Live Blood Analysis

Natto LP Systemic Enzymes are formulated to work synergistically with your body, to assist in fibrin, protein, fat and carbohydrate digestion in your blood. It is the strongest fibrinolytic, proteolytic, and lipolytic enzyme formulation on the market. Take a look at what undigested substances in your blood can do to your cardiovascular system.

Blood ProteinsNormal Red Blood CellNotice how the erythrocytes (blood cells) are round and separated. This allows the blood to flow smoothly through blood vessels and capillaries and into cells to provide oxygen, nutrients, antibodies, and hormones.
Blood ProteinsProtein LinkageProtein Linkage occurs when excess undigested protein and fat in the blood coats the red blood cells and causes them to stick together. This increase blood viscosity(thickness) and stress on the circulatory system.
blood rouleauRouleauRouleau results from a large amount of undigested protein and fat in the blood. Notice that the red blood cells are stacked like coins. This reduces their surface area and the amount of oxygen that can be carried by them.
Erythrocyte AggregationErythrocyte AggregationErythrocyte Aggregation results from a large amount of undigested proteins and fats in the blood. Notice the red blood cells all bunched together. This reduces their ability to carry oxygen and vital nutrients. It also increases blood viscosity (thickness), increasing stress on the circulatory system.
FibrinFibrinFibrin may resemble a spider web. It is part of the blood clotting mechanism, however fibrinogen shows up in the blood when the there are toxins present indicating inflammation. It may indicate improper elimination, and liver stress.
CholesterolCholesterol CrystalCholesterol Crystals result from excess undigested fats not being cleared from the blood. Notice the crystal appears milky or clear.
ThrombocyteThrombocytesPlatelets are what makes the blood clot when there is an injury. This is what stops the bleeding if you cut yourself. Large amounts of platelets may appear in the blood when there is inflammation or injury.
ThrombocyteThrombocyte AggregationThrombocyte Aggregation results from platelets sticking together in large masses due to excessive proteins, fats, or sugars.
PlaquePlaqueCooked/processed fats, and platelets sticking together and hardening, sometimes it sticks to the inside of blood vessel walls.
uric acidUric Acid CrystalUric Acid is a byproduct of protein digestion. Large amounts can cause joint pain, gout, and kidney stones.
ChylousChylousSmall grayish dots in the blood known as blood fats. Chylous usually shows up after a fatty meal but should be gone within 3 to 5 hours.
Author: Life Enthusiast