Eliminate the Causes

Regular readers of this blog know that one of the biggest problems I have with traditional medicine is its tendency to treat the symptoms instead of eliminate the causes. I find this very futile and I liken it to giving yourself a painkiller so your hand doesn’t hurt when you put it on the stove element you put turned up to high heat. In the spirit of eliminating the causes of our health problem so that we don’t have to deal with the symptoms for good rather than for a day or so, I am going to talk about toxin elimination with zeolite and fulvic acid, two items well suited for removing of cellular toxicity.

In fact, one of the main goals of the products offered at Life Enthusiast is to get toxins out of the body and keep them away. Many, many people suffer health problems they can’t explain simply because of an excess of toxic material running through their bodies. The symptoms can include vertigo, nausea, dizziness, sense of unreality and inability to concentrate. These symptoms feel a bit different from a flu or head cold so if you are experiencing them you may be confused about their origins. These feelings are actually very similar to the way people who suffer from chronic fatigue or Candida infection feel every day.

These people suffer from auto-pollution, meaning their bodies are unable to get rid of the toxins that are swimming around in their blood. This can affect everything from your strength to your psychological disposition to your thought processes. It is a very damaging feeling and one I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. These problems start in the lymphatic system. When things aren’t moving, there is a serious problem that leads to toxins staying in the body when they should be expelled. Consider rebounding as one of the best methods to mobilize and circulate your lymph. It is one of the best methods of making sure that you expel all unwanted toxins from the lymphatic system and the bloodstream.

Author: Life Enthusiast