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Health Statistics

Health Statistics

Health Statistics

The Daily Express of January 6, 2000 carried the following front-page headline:
“500 man-made chemicals found in a single cell of a ‘healthy’ 30-year old living in Britain today”.

Further in the article they say that virtually no chemicals were found in the cells of an Egyptian mummy! What do you think happened? After all we eat a healthy balanced diet, don’t we? So why are so many of us suffering with disease in one form or another? Why are millions of people taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills, anti-arthritic drugs, stomach acid suppressants and beta-blockers? Why are some of the U.K disease statistics such as breast cancer, the worst in the World? The following may have something to do with it! Below, the projected figures show how many people are probably affected. Approximate UK adult population is 42 million. In my practice as a Naturopathic Physician I see the effects of environmental degradation and lifestyle choices daily.

I commissioned 820 nutritional urine screens of my patients. Here we show the results, and how it reflects upon the population of UK,

Percent of population Millions
80% are short of minerals… 33.8
47% have a toxic bowel… 19.6
64% are short of calcium… 26.7
20% have too much calcium… 8.5
51% are low in sodium… 21.5
48% have too much sodium… 20.2
75% are low in potassium… 31.8
22% have too much potassium… 9.5
87% are low in vitamin C… 36.3
81% have a slow conversion of glucose to energy… 33.8
65% have high extracellular fluid… 27.2
71% have excessive food intake… 29.8
86% have poor digestion… 36.2
99% have poor absorption… 41.7
100% have poor cell function… 42.0
99% have acid base balance (pH) problems… 41.7
100% women who undertook the screen reported menstrual problems of some type.
*From symptoms sheet.

The full statistics from both the urine tests and the symptom sheets are reproduced on another page

Surprised? Incredulous? Horrified? Read on!

From optimum health through disease to death – This is the expected path of the average citizen

Nutrient rich diet maximizes your potential for optimal health & a long life

The standard western lifestyle is responsible for the majority of health problems we encounter in our healing practice. Your diet is killing you.

Disease & Premature Death

Nutrient rich diet maximizes your potential for optimal health & a long life. Nutrient poor diet will do the opposite. The ECRNI’s are the European Community recommended nutritional intakes of a variety of nutrients. They are pitifully low in most cases. For instance, the ECRDI for Vitamin C is 60mg (75mg in the U.S.A) that is just enough to mask the symptoms of scurvy. Research has shown that if it is taken at 1 to 10 grams daily, it decreases infections by 25% and cancers by 75%! A recent survey of nutrient intakes undertaken by the Department of Health in the UK, shows serious deficiencies against even the ECRDI’s.

I want to help you achieve a most unexpected goal: Optimal Death!

Optimum Health

  • Optimum Health = No Disease = A Healthy Life & An Optimal Death

An optimal death is one where life has progressed to its conclusion with no major disease. Life that produces pain and suffering over many years, through disease, is a burden that can be avoided in many instances.

Author: Life Enthusiast
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