter cup of Himalayan Crystal Salt to every third bath. At the end of six days, ask yourself how often you should do the baths and believe the first “intuitive feeling that you get”. Even enlightenment must start somewhere.
  2. If you can’t get into a bath, use a foot bath with the same amount of the Bath Crystals and Himalayan Crystal Salt. Add to this the use of the Dollop of Love all over your body and shower it off after it has ten minutes or so to soak in.

Sea Snow is the material that is used to make the Precious Prills and the Prills make Prill Water. Prill Water is like Dew. It is the best moisturizer for living tissue that I know, besides Magic Water. The Laminar Crystal or Snow Crystals make a form of “Magic Water” which I believe to be the “First Water” referred to in the Book of Genesis. Magic Water is the liquid found in the more solid aspects of cells and the restorative required to replenish the structure of your biological battery. The Magnesium Bath Crystal are full of the Life Force or the Physical Force of Love and they are the only proven method of regaining adequate levels of cellular magnesium. Low cellular magnesium results in continually slowing regeneration and our quest is for the rapid regeneration of youth. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the other 87 minerals that are said to be found in the blood. Whether there is any particular merit to these minerals is a matter of debate, what is a matter of scientific fact is that “salt is a chemical buffer that balances acid/alkaline affects and helps with chemical balance…

This simple bathing regiment is the best preparation for the Star Chamber Experience.

  1. Mix the Dollop of Love with your shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion to add both Magic Water and Vital Magnesium to your family’s daily body care regiment.
  2. Use the Goldenseal Drops both under the tongue and with your tooth paste clean and restore your teeth and gums.
  3. Use the St. John’s Wort Drops to balance the two hemisphere of your “main brain” so that you can make rational decisions. (Best used by women)
  4. Revitalize the water you drink, preferably with the Crystal Cupcake, Crystal Pearl or with the Precious Prills.
  5. Get a humidifier. Put eight packages of Precious Prills in it and fill it with water. This liquid is your best defense from the environment. Changing the water in the air of your home will turn your home into a sanctuary and provide moisture to your body whenever you breathe in. Germs, Bacteria and Fungal Spores don’t like Prill water, they love common water especially when it is stagnant, as is the case with the moisture of the air in a house.
  6. Use the Magnesium Oil as a food enhancer and salt substitute. Don’t forget that the skin from your lips to the other end is “just like the rest of your skin” in the fact that it needs vital magnesium and good moisture in order to work well. Magic Oil was the name first given to the product offered for baths.
  7. Magic Water sprayed on the face a couple time a day will make the mirror your friend. Magic Water sprayed on vegetables will keep them fresh for along time and sprayed on meat will keep it from drying out during cooking.
  8. The Laundry Appliance and the Shower Converter makes you and your family true environmentalists and you don’t have to do anything more than live better.

I originally designed these products for people to use after they had the Star Chamber Experience. Things they could use at home to keep what they had gained from their visit to the Star Chamber. Truly the magic of the Star Chamber Experience is the most exciting thing in the world today. Just as truly, access is limited. In time there will be more Systems, but for right now, everyone can join the quest by using the Products. Everyone can begin. Everything starts with a beginning.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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