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Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

This is a time of synthesis – not division, fragmentation, isolation, dissection. The recent history of medicine, i.e. the last seventy years, has been only the later. Things have become so dissected, taken apart, in short specialized that definitely the forest has become lost for the trees. Science, for sure, and most forms of “knowledge”, things we learned in school, have become so analytical, so divisive, that collectively they have become the prophesied One Eyed Doe of Hindu Scripture, knowledge, information, blind in the eye of Spirit. For sure, the Source was forgotten. Science has reached its agnostic limitation. We were taught all about death in medical school, not Life. “Modern Medicine”, i.e. the medicine in vogue for the last 70 years does not treat any chronic degenerative disease.

It provides drugs, surgery etc. as forms of symptomatic relief. An aspirin doesn’t treat anything, it just gives relief, temporarily. A ruptured appendix should be removed obviously but what happened that caused it to rupture in the first place? What about the cause, the FOREST, not just a description of each and every individual tree? Why did you become ill, what caused you to become ill in the first place, with a disease of such and such a name? Very good answers to questions such as these have been around for a long time. In a very real way, we are retracing our steps back through the history of medicine in the form of the resurgence of the so called Wholistic, Alternative, Holistic, Natural, Complimentary, Integrative Medicine movement.

Pleomorphism and acid base balance which is the correction of metabolic acidosis in our sense (really latent acidosis as described below) are key words that are missing in today’s structure. There still isn’t a good word for these “Alternative” therapies in this country or anywhere else really. There hasn’t been, for a very long time. These “branches” of medicine are not specialized areas; homeopathy, acupuncture, natural childbirth, manipulative medicine, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, acid base, metabolic acidosis, Metabolic Typing, pleomorphism, herbalistic and allopathic or so called modern medicine, etc., rather they all belong together. That is what Wholistic means, not Holistic but Whole-istic. You put them all back together and then they work.

Use them alone, as a claim to fame so to speak, and you get what we have today, isolated bits of knowledge flapping in the breeze. Base powder is a basis of beginning. In the past this amalgam of disciplines was called Eclectic Medicine. Eclecticism was an outgrowth of what was called ‘botanical medicine’ or ‘native herbalism’ in the nineteenth century. The Association of Eclectic Physicians, founded in 1823, enjoys a rich history in the American fabric. As medical practice developed in America, in the years following colonization, through the Civil War and into the first decades of this century, Homeopathy, native herbalism and Eclectic Medicine dominated the medical care industry. These physicians treated 65% of the population of that period. Pleomorphism was part of this practice, not the monomorphism of today. Base powder was in common use.

George Cody, a historian of naturopathy, observed in 1985: “Even in the halcyon days of the 1920s and 1930s the profession was never able to agree upon a concise philosophy. At the end of the twentieth century there was still no ‘definitive definition’ of the philosophical basis of natural medicine” This is what this New Biology is about, putting all these so called different forms of medicine together. It is about finding common denominators, common causes of diseases, from among all these different forms of medicine, and making a science out of the resulting conglomeration. This is the elusive philosophical and theoretical basis of natural medicine, of Eclecticism. These isolated bits of ‘specialized’ knowledge just need to be put back together.

A ready point of synthesis in science is the fact that Biology, the science of Life, begins and ends with the same thing, The Protit.

The Protit

The small white dots the arrow is pointing to are the Protits. The large empty circles are red blood cells and the mottled cell in the middle is a white blood cell. The Protit is the smallest living thing, not the cell.

The Protit is the alchemical Uroboros, the serpent forever eating its own tail. Life and death, being flip sides of the same coin, are not opposites really but compliments. You can’t have one without the other or, one could say, there really is no death at all… Life goes on regardless.

Declaration Of Independence

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the physicians of one School to dissolve the fraternal and philosophic bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the institutions of the earth, the position to which Truth and Nature entitle them, as free thinkers and independent actors, a decent respect of the opinions of mankind, and a conscientious regard for the welfare of the human race, should prompt them to declare the causes which impel them to a separation. I hold these truths to be self-evident, or, at least, susceptible of positive proof and absolute demonstration.

That the doctrines and theories commonly entertained among men, and taught in medical schools and books, and practiced by the great body of the medical profession, and which constitute the so-called “Science of Medicine,” and on which the popular practice of the so-called “Healing Art” is predicated, are untrue in philosophy, absurd in science, in opposition to Nature, and in direct conflict with every law of the vital organism; and that these are the reasons, and the only reasons, why medical science does not progress as do all other sciences; why success in the healing art bears no due relation to the advancement of all of the collateral sciences, and to the progress of intelligence among mankind; why medical theories are ever changing; why all of its assumed principles are in controversy.

Its hypotheses in dispute; why its fundamental rules and primary premises are wholly over looked or misunderstood; and why its application to the cure of disease and the preservation of health is so uncertain, so dangerous, often fatal, and, on the whole, so vastly more injurious than useful to the world. The TRUE HEALING ART; on, Hygienic vs. Drug Medication. An address delivered in the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C. by R. T. Trall, M.D., 1880, Present were President Lincoln, Rev. John Pierpont, Chairman of the Executive Committee; J. K. Herbert Exq., attorney-at-law; J. R. S. Van Vliet, Esq., of the ‘National Republican’; N. B. Devereux, D. T.Smith, and W. A. Croffett, of then Treasury Department, and W. C. Dodge, Examiner in the Patent Office. This, during the Civil War when patients receiving no medicine did better than those that did, for such things as wound infections, typhoid, pneumonias, measles and dysenteries.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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